Best Sites For Flights: Where To Find Offers

I am sure that you too are crazy to understand how certain people manage to find plane tickets at bargain prices every time.

In a previous article we have seen all the tips and some tricks for find cheap flights.

However, it is also important to know the best sites for flights, there are in fact several search engines that through specific functions help us in the search for low cost airline tickets.

In this guide I have decided to introduce you to some of the best portals and flight search engines, I will explain the main characteristics and peculiarities of each one.

Whether you travel for pleasure or for work, knowing all these tools is very important; I myself never use just one, because each one has different functions and becomes really useful when used together.

The best search engines for flights: How to choose

Before seeing which are the best sites to find cheap flights, let's see what factors to consider in order to choose the portal that best suits your needs.

Usability of the site

First, it is important to consider the interface of the site, which must be clean and simple to navigate. In addition, some portals have important graphic features that help search for flights. For example, the presence of graphs with price trends or calendars with flight prices for each day.

Filters and Flight Search Functions

The various flight booking sites help us by customizing the search through different filters: flexible dates, nearby airports, number of stopovers, multiple destinations, travel duration, airline, etc. The more options we can apply, the easier it will be to find the best deal.


One thing that many people are wondering is how reliable a particular portal is. It should be noted that on search engines it is not possible to buy air tickets directly, they are simply price aggregators, you will then be redirected to the online agency or airline page.

On the contrary, portals such as Expedia or eDreams, are real online agencies (OTA) where you can buy the flight directly.

Best flight sites

Here is my list of sites where you can find the best deals on flights, I propose some of the sites that I believe are very valid for finding cheap flights. And if you want to deepen the subject, in Guide Save Flight, find many other unique sites and tools, as well as secret tips to save on the cost of airfare.


Skyscanner is probably the most popular flight search site and one of my favorites too. It comes with simple graphics and offers really useful functions to find low cost offers, especially for the most flexible travelers.

In particular, it is possible to select "Everywhere" as a destination and "the cheapest month" as dates to find the cheapest flights.

For more detailed information, see our Article: Skyscanner


Momondo is another search engine and flight comparison site that compares prices between different airlines.

A feature that I particularly love about this portal is the intuitive graph with the rate trend that is displayed on the results screen. In this way it is easy to see that by slightly changing the dates it is possible to find cheaper flights.


The third site on this list is Kayak. This portal is famous for the "Explorer" function that allows you to view a map with all the best offers, an intuitive function, also convenient for finding inspiration and choosing your destination based on flight prices.

In addition, Kayak offers the “Hacker Fare”, that is itineraries created by combining 2 one-way flights, even from different airlines.

Google Flight

The great Mountain View giant could not fail to have its own search engine and air flight price aggregator. The strength of Google Flight is certainly the speed with which it returns the results.

In my opinion, the calendar offers real-time flight prices for each day of the month. In addition, Google Flight shows us the quality of each flight with all the services offered.

Matrix ITA:

The most professional site for finding cheap flights is Matrix ITA, a Google-owned air fares search engine. Matrix is ​​the most powerful tool of all and also the least known. It is mainly used by travel agencies. It has many functions and must be studied in depth, very useful is the possibility of inserting multiple airports and multiple destinations.

Other Sites where to find Cheap Flights


Kiwi more than a price comparator is a real site where you can book flights. However, it offers some really useful features, which we can use to find cheap flights and to create alternative travel itineraries.

Kiwi's unique function is the "Search radius", which allows you to broaden your search to multiple destinations within the radius of the selected kilometers.


Trabber is a very simple flight search engine with essential graphics, but it is very quick to search and offers really useful functions such as the “Flight Offers” section, where you can find all the best flight offers starting from your chosen destination.


Liligo is the classic search engine to find flights but also train, bus or car rental tickets. This site also offers various search filters and various functions. For example, by clicking on "Where to Go" you can view the best offers on a map.

OMIO - flight offers

Omio is a real online agency, where you can also buy flights. It is also possible to search and book tickets for trains, buses and ferries.

Traveling pirates

The last site that I want to present to you is Pirati in Viaggio, a portal dedicated above all to the search for Error Fare, but which also offers interesting offers of holiday packages at very advantageous prices. It is always a sort of price aggregator and it is not possible to finalize the purchase on the site itself.

Which site you fly to use

Now that we've seen some of the best sites I use to find cheap flights myself, you're probably wondering which site is preferable to use.

In reality there is no better site than another, because as you have seen each one has different characteristics. My advice is to test them all a bit, also because you don't often find the same offers. It may happen that some airlines are only found on certain comparators.

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