Falassarna beach in Crete: where lifeguards ride quad bikes (envy)

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Talking about Falassarna beach means talking about one of the best beaches in western Crete. In this area of ​​Crete the beaches are particularly beautiful and this beach stands out together with Balos Lagoon and to Elafonissi beach.

What do I mean by West Crete? To make me understand the meaning of West… take the map, visualize Chania, draw an imaginary line towards Sfakia which is south-east of Chania. Here, the Falassarna beach is part of this territory, it is right on the west coast of Crete. It is a beach to be absolutely included in a 15 days itinerary to see Crete as a whole. An itinerary that touches the whole Cretan territory and that is a mixture of culture and sea life.

The long beach of Falassarna

It is a few minutes away from Kissamos, but alternatively you also have the possibility to stay directly in the villages of Falasarna. I have been toAnastasia Apartments and I found myself very well, in fact, there are several B & Bs in the area and this was just gorgeous, every night I enjoyed the sunset directly from the balcony of my room, and every morning I stuffed myself with kilos of Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit of all kinds.

La Falassarna beach it is very different than the other two beaches I mentioned earlier.

Credits: west-crete.com (also cover photo)

In this beautiful part of Crete and Greece in general, thewater is clear and clean. The Falassarna beach is perhaps a step behind the others, among other things it is very affected by the currents. Maybe, if you can talk to someone locally, ask them about the best time to visit based on winds and currents. You should not underestimate this aspect too, because on this beach when the wind blows it is painful and it becomes difficult to stay under the umbrella. In Crete the wind often blows from the West and therefore the Falassarna beach is the most affected, which can last for days, that's why I tell you to get information through the local people.

La peculiarity of the Falassarna beach it is also that of being very long as well as very large. In fact, the lifeguards move by quad (as I would have liked to have fun with the quad on the sand too). I am convinced that there is a queue for a job as a lifeguard on this beach. Other than work, they have fun like crazy to go around with the quad, and who blames them.

Once you have seen the Balos lagoon and Elafonissi beach, it becomes difficult to compare them. However, I must say that this beach is particularly fascinating because of its width. Meters and meters of beach without umbrellas; only sand, sand and more sand.

Regarding the small bathing establishment, there is the possibility to rent umbrellas and sunbeds.

If you need to take a break, there is also a lounge bar directly on the beach, I recommend it for a regenerating break looking at the sea on the horizon.

The Falassarna beach is also great for watching the sunset.

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