11 things to do and see in Procida

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11 things to do and see in Procida

Procida is one of the most significant testimonies of that sui generis way of building which is theMediterranean architecture. Less than an hour by hydrofoil from Naples the "Arturo island”(Here the ferry and hydrofoil timetables for Procida) is certainly less famous than nearby Ischia. Tourism, in Procida, is a relatively recent discovery and, above all, it is not the main economic activity. The jobs of the sea (navigation and fishing), together with the public employment (inside and outside the island) continue to be the main sources of income, even if things are slowly starting to change.

1 Terra Murata

The tourist take-off of Procida passes through the enhancement of D'Avalos Palace, inside the village of Terra Murata. Here for many years there has been a prison where life sentences and common criminals stayed. Decommissioned in 1988, it was acquired to the municipal heritage only in 2013 with the intention of making one reception and museum center able to attract investments and generate income. For more information (calendar, routes, booking, etc.) on the guided tour of the former prison click here

2 Monastery of Santa Margherita

The village of Terra Murata is a must for anyone visiting Procida. The wonderful panorama with the view of Corricella is one of the most fascinating reasons. Not the only one, though.
Do not miss the monastery of Santa Margherita, acquired as municipal assets from the state property.

3 Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie

A little further down from the Monastery of Santa Margherita is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Coming down from Terra Murata a visit to this beautiful church is definitely worth doing.

4 The Corricella

To realize the planetary fame now achieved by Corricella, just consider that in 2015 the Apple, closely followed by the Microsoft, have advertised their respective products (iphone and tablet) with the sea image of this beautiful village. A zero-cost global advertising that says a lot about the charm of this small marina, not surprisingly, chosen by Massimo Troisi e Michael Radford to shoot several scenes of "The Postman of Neruda”, A testament film of the Neapolitan actor who died prematurely in 1994.

5 The Procession of the Mysteries

Il Good Friday before Easter, Terra Murata and Piazza dei Martiri are the stage for one of the most evocative processions in the whole Mediterranean.
We are talking about "Mysteries”, Allegorical floats with representations of Old and New Testament, followed by the statues of the Madonna dell'Addolorata and Dead Christ. The
participation of the Procidans in this tradition is massive and, more importantly, it is not limited to just the day of the festival. The construction of the wagons is in fact long and laborious,
it requires months of work, certainly useful to cement the sense of community that has characterized this proud population of sailors for centuries.

6 Church of Santa Maria della Pietà and San Giovanni Battista

The Procidani, a proud people of navigators, have their own reference church. We are talking about the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà and San Giovanni Battista located right in the center of Marina Grande, a stone's throw from the landing port for Ferries e hydrofoils.

7 Marina Grande Sent 'Co

Marina Grande "Sent'Co”As the Procidans call it is the first postcard which welcomes tourists who have just arrived on the island. A strategic place that lacks nothing: beach, bar, restaurants and bus parking.

8 The Chiaolella

Procida is well connected by an efficient one minibus service which is based near the church of San Giovanni Battista. The advice is to take one of the direct lines to Chiaiolella, a tourist village famous for beach, marina and restaurants specializing in seafood cuisine.

9 Vivara

Not far from Chiaolella, at the end of the climb to Santa Margherita Vecchia, there is the islet of Vivara. A comma of Mediterranean scrub in the middle of the Gulf of Naples which, after having been at the center of a long and complex dispute, is about to be usable again. Obviously, since it is a naturalistic jewel of inestimable value, the visits take place in contingent groups and according to precise guidelines that can be consulted on the website of the Municipality of Procida (here).

10 Procida by kayak

For some years, thanks to the association “ASD Kayak Procida”, tourists have the opportunity to go around the island by kayak. An unusual perspective (rather than "from the sea", "at sea level") to get to know the views, the coves and the beaches of the island of Arturo. The entrance to the port of Corricella is exciting, as is the tour around the islet of Vivara very beautiful. The excursions are carried out in the summer months, in absolute safety and do not present major difficulties. For more information: www.procidainkayak.it

11 A weekend in Procida

Procida is an island of just 4 square kilometers that can be easily visited in the space of one weekend. Longer stays could be boring, unless you extend the range of action to nearby Ischia and Naples. In this case, a week's vacation is more than enough.

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