Barcelona in the Evening, 10 Beautiful Things to Do and the Best Clubs!

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Barcelona, such a beautiful horizon. Barcelona, like a jewel in the sun!

This is how Freddie Mercury and the Spanish soprano Montserrat Caballé sang in the splendid Barcelona of 1987, thrilling the whole world and the city itself.

Barcelona, the queen of Catalonia, is a splendid Spanish city second only to Madrid by number of inhabitants.

If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, ​​I am sure you will have an idea of ​​the wonders that await you: the splendid architecture of the city, with Casa Vicens, Casa Batllò and Casa Milà; the splendid and inimitable Sagrada Familia di Antoni Gaudì in constant construction; Park Güell, also designed by Gaudì whose works are protected by UNESCO; the famous Ramblas, the hub of the modern city; the beautiful Porto Antico and the Barceloneta.

In short, whatever your plans for visit Barcelona, you will find many wonders waiting for you! Art and architecture are the masters, without forgetting the possibility of enjoying a good plate of paella!

But if you are wondering what to do during your holiday evenings in Barcelona, ​​here are some ideas for you to spend the hours after sunset!

It is not necessary to immerse yourself in the nightlife to find something to do, trust and read below!

PS: but at the bottom of this article you will also find the best clubs and bars for the nightlife!

1 - Experience the magic of Flamenco

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The rhythm of Spanish music is engaging and unique: the sound of the castanets immediately makes you want to try something very similar to flamenco, even if only remotely, right?

If you are passionate about music and dance, but even if you are not, you cannot get lost an evening dedicated to flamenco, this splendid Spanish characteristic dance.

You can book the ticket for the Gran GalĂ  del Flamenco at the Palau de la MĂşsica Catalana, a beautiful theater with a Catalan modernist architecture included among the assets protected by UNESCO.

Participate in the Grand Gala of Flamenco it is a unique experience, both for the uniqueness of the theater, both for the music, and for the opportunity to see live the performance of a dance full of colors, transport and passion.


As an alternative to the Gran GalĂ  you can attend the show in the Tablao CordobĂ©s which is one of the best shows in all of Spain

- >> Book your ticket for the Flamenco show in Tablao Cordobés here

At the 2 shows I mentioned above there are some alternative as maybe you might prefer something more "collected" (attention: no longer original, they are ALL original and all are equally touristic).

These others shows they are also done by professionals, but are found in smaller (equally beautiful) buildings, a little cheaper and perhaps could suit your needs more.

For example it  Flamenco show at Los Tarantos (the cheapest and oldest in the city!) is a flamenco show in a historic tablao, the oldest in the city.

2 - Casa MilĂ  Pedrera by night

The most famous and important houses in Barcelona admirable from an artistic and architectural point of view are always beautiful: day and night!

A Casa Milà Pedrera however, you will have the opportunity to live the experience of a real evening tour. Gaudì's latest “secular” work, this house is the headquarters of the Catalonia La Pedrera foundation and was built in a modernist style.

The evening tour to visit this marvel of architecture starts at 20pm and the setting is really suggestive in addition to the fact that you will participate in aquite exclusive experience without finding the millions of tourists who flock to one of Gaudi's masterpieces during the day.

On the terrace you will be able to admire the highlight of the whole visit: through games of lights, colors and sounds, particularly fascinating exhibitions are projected in which, as a backdrop, the city of Barcelona amplifies the emotion.

Walking along the floors of the stairs, you will then be able to witness various projections of sounds and lights.

Make sure you buy your ticket in advance: seats are very limited!


Alternatively you might as well visit Casa Batllo during the “Magic Nights” concert held on the roof, in front of illuminated Barcelona!


3 - Be enchanted by the water and light effects of the Mont JuĂŻc fountain

Simple and evocative, the water and light effects of the Mont JuĂŻc fountain will fascinate you very much! The music accompanies the aquatic movements in a whirlwind of emotions and programmed movements, while in the background stands the Palau Nacional, site, in 1929, of the universal exhibition.

The fountain was also built on the occasion of the 1929 universal exhibition and had to be removed at the end of the event: however, it fascinated the Spaniards and visitors so much that its removal was canceled and we can still enjoy the uniqueness of its show today. .

The fountain show usually takes place in two time slots, but these change a lot depending on the time of year. you can check the website for the updated timetable.

4 - Watch FC Barcelona and experience football at Camp Nou

You can be a die-hard football fan or not, but you can't leave Barcelona without having the magical experience of seeing a Barça match at Camp Nou!

The historic team of the city was born in the distant 1899 and, over the course of time, has won the best of champions and won numerous important victories.

The Camp Nou, then, is the largest football field in all of Europe and the thrill of watching a home team match in a stadium of epic proportions will surely be an adventure to remember, whatever your footballing faith. whether you have it or not!

5 - Listen to a Spanish guitar concert

The famous Spanish guitars and their musicians are famous all over the world: melodies literally "plucked" on the strings, enthralling rhythm and truly unique prowess.

These peculiarities and many other emotions await you if you decide to spend an evening full of music.

The locations where these concerts take place are particularly suggestive, such as churches and theaters, where the only person on stage is the musician with his guitar, ready to perform virtuosity and fascinate the public.

6 - Go ghost hunting

Every self-respecting city has the their own legends and their own ghosts, even Barcelona!

The capital of Catalonia offers the opportunity to book tours dedicated to unveiling the most hidden mysteries in the streets of this beautiful city!

Tours generally depart at 20:30 pm and 21:30 pm, to allow the dark to impress tourists even more. And then you know, ghosts don't come out during the day!

State offre THIS TOUR ON THE LEGENDS AND MYSTERIES OF BARCELONA who has very high reviews and who personally I strongly advise you because it is held in the Gothic Quarter.

Alternatively there is THIS GHOST TOUR in search of the most disturbing mysteries of the city.

7 - Enjoy a medieval dinner at Palazzo Requesens

Always in order not to miss a good dose of food and wine culture with a touch of historical charm, I recommend you book this medieval dinner at the Requesens palace with a show.

You will taste dishes prepared according to the recipes of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, with the splendid palace with medieval architecture as a setting.

Generally, you can book this more unique than rare dinner on weekends, starting around 19:30 pm.

8 - Taste wine and tapas

In your evening tour you cannot miss the culinary evenings to discover local flavors!

there many organized tours that will lead you to discover local products to taste in company, even if you are traveling alone! It is an excellent opportunity to get to know the gastronomic culture of the place by making friends, what could be better?

Food tours of this type generally start at 18:30 pm - here you will find out where to eat the best tapas, enjoyexcellent wine and maybe take notes on the places you can choose during your stay!

I advise you to do the gastronomic tapas tour just arrived in Barcelona: you will immediately orient yourself among the various proposals and you will have excellent culinary ideas to satisfy you in the days to come!

9 - Eat Paella!

Okay, I'm talking about food a lot, but how can you not spend an evening in Barcelona without enjoying a great paella?

The traditional Iberian dish that dates back to the Middle Ages is the most famous in all of Spain, which has become popular and famous all over the world.

Barcelona is full of places to enjoy an excellent paella but remember that it is always good to book and specify that you want to dine on paella! Some restaurants require a reservation, good to know!

I advise you to head towards the sea and Barceloneta verse to enjoy an excellent fish paella, but you will also find many places in the heart of the city!

10 - Take a Vespa ride in Barcelona at night

After the electric bikes, the tours with super push scooters, now you can take an explorative tour of the city also on a Vespa! Over the course of an evening, you will have a general idea of ​​the city and it will be wonderful to discover it aboard such a famous two-wheeler.

Are you ready to leave for the splendid Barcelona and be fascinated by the magical evenings that await you?

BONUS !!! The best places to spend an evening in Barcelona

By Pressmaster /

As well as flamenco, food and culture, Barcelona's nightlife is also known (and famous) all over the world.

In a city where nightclubs are packed with people until 2am, knowing where to go for a drink after dinner in advance is imperative.

While daytime cafes and restaurants close after dinner, most bars are open until 02:00 or 03:00 on weekends - you just need to know which ones you're going to enjoy the most!

Here then 5 places that you absolutely cannot miss!

1 – Opium Barcelona

Opium Barcelona it needs no introduction, it is the most famous disco / nightclub in Barcelona and has become its reference point in the nightlife scene: its chic style together with the quality of service distinguishes Opium from all other clubs in Barcelona.

This exclusive venue is located on the beach side of Barcelona's Olympic Port, right next to the famous Arts Hotel. Opium has a fantastic outdoor terrace where you can enjoy dishes from the Mediterranean menu and drink an exotic cocktail, surrounded by an elegant and sophisticated environment.

After midnight you will have the choice of the best House, Lounge and RnB music until the early hours of the morning. Some of the best DJs from around the world have played in this club like David Guetta, Tiesto, Afrojack and many more.

-> See also the reviews of Opium Barcelona su TRIPADVISOR

2 – Marula Coffee

In spite of the name, Marula Cafe it's a place halfway between a nightclub and a bar with excellent live music.

The concert program it puts on is among the most varied in Barcelona, ​​with indie, Latin, funk and hip-hop music performances.

Not the kind of place to go if you are looking for a quiet corner to have a cocktail, but definitely the right place if you are looking for a place where the party starts before midnight.

-> See the reviews of Marula Café on TRIPADVISOR

3 - 23 Robbers

23 Robadors is a little hidden gem that I met when I was living in Barcelona. It's a lively, unfamiliar, gritty and unique flamenco bar hiding in the heart of El Raval at C / D'En Robador 23. From the outside, it looks like a place you should avoid but trust me it's absolutely worth a visit one of the flamenco shows that they organize or participate in their evenings of Jazz & blues music.

Unlike the flamenco shows I told you about earlier, this is an intimate little place where you can get close to the artists and you can really feel the passion they have for their art.

The only thing: be careful in the El Raval neighborhood at night, it can be a bit dangerous.

-> See reviews of 23 Robbers on TRIPADVISOR

4 - Pacha

Pacha it is a great club with a great international reputation and is right on the beach… if you walk out the back exit you will find yourself with your feet in the sand.

Thanks to its location and reputation, it fills up at lightning speed and if you don't arrive early enough expect to stand in a line that stretches along Passeig Maritim and can take hours to get inside.

-> See also the reviews of Pacha your TRIPADVISOR

5 - The Terrace

La Terrazza is a great techno club located in Poble Espanyol. For whatever reason it seems that all the techno clubs in Barcelona are located in Poble Espanyol.

The Terrace is open air and, as a result, in addition to dancing and listening to music, you can feel the breeze and see the stars from the dance floor.

The club is so well designed and furnished that it feels like partying in nature, away from hectic Barcelona.

-> See also the reviews of The Terrace on TRIPADVISOR

Barcelona's nightlife is so diverse that there is something for everyone. If you are looking for what to do in Barcelona in the evening, I hope this article has given you a hand.

I lived 6 months in Barcelona but there are a lot more things to do than what I just told you about. So many that, even if one had lived here all his life, he probably could not know them all.

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