Glamping in Slovenia: a breath of well-being at the Big Berry

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Glamping...uhm ... glamping, now with these Englishisms I can't find out anymore.

I'm kidding of course, now the world is moving towards polyglotism and we, travelers and non-travelers, must always try to stay on track.

If you think about it, the word glamping is also cool eh, surely you link it to something beautiful and in fact it is! Glamping is a holiday concept derived from camping and takes its context from it: you are immersed in nature and the password is RELAX.

This photo confirms it.

So what is glamping?

So, imagine a campsite on the river, remove the tents that commonly crowd the green areas, insert a few mobile homes with refined furnishings, put some comfortable deckchairs scattered along the river and since you have also included a giant circular barbecue of those where you can have barbecues for all guests ... here, this is a glamping, and in this case it is precisely the Big Berry.

Apart from this goliardic definition, glamping associates the glamor / luxury concept to experience a holiday in full contact with nature. It is in fact the fusion between the two words glamor and camping.

I had the pleasure of trying this new type of holiday as invited for a few days by the Big Berry, a glamping in the region of Bela Krajina in Slovenia.

Are you stressed out? Do you need a few days of total relaxation? Well! The Big Berry is the place for you, you will return home serene like never before.

The name already says it all. Le berry, or berries / berries. Strawberries, Blueberries, all fruits of well-being. There nature, river, boundless green they do the rest.

This property is located in an area of ​​Slovenia that is particularly green, an area full of hills that allow you to see wonderful views at every "brow". In this area they are very focused on local productions including the wine one is of particular importance.

In our stay at the Big Berry we had the opportunity to test some artisanal productions and I was amazed by the quality of the products. In the vicinity of the glamping, also in the Bela Krajina region, we visited a winemaker whose white wine was truly exceptional. In the coolness of the cellar I tasted whites, reds and a very spicy salami was not missing.

Not far from the Big Berry we also heard the story of a local producer of special oils. It is not about olive oil, but more than twenty varieties of oils derived from seeds of various kinds. From pumpkin seeds to cumin seeds, from chilli to hazelnut seeds ... whatever seed you give this man he will get an exaggeratedly good oil. Most of the oils it produces can also be used directly on the skin as their properties allow to fix problems of vitamin deficiencies in the skin.

This experience was really interesting, an experience for a 360 degree well-being in which the Oljarna Pecaric excels.

A beautiful glamping, a particularly green and relaxing area, quality local products: all these are factors that, unquestionably, help to restore oneself.

But let's talk a little about Big Berry, about this glamping in Slovenia

As I said a few lines above, it is 7 mobile homes furnished with taste and elegance. Each of them has a private whirlpool tub. The interiors are refined and the beds are extremely comfortable. There are different solutions based on the number of occupants.

The Big Berry is located exactly on the banks of the Kolpa river which forms the natural border between Slovenia and Croatia. Every day you can do lots of activities, including yoga, long walks, beach volleyball, canoeing and above all cycling! We had the pleasure (postcard places) or the regret (at the end I was cooked to perfection) of doing more than 25 km on a mountain bike accompanied by the guys who manage the glamping; although tiring we have seen villages and a beautiful nature.

If I were a cyclist I wouldn't think twice about coming here, the continuous ups and downs could certainly be a good source of training.

They will certainly help you dispose of all the good things they bring you in the morning!

Oh yes, let's get out of the “hood, brioches and go” concept. Here every morning you will have your basket with quality products and at 0 km. The Big Berry tries to work with local economies. Each product belongs to a neighboring glamping manufacturer. The fact is that you will have the basket so full that what you will find inside in one morning you can make it last for 2/3 days.

I discovered a green and relaxing Slovenia and this glamping was the icing on the cake of the weekend!

This post is the result of an invitation by the Big Berry structure to test the structure, each review / opinion about it is written in the most complete independence and respect of the reader.

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