Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge: how to visit the suspension bridge over the sea

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Carrick a Rede: a little history

The history of the Carrick a Rede Bridge begins way back 1755, that is over 260 years ago. It was built by salmon fishermen. Now this area is no longer rich in terms of fish, salmon have chosen other routes to migrate and in 2002 the island has ceased to be a reference point. At that time, however, the salmon passed right near the island of Carrick. It was necessary to get as close as possible in order to catch them more easily.

It was a need to get to the island and it was also in the following decades, just think that still in 1960, 300 salmon were fished per day.

Therefore, the first bridge built in the 18th century was just a rope and many pieces of wood, very different from the current version (dated early 10s and tested for a load of XNUMX tons).

Cross the bridge towards Carrick Island

There isn't much to add or much to recommend. Access to the bridge is "managed" by an attendant who checks the ticket and scans the steps on the bridge, avoiding crowds or people remaining on the bridge.

About that: I invite you to avoid taking a thousand photographs, especially if you visit it in high season when the queue reaches a considerable length and people are certainly less patient. Let's go back to the old one, one click and stop… the rest of the time use it to watch the show you have around you.

The ticket has the duration of 1 now, however, I challenge you to stay on Carrick Island in Rede for more than ten minutes. Once you cross the bridge, you will have very little to do on the other side, other than take some pictures of the coast.

Caution: if you are a person suffering from vertigo, remember that under the bridge there is a jump of 30 meters to the sea. Take the necessary precautions.

I ... on the bridge ...

High Season vs Low Season

I had the chance to visit it in the low season in March, during my trip to Ireland, when there was absolutely no queue: I arrived, I took the tickets, I took the 10-minute walk accompanied by an icy wind coming from the sea, and once I arrived at the bridge I was able to access without waiting. I read that in the summer months the queue to get on the bridge reaches up to 2 hours of waiting.

Either way it's definitely worth thescenic impact which you can enjoy both going to the bridge, both on the passage and on the islet, it represents something for which anyone who goes to Ireland returns lost in love with the emerald island.

The path leading to the bridge

The Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge is one of the most visited places in all of Ireland. More than understandable I would say. Extraordinary places deserve to be experienced.

One of the thousand wonderful views of the coast

Carrick a Rede: prices, timetables, tickets and various info

First information important about going to visit the Carrick-a-Rede: if you simply want to see the island without paying the ticket and go over the bridge, you can do it. There is no prohibition on following the path and reaching the bridge. The ticket is used to cross and go to the island.

Landscapes on the path to the bridge

Why do I tell you this? Because if you are dizzy, you do not want to pay the ticket or you are simply outside the opening hours, you can still see it and photograph the bridge.

Another tip: if you visit it out of season (but even better in season) bring something to cover yourself from the wind which can sometimes be freezing.

Ticket price: £ 9 for adults, £ 4,5 for children.

The Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is one of the places preserved and protected by National trust. It is an organization active in England, Wales and precisely Northern Ireland. Among the objectives is to educate people to enjoy their national heritage. For more information -> National Trust official website.

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