An alternative to the usual trip: the “do it yourself” cruise to the Cyclades islands

An alternative to the usual trip: the “do it yourself” cruise to the Cyclades islands

We know how high the costs of ownership of a boat can be, but today we dispel a stereotype, because the options to sail the big blue are also for those who don't have a boat. The possibilities of renting one at affordable costs are now within everyone's reach. A good solution may be to rely on ship leasing companies, where to choose between catamarans, sailboats, yachts or simple motor boats. It depends on your travel companions, no matter if you are a family of four, a couple traveling alone or a large group of friends, the various solutions can satisfy every single need.

How to choose the right boat? In reality it is simple: the answer is already within you! Sailboat for the more sporty, catamaran for families, or for those who do not want to give up space and comfort, and motorboat for lovers of luxury and speed.

The sea is a unique and extraordinary element; he can very easily bring out the best in us, but one essential point must be remembered: "respect him and he will respect you"! So if you want to live a boat experience but you know you are not an expert sailor, you can always ask the rental company to have a skipper on board, which will be able to take care of the best routes and will not be found unprepared in case of unexpected events. You just have to dig into your deepest passions and prepare to raise the anchor!

With the rental of a sailboat you can, for example, unfold the sails to venture out to the discovery of the islands of Greece, gently following the current of the winds that blow on the Aegean Sea and with the only sound of the rustle of the keel on the water follow your mood, freeing you from the timing of organized trips. For the number of islands and islets that make it up, a cruise along the coasts of Greece will allow you to fully enjoy its many wonders, making you experience a different holiday than usual and giving you views unforgettable. An ancient and authentic land, kissed by the sun and embraced by a sparkling sea, Greece never ceases to amaze the curious who venture to discover its coasts. An immersion in its long history, told through the many sites archeological that it preserves, the exquisite delicacies of its tradition and the uncontaminated landscapes that distinguish it, can only leave you enchanted and make you fall madly in love with it.


Le Cyclades Islands they are perfect for organizing one "do it yourself" cruise, in complete freedom, and are the ideal destination both for those in search of fun and for those who are chasing small corners of paradise in which to enjoy a bit of dolce far niente and make "relaxation" the watchword of the trip .

For example, your cruise to the Cyclades Islands can start from the splendid Sifnos, one of the most authentic islands. Famous for its ceramics, it can only charm you with its natural beauty and the warm welcome of its inhabitants. And how not to talk about Milos, sometimes nicknamed "the island of colors". His pure and deep soul will be able to make you slow down and cure the deepest ailments, to cancel the frenzy of daily rhythms by making you slip into its staid rhythms. The white houses with colored terraces blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape: a meeting of caves and white rocks enclosed by an emerald sea and protected by the embrace of a clear blue sky.


Lovers of worldly life will obviously not get lost Ios and Mykonos, where the sparkling atmosphere and lively they give off will infect you in no time. Chaotic and eccentric in the evening, authentic and elegant during the day, their souls split up offering proposals for all tastes. The cruise to discover the Cyclades Islands will not be complete without a stop at Santorini: a magical island, hardly comparable and attainable in terms of beauty. The panorama it offers is simply unique, with red and black rocks sprinkled with yellow pumice, and the villages located overlooking the sea that almost seem to admire it with bated breath.

Then let yourself be carried away by the current a few nautical miles further north, where you can sail the coasts of Paros, Naxos and Tinos, contemplating their deepest essence. Their true and sophisticated soul will be perfect both for the simple curious of their landscapes, and for those who will use the energy they release to find themselves.

Meditation, solitude and contact with nature; exploration, worldly life and merriment. Greece is all of this and more! The perfect combination of almost opposite aspects, perfectly balanced by a deep respect and love for the territory. The best way to enjoy a similar experience next summer is to rent a boat in Greece and set sail to discover the Cyclades, the trip can only reserve you incredible emotions! Of companies of yacht charter in Greece there are also many on the web, the one that struck us for the variety of offers is Filovent who will certainly be able to suggest the best solutions and guide you in organizing the crossing. The groups and teams of the company it can also help you in setting up all itinerary details, indicating the optimal ports of departure and landing. In this sense, flexibility is the watchword! In fact, not having to return the boat to the port of departure, you will have full freedom of choice and movement.

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