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THEisland of Sal it has the largest international airport, Amilcar Cabral Airport, which has made the island easy to reach and therefore the most touristic of the archipelago.

Santa Maria is the most popular area for tourists as it boasts a coastline about ten kilometers long with a white beach where the best resorts are located.

The Island of Sal is certainly among the best equipped in Cape Verde for the practice of water sports, from diving to windsurfing.

Outside the villages, there are not many attractions.

Worth a visit to the town of Santa Maria, full of tourist shops, often within walking distance of waterfront resorts.

Another nice walk is the one towards the beach of Ponte Preda, with beautiful dunes close to the sea.

The only real excursion is the tour of the island, also here as a Boa Vista either you choose the organized excursion or you hire a taxi to be taken to the most characteristic places on the island of Sal. Do not miss out on the visits FIRE STONE, an ancient crater invaded by salt water that once served as a salt pan. Unforgettable taking a bath in these lakes formed by water infiltrations.

Where to Stay on the Island of Sal

ClubHotel Riu Garopa

Cabocan Lot A2 A3 - Santa Mar铆a - Isla de Sal, Santa Maria, Sal, Capo Verde

Definitely the best choice.

Another resort of the Riu chain, always reliable, excellent cleanliness, very good restaurants (there are several) and All inclusive 24 hours.

The Resort is truly immense, in reality there are two, the Garopa and the Funana.

The point of strength is the beach, one of the most beautiful parts of Santa Maria near the famous dunes that every day attract tourists from other hotels.

AW Bravo Vila do Farol

Praia Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Sal 4111, Cape Verde

Well organized village, clean, spacious and comfortable rooms, excellent abundant and always varied cuisine.

The beach is huge with enough deckchairs for everyone and the clear sea. You can walk to the quiet and welcoming village of Santa Maria.

I recommend the excursions with the guys you will find on the beach are serious and cheaper than the agencies.

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