Albarella Island: nature, sport and eco-sustainability

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This small premise would already be enough to think of going home, taking your suitcase, putting in a costume, two dresses on the cross, getting behind the wheel of your car and setting off towards the Island of Albarella.

But there is more.

The island of Albarella on the Po delta

The Po, the largest Italian river, originates on the Monviso, crosses the entire Po plain and then flows almost entirely into the Veneto region, on the border with Emilia Romagna.

Here we find a protected area that is part of the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta. The protected area of 鈥嬧媡he Po delta has completely unique characteristics, as well as an exceptional biodiversity that can be found on the island of Albarella.

Landscapes on the cycle path

How to access the island of Albarella?

THEAlbarella island it is a private island, which means that access is limited and is only possible for those who stay overnight. The management of the island is headed by the Marcegaglia Group which is committed to ensuring that the island remains a place where the nature and biodiversity are protected and preserved.

To access it is therefore necessary to be a guest of the island of Albarella.

How to get to the island of Albarella?

If you arrive in Albarella during the day, you will travel along a truly suggestive road that will then take you to the bridge and then to the entrance area with the bars and the security toll booth. To get from the mainland to the island, you will have to use the only access route: via Po di Levante, a road that flows in the middle of the river / sea, really suggestive.

Nature, active tourism and eco-sustainable relaxation

Once inside it will be difficult to understand how the island of Albarella measures 5 km long e 1,5 km wide. With your bike (I recommend renting one) everything will seem within easy reach. Little by little, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the streets, with the services and with the rhythms of a particular relaxation.

Cycling a stone's throw from the sea

Why particular? Because we don't all have the same idea of 鈥嬧媟elaxation. There are those who prefer the beach, umbrellas or swimming pool, those who prefer to lie down in the green or take a swim in the cool waters of the sea; those who, on the other hand, associate relaxation with healthy physical activity and then indulge in a nice refreshing break. The Island of Albarella presents all these three opportunities.

Relax with a sea view

Let's see these aspects specifically.

Immersed in the nature of the Island of Albarella

If your prerogative is the contact with nature, on the Island of Albarella you will have no problems. After the summer of 2017, in which the island was the victim of a violent storm that caused the more than 8000 trees fell, the project "surrounded by nature". A project whose goal is not simply to replant trees and plants or manage greenery in an idyllic way. All the actions implemented on the island are aimed at favoring the regeneration of nature, to make them regain space between the structures of man, so that the man-nature combination is increasingly in balance.

The golf course is a prime example. We tried to let nature take its course. There are herds of fallow deer free, pink flamingos and near the pond there are places to do birdwatching.

Fallow deer on the golf course of the island of Albarella

In certain areas, grass is allowed to grow in order to promote biodiversity and bird feeders have been placed on some trees. Finally, hives will be installed shortly.

In short, for those who love nature, the island of Albarella is certainly a destination that does not leave expectations unfulfilled.

Small lake adjacent to the golf course

Outdoor sports

24 tennis courts, a riding stable, a 18 hole golf course, archery, sea, beach, thematic area for children and many routes to do by bike. The island of Albarella certainly satisfies any sporting requirement.

We play tennis

To all these activities, we add the most classic: running. Running in the green, on the beach or in the flower area, is certainly a very pleasant and safe "running experience".

360-degree eco-sustainability

The goal of the island of Albarella is become as eco-sustainable as possible. In part it has already succeeded, just think of the whole cycle of water use. It comes from the waters of the Adige, is purified and used on the island. The wastewater is then purified and reused for purposes such as irrigation of the golf course.

Details on a golf course

Furthermore, the island of Albarella pursues thezero impact on CO2 emissions. The project "Zero Carbon Emission"Is under development and has precisely this goal.

Eco-sustainability is a theme to which the world of tourism must and must always pay more attention. Being aware of visiting a place that, in addition to respecting nature, contributes to making it more flourishing, adds value to the travel experience.

What kind of stay to do on the island of Albarella?

For all tastes. It could be the advertisement of the island of Albarella. Or rather, for all those who want to have an experience in contact with nature. There are many solutions for overnight stays on the island and are suitable for any wallet.

It is true that, while "cycling" on the island, you will see many valuable cars and villas with swimming pools, but it is also true that there are solutions at reasonable prices that allow you to enjoy all the relaxation of Albarella.

If you want an active tourism holiday immersed in nature, the island of Albarella is a particularly good choice. You can choose between villas, residences, apartments or theNorth Cape Hotel.

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