7 beautiful cities in Spain you should definitely visit

When mentioning Spain, most people tend to associate the whole country with only four cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia e Seville. This is a common oversight, as there are so many other beautiful Spanish cities to visit and discover.

In this article we will reveal and describe seven fantastic Spanish cities that you may not have heard of, but which are definitely worth a visit during a trip or holiday in Spain.

Cities to see in Spain

La Coruna

La Coru帽a - Photo by Pixabay

La Coru帽a is located at the very tip of the northwestern part of Spain, in the Galicia region.

Its location and proximity to the sea have given the entire region of Galicia a very green and luxuriant landscape. This is also the reason why the most attractive places in Coru帽a are its parks and gardens, like Gardens of San Carlos e M茅ndez N煤帽ez Gardens.

The city is also made very fascinating by its many monuments and particular places, such as Tower of Hercules, the only preserved Roman lighthouse and the oldest still in use, and the neighbor Mount of San Pedro, with its exceptional view over the city. The heart of La Coru帽a is Plaza Mar铆a Pita, a pretty square with beautiful buildings and a magnificent town hall.

Galicia is also one land of magic and sorcery; the famous Meigas (the local witches) and trasnos (the elves of Galicia) show the Celtic character still present in the culture of the city, creating a special atmosphere of mystery and history.

Very close to La Coru帽a is the city of Santiago de Compostela, the end of the famous Camino de Santiago and the home of one of the most impressive cathedrals in Spain.

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What to see in Spain - Avila - Photo jacqueline macou from Pixabay


脕vila is a medieval city in the province of Castile-Leon in western Spain, approximately 70 miles northwest of Madrid. Founded in the XNUMXth century to protect Spanish territories from the Moors, 脕vila boasts a beautifully preserved wall, a historic cathedral, a number of Romanesque churches and an authentic medieval atmosphere.

For all these reasons, the entire historic center of 脕vila has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its walls, famous all over the world, which extend for 2.516 meters, preserve within them a centuries-old artistic and cultural heritage. Walking along its narrow streets, you can easily see the remains of its past ...

During your visit to 脕vila, don't forget to taste its famous Yemas de Santa Teresa (yolks of Santa Teresa), a typical dessert of the city, made in honor of their patron, Santa Teresa de 脕vila, and a source of pride for the people local.

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Ceuta is a very special territory, as it is one of the only two Spanish cities (together with Melilla) located on the African continent. Since it is almost entirely surrounded by the Morocco, with the exception of the coast, the city has an intense Arab flavor.

The environment and the people are the main attraction, but also the presence of several ancient and modern buildings, such as the Sidi Embarek mosque, or the ancient Arab baths. Moreover, due to its strategic position in the Strait of Gibraltar, Ceuta has always been a very coveted territory and the presence of military buildings and monuments is very common here.

The most impressive buildings are the royal walls (Las Murallas Reales). Other places that deserve attention are the Monte I think, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the whole city, and the House of the Dragons, one of the most particular and beautiful buildings. Finally, all that remains is to remember that Ceuta is the perfect destination from which to start a trip to the cities of T茅touan and Chefchaouen, in neighboring Morocco.

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Salamanca, Spain - Photo from Pxfuel

If we talk about Salamanca, one thing is certainly known, its university. It is the oldest and one of the most important in Spain.

The city is part of the Autonomous Community of Castile and Le贸n. Like Avila, both are only about an hour away from each other, sharing the medieval flavor and monumentality of the old town.

Starting from Plaza Mayor, the main square of Salamanca, you can visit the original later Casa de las Conchas (the House of Shells), the Convent of San Esteban, and, of course, its impressive University.

One of the most curious legends about the university is the one concerning its main facade. The building is in the Baroque style, rich in decoration and the legend says that if you are able to find the figure of a frog on it, you will pass all the exams and will get married soon (if you are already married, it is possible to express a wish that will soon come true).

But Salamanca is not only a city of ancient treasures, but also the home of the Casa List, an interesting sull'Art Nouveau and Art Deco museum.

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Cuenca Cathedral - Image from Pixabay

Cuenca is a city located in the region of Castilla la Mancha, the land of Don Quixote, but also of Pedro Almodovar. Some of the Spanish director's films, in particular 'Volver', try to capture the unique atmosphere of this land and its people. The city of Cuenca and its surroundings are also a perfect contrast between history and nature.

On the one hand, the historic walled city of Cuenca has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains some very impressive monuments (such as the Cathedral and the complex of buildings in the Plaza Mayor).

Cuenca is also home to one of the most unique places in Spain, las Hanging houses, a set of buildings standing on the top of vertical cliffs - which can be seen from the San Paolo bridge.

On the other hand, Cuenca also has stunning landscapes and natural beauty. While visiting the city it is recommended to go to the natural park of The Serran铆a de Cuenca, not too far from the city with unspoiled nature and full of animals.

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Mah贸n (Minorca)

Mahon in Menorca (Balearic Islands) - Photo from Istock

The island of Menorca, more relaxing and less dependent on mass tourism by its two "sisters" Ibiza e Maiorca, is an interesting option for those looking for a more intimate trip. The beaches of Cala Pregonada (in the north of the island), Cala de Talaier (in the south of Menorca), or Sa Mesquida (in Mah贸n itself) are some of the most precious gems of Menorca, and of all the Balearic Islands.

Mah贸n, the capital of the island, offers several attractions besides the sun and the sea. The coast is always present in Mah贸n and one of the most important monuments is the Favaritx lighthouse - a charming old building surrounded by an extremely beautiful landscape.

Another place everyone should see in Mah贸n is the fish market, which is great for enjoying fresh local fish. Speaking of food, Mah贸n is the place to enjoy sobrasada Menorquina (a typical sausage from the Balearic Islands) and Mah贸n cheese.

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Merida is a city located in the Extremadura region of western Spain, near the border with Portugal. Extremadura is well known for pig farming and consequently for the good quality of Spanish ham.

The city of Merida is the third largest city in this region and its capital since 1983. During Roman times, Merida was one of the cities in Spain with the largest number of inhabitants. Nowadays its glorious past is reflected in the monuments of the city.

The most important of these is the imposing and well-preserved Roman Theater. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993 and is also the main stage of the M茅rida International Classical Theater Festival. In addition to it, there are also other important Roman buildings and archaeological sites, such as the Roman Amphitheater, the aqueduct of the same period and several temples and civil buildings.

Thanks to this great Roman heritage, Merida is also home to the National Museum of Roman Art, a comprehensive museum where visitors can spend an entire day discovering all its treasures.

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