Many people want to see the Northern Lights at least once in their life and for this reason they choose Finland as their travel or holiday destination. The best place to see the beautiful light drapes is in Lapland.

In the north, between November and March, the possibility of seeing the spectacle of the Northern Lights during the polar night is guaranteed, if the sky is clear. A wide range of hotels in the north cater specifically to people who want to see the lights. In addition, the Institute of Meteorology allows you to sign up to receive free notifications about the Northern Lights.

One of the main attractions of Lapland is the city of Rovaniemi, where the Santa Claus Village is located a few kilometers outside the city. Thousands of tourists every year, especially in winter, visit Santa's house, a very nice experience for young and old.

Rovaniemi, Finland - Foto da Istock

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