Alcazar of Seville, Essential Tips for Tickets

With around 1.8 million visitors a year, theAlcazar of Seville (Real Alcazar) is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist places to see in Spain.

Only 750 people are allowed inside the palace complex per day: this makes us immediately understand that the only sensible way to act for thepurchase of tickets I say get them online in advance or to participate in a guided tour in order to take precedence over those who decide to buy tickets on site (and theguaranteed entry).

In this post I will give you some advice on Real Alcazar tickets, but if you don't have time to read it all by clicking on the red button below you can see all the available tickets:



In recent years, the Alcazar has received an unprecedented number of visitors.

This is thanks in part to one of the biggest hits of the TV series: the Alcazar was in fact one of the locations in which it was filmed. "Game of thrones". The result was a significant increase in visitors with consequent repercussions: long waiting lines and sold out tickets weeks before the day of the visit.

Find your ticket or guided tour online that meets your needs will not be an impossible task: the site and the partners of the sector in fact offer numerous options, including the general one with audio guide, night visits with theatrical performances, combined tours with other attractions in Seville and so on.

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If you decide at the last minute and you don't have a chance to buy tickets online, or if you simply prefer a flexible travel schedule with no fixed commitments, you can still buy tickets at the door on the same day, at your own risk of long lines, but if you don't mind waiting, it's an option.

  • Tickets options of the Alcazar of Seville
    • 1 - General admission (basic ticket)
    • 2 - Royal Apartments
    • 3 - Guided tour with Skip the Line entrance
  • How to book Alcazar tickets
    • 1 - At the on-site ticket office
    • 2 - Book in advance online
  • Guided Tours and Combined Tickets
    • 1 - Guided tour of the Alcazar
    • 2 - Guided tour of the Alcazar, Seville Cathedral and Giralda
    • 3 - The Alcazar of Seville and Game of Thrones (GOT tour)
  • Final tips

Tickets options of the Alcazar of Seville

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There are 3 types of tickets that you can buy:

  1. the general entrance ticket
  2. the ticket which also includes the visit to the royal apartments
  3. a guided tour (there are some for all tastes, I'll tell you later about the ones that I think are the best)

1 - General admission (basic ticket)

THEgeneral entrance it is the simplest and cheapest ticket. Includes access to the ground floor of the palace complex and the gardens. This is a standard ticket without a guided tour, but to which you can add theaudio guide (strongly recommended).

Audio guide can be added for €6. Very little information is displayed inside the building: a good printed guide or audio guide are sensible choices.

Entrance ticket to the Alcazar of Seville at the ticket office: € 13,50 per adult, student tickets € 6, children under 16 FREE.

2 - Royal Apartments

The 15 rooms of theroyal apartment (upper floor) are not included in the basic ticket.

If you buy your ticket for the Royal Apartments (Cuarto Real Alto) online, be careful at the time printed on the ticket which corresponds to the time you must be at the entrance to the second floor. If you arrive earlier, wait, if you arrive later, bye bye you missed the visit.

Many consider the surcharge of almost € 5 for the real apartments exaggerated, I personally for a difference of 5 euros I prefer not to have regrets. The furnishings are mostly from the 19th century although the real attraction of the Alcazar is the Mudejar palace which is already included in the basic ticket.

I strongly advise you, in case you are interested in seeing the royal apartments too (I advise you to do so), to book your ticket online first for 2 very serious reasons:

  1. You can visit the apartments only in the morning.
  2. The time slots available are very strict. If by the time you go it's sold out, You can not enter.

3 - Guided tour with Skip the Line entrance

There is a huge variety of options offered by private operators and partners. These tours they include preferential entry (with Skip the Line ticket) and also give you the freedom to stay inside the complex when the tour is over so you can enjoy the visit to the fullest.

There are also tours and guided tours that include entry to other attractions in Seville (the most popular being the Alcazar + Cathedral guided tour in English)

How to book Alcazar tickets

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1 - At the on-site ticket office

The first thought that might come to mind is to buy the entrance ticket directly from the ticket office on site.

It is the cheapest way to visit the Alcazar (all bookings of
Online tickets are subject to a € 1) fee and require zero planning.

Unfortunately, things are never as simple as they seem.

The queues to buy tickets can be long, slow and very, very hot.

Le temperatures in Seville in the summer reach 40 degrees. Waiting in line in the blazing sun is a bit of a stupid choice, let me tell you!

Stand there in a queue in a crazy heat, standing and drinking a lot of water without knowing when you will be able to enter (and maybe in the meantime you also want to go to the bathroom or maybe your children want to go, which is even worse)

And all this for what? Why do you have to suffer? To save 1 euro? It's not worth it I assure you!

Il my dispassionate advice it is therefore to buy tickets on site only on the quietest days of the week (not on weekends!) and also during the low season (in winter and not on holidays).

The good thing about admissions being limited to a certain number of visitors is that you won't find it busier than usual!

2 - Book in advance online

Your second option to buy tickets for the Alcazar of Seville is to book directly from official website or from the Tiqets website.

There are 2 against to book on the official website:

  1. pay 1 € more than at the ticket office
  2. the site is in english and spanish only and is a bit confusing

Sure, you pay a € 1 surcharge for the privilege of booking online, but trust me it's worth it, because it avoids the queues!

If you buy the ticket from Tiqets it is also 100% mobile which means you don't have to print it, just show it at the entrance from your phone!

Tiqets also has the drawback of making you pay the extra euro but it is in English that it is convenient and above all it allows us to understand what we are really buying.

Alcazar of Seville entrance online: € 14,50 per adult, student tickets € 7, children up to 16 years € 1.

Guided Tours and Combined Tickets

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If you are wondering if it is worth taking a guided tour of the Alcazar in Seville, my answer is: SI, it is absolutely worth it!

1 - Guided tour of the Alcazar

A wide range of guided tours are available to see The Alcazar. Tours are a good option to enter the complex without queuing but not only that, indeed the best thing is that you will finish the visit knowing everything, even the hidden details that you will never discover on your own.

Game of Thrones themed tours are currently very popular (I'll tell you later).

By sifting through the websites the various offers of guided tours you will find a difference in price between one and the other. It's not that they fool you - cheaper guided tours usually last around an hour, while longer (and slightly more expensive) tours can offer. better quality.

Better value for money is also achieved on combined tours, especially those which include the Alcazar and the Cathedral of Seville - another visit which is a nightmare if you don't buy tickets first. Small groups are more pleasant but beware that some define as "small" groups of 15 or even 20 participants (which are not so "small").

At the end of the tour, visitors can stay inside the palace and garden complex until closing time.

2 - Guided tour of the Alcazar, Seville Cathedral and Giralda

One of the best-selling combined tours or tickets is what includes the visit to the Alcazar and the Cathedral of Seville (and also includes the Giralda, or the bell tower).

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There is a reason these visits are so sold: the guided tour of the three together costs a few euros more than the two simple combined entrance tickets of the Alcazar and the Cathedral and it is therefore a great deal.

I'll give you a practical example:

The single entrances to the Alcazar and the Cathedral for one person (purchased online) cost respectively € 14,50 and € 15 which in total make € 29, 50.

This guided tour of the Alcazar, Cathedral and Gibralda of Get Your Guide currently costs € 49 and includes, in addition to tickets with priority entrance, also one live guide who speaks English and the Giralda. In short, it is really convenient!

But if you are looking for the best guided tour Alcazar, Cathedral and Giralda in italiano, you should also take a look at this tour offered by Civitatis

3 - The Alcazar of Seville and Game of Thrones (GOT tour)

Fans of "the throne of swords”Here they will find bread for their teeth.

Honestly I'm not completely obsessed with the series, despite having seen it because my friends are constantly talking about it enthusiastically and so I decided to see it and now I can't stop.

If you are thinking of visiting the Alcazar (and probably yes, because if not you would not be here reading) you should be thrilled because it is one of the settings used in the series!

The Alcazar first appears in the 5th series as the palace of the Kingdom of Dorne ruled by Prince Doran, brother of Oberyn Martell.

Dorne is the southernmost of the Seven Kingdoms in the series, and is the most exotic, famous for its excellent wine.

But I'm not going to tell you what happens in the episode because I don't like making spoilers and so what will happen you will have to find out.

There are guided tours of the Alcazar with a "Game of Thrones" theme in which a guide tells anecdotes about the shooting of the TV series, gossip and funny stories. If you are an avid fan you just can't miss them.

HERE you will find the details of the Game of Thrones tour

Final tips

  • Try to buy tickets online in advance. If the official site doesn't work you can buy the ticket from Tiqets.
  • If you choose the basic ticket, include audio guide (or printed guide)
  • Try to buy tickets either in the early morning (9:30 am) or in the evening to find fewer tourists.
  • Introduce yourself at the entrance a few minutes before the booked time slot.
  • If the tickets are sold out, buy a guided tour: the choice is really wide and you will have no problem finding the one that suits your needs (and in any case it guarantees you to enter with the group, then if you want you can "escape" and walk around on your own)
  • Don't think queuing guarantees you entry. At the Alcazar (exactly as for theAlhambra of Granada) the number of day tickets is limited. Waiting in the queue without purchasing tickets first does not guarantee access.

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