Cascata delle Marmore: timetables, ticket prices, how to get there and where to sleep

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The Marmore Falls is an artificial waterfall created by the ancient Romans and among the highest in Europe. The waterfall has an overall height of I'm 165 meters, divided into three jumps. The first jump, which is the highest one, measures 83 meters.

This very important Italian tourist destination it is located less than 10 km from Terni, in the Umbria region. The waterfall is formed by the Velino river which, near the hamlet of Marmore, flows into Lake Piediluco. Only part of the Velino river is diverted towards the waterfall.

Today this waterfall is used to produce electricity. This means that the cascade is not always active, in most of the time it assumes the size of a stream.

To see the waterfall in action it is necessary to go at specific times, which vary according to the season. When in operation, the effect is spectacular: an acoustic signal signals the opening of the regulation gates, and in a few seconds the stream becomes an overflowing river.

At night the Marmore waterfall is always illuminated from a very powerful latest generation LED system. This in addition to ensuring an excellent view even at night, creates a spectacular view of the waterfall.

Over the years the waterfall has carved out caves with stalactites and stalagmites in the travertine. Many of these caves can be visited and represent a still little known aspect of the Marmore waterfall, both from a tourist and speleological point of view.

Un trail along the falls allows the visitor to climb to the top of the falls and to admire this splendid natural spectacle at its best.

Opening hours Cascata delle Marmore

Opening hours for visiting the Marmore Falls they vary according to the time of year and according to the type of day: weekdays or holidays. Normally, the falls are active between 12pm and 00pm and again between 13pm and 00pm every day, with longer hours on holidays and in the summer.

The opening hours for each day are divided into: park opening, water release and ticket office opening. Shortly before the water release time, an acoustic signal warns that the water jet of the waterfall will begin to increase progressively. In a few minutes the falls reach their maximum vigor.

However, for greater safety, before visiting the Marmore Falls, it is advisable to check the opening hours on the official website:

Ticket prices Cascata delle Marmore

To visit the falls, and the surrounding area of ​​the park, you pay a fee Admission.

Full ticket cost for adults 10€

Reduced ticket cost for over 70 7€

Reduced ticket price for children and boys (from 5 to 9 years) - 7 €

Discounted ticket for groups of more than 15 people - € 7,50 and a free ticket for every 15 paying people

Discounted ticket for parish groups, schools and universities 6€

Rates for families composed of at least 5 people including 3 children aged between 5 and 9 - € 5 for children and € 10 for adults

Tickets can be purchased on the official website

How to get to the Marmore Falls

The Cascata delle Marmore is located near Terni, in Umbria, and is easily accessible both by car and by trainor. From any Italian city you leave, you must first get to Terni and then follow the signs for the waterfalls.

Where to sleep near the Marmore Falls

Although there are many accommodations near the falls, our advice is to stay and sleep in a hotel in Terni. In this way you can have a wider hotel offer on which to choose, but also to visit the city of Terni, very interesting even in the evening.

The best hotels in Terni

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Classic Hotel Tulipano

Hotel Valentino

Hotel Millennium Palace - best quality / price ratio

Discover all the facilities available in the city of Terni
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