La Rocca di Arona and its fantastic view of the lake

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The Rocca di Arona is wonderful; I will never stop claiming that theItaly it has an impressive heritage and landscape variety, as well as cultural, of which we should be very proud. The park of the borromean fortress it is just over an hour from Milan, so it is an excellent destination for a day trip that allows you to get out of the frenzy of big cities.

Il town of Arona, in addition to having a very interesting lakefront, it is famous for its fortress, called the Borromean fortress of Arona. From the Rocca you can practically see almost the entire lake. If you find a sunny day like the one I found, you will see some exceptional colors.

The fortress of Arona

La Borromean fortress of Arona, built in the Lombard period, has only some remains of what at the time was one of the main fortresses for the strategic control of Lake Maggiore. Indeed, the position is very strategic from a defensive point of view, it can be understood from the almost 360 degree view of the surrounding area.

The fortress is not open to the public and is located inside the Parco della Rocca Borromea in Arona. It has become a beautiful green space very nice where you can relax in the shadow of what has been the history of the city.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well the whole park is kept, among other things the maintenance, if I'm not mistaken, should be entrusted to the managers of the only bar inside it.

My advice is to take some time for yourselves. Have a nice aperitif overlooking the lake at the park bar, then sit on a bench and admire the whole shape of the lake. If you have a good book on hand, know that this is the right place to get lost in reading.

The nearby Orta San Giulio

When you have relaxed enough, go and visit Orta San Giulio.

It is relatively close to Arona, you only have to go from Lake Maggiore to the neighbor Lake Orta. It is a very nice town whose main center is right in front of the tiny island of San Giulio, which can be reached by ferries that depart frequently from the main square of Orta.

Personally, I didn't go to the island because, thanks to the lack of time and the uninviting reviews, I preferred to walk around Orta.

Another tip is to combine a visit to the Rocca di Arona with a visit to the Borromean Islands on Lake Maggiore, You will not regret it.

How to get to the lake maggiore area

Il park of the borromean fortress and the whole territory of Lake Maggiore is very close to Milan. It can therefore represent the perfect solution for those coming to northern Italy to spend a nice weekend.

In case you arrive using your own car, reaching Arona is very simple. You have to take the motorway from Milan towards Gravellona Toce and exit at Castelletto sopra Ticino, at which point just follow the signs.

If, on the other hand, someone does not have their own car available or is in Milan for a weekend and wants to take a day trip, an excellent idea is to rent a car through the service Easyterra Milan. It allows maximum flexibility and allows you to better appreciate all the views and the splendid context of this area.

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