Seven Sisters: how to visit them from Brighton and London

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In England, when we talk about cliffs overlooking the sea, we often refer to the cliffs of Dover, on the right side of the English territory. In fact, not far away are the beautiful and majestic Seven Sisters. It should be noted, among other things, that often in the films they act as a double to those of Dover as they are whiter and therefore more “photogenic”.

I recommend you to visit the Seven Sisters which are located a short distance from the eccentric city of Brighton and are, in fact, seven chalk cliffs that occupy an area of ​​280 hectares, cliffs overlooking the sea. You immerse yourself in a place where nature shows all its strength, a fascinating place where the wind is king in a landscape that cannot be greener.

But where are the Seven Sisters located?

The Seven Sisters are on the south coast of English territory, are included in the coastal territory that goes from the city of Seaford to that of Eastbourne. They are in the East Sussex territory within the South Downs National Park and the cliffs make up the Seven Sisters Country Park (here the site) which, in addition to self-taught tourists, is often the destination of companies of Brighton school children or even simple day trips of people arriving from London.


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How to reach the Seven Sisters Country Park?

It is very very simple.

If you are in the middle of an English ontheroad and are out and about in your nice right-hand drive car, well you just have to follow the road out of Brighton east (looking at the map) and follow the coastal road. As soon as you pass Seaford you will find the signs for the Seven Sisters Country Park car park. Please note that parking is subject to charges.

If you are gods instead travelers from London or you are already visiting Brighton I still recommend you to take the double bus to Brighton which then takes you directly to the Seven Sisters Country Park stop.

The lines you can take are: 12 - 12A - 12X - 13X

Consiglio: take the 13X as it is the fastest.

They are all double-decker buses and are called Coaster Buses precisely because they make the coastal route. Being two floors, they have the characteristic of enjoying incredible views during the journey. They are panoramic buses; get on the second floor and enjoy the ride.

You can buy bus tickets to the Seven Sisters directly on board but you will spend more. It is better to buy them at the “One Stop Travel” ticket offices or in any “Off License”, to put it another way: our tobacconist's.

Il price for a day ticket which is valid on all Brighton buses is equal to 7 £ if purchased on the bus, while 4.7 £ if purchased "on the ground". In addition to being valid for both the outward and return journeys from Brighton, it is valid for the whole day on all buses except the 700 which is a line that connects more distant towns subject to different rates.

What is the period and the best clothing to go there?

Obviously the best time is that of the beautiful season, that is spring and summer. Even during the other seasons it is possible to go there but especially if you go in winter pay attention to the cold and constant wind. In fact, you will notice when you go there, the wind never subsides and it is better to bring some clothing that protects you from the wind. In any case, the recommended clothing is the classic "onion dressing" also because walking on the slopes gets a bit hot.

Separate chapter concerns the boots? I went to the Seven Sisters twice and on both occasions I needed some simple sneakers. I usually use the Salomon Speedcross 3 , for me they are unbeatable! However, it all depends on the weather conditions that have occurred in the previous days. So also consider the possibility of having to equip yourself with any boots if the weather has not been magnanimous.

How to visit the Seven Sisters?

Once you arrive at the parking lot you find yourself in front of a small gate which leads to the first path. Before you start walking, if you need a toilet just go across the street. Here you will find a pub, an information point and finally the much desired bathrooms. If you are a biker you can also ask about the "rent a bike“, I know that there is also this service but I won't tell you either prices or methods.

Once you enter the gate you will find yourself in front of a board with all the routes present inside the Seven Sisters Country Park. They are many and with different characteristics and degrees of difficulty.

Let's understand: they are not climbed, they are simply more or less steep slopes.

The most fascinating itinerary to enjoy the Seven Sisters is the one that passes from the beach which however has the drawback of having to take a very challenging path to reach the top of the first cliff. Not bad, if you are trained, what is the problem.

If you do not choose the path to the beach, at the junction between the two paths, follow the left and you will find a more gradual climb that takes you to the top of the first of the beautiful cliffs between quintalates of “boase”. For the record, the "boase" in Brescia dialect are the "cow shit".

Depending on the route you have chosen, it will take from 40 to 60 minutes to reach the top of the first of the Seven Sisters. Then you can choose whether to continue following the path and, if time permits, reach even EastBourne rather than going back from the previous path.

Once you get to the top you will realize how small we are compared to what nature is and what nature is able to do. If you look towards the beach side, you can see the bunkers where British soldiers hid during the Second World War.

The cliffs are a really exciting place and the temptation to take some particular shots is strong but I recommend being as cautious as possible because the cliffs are very dangerous.

I advise you never to get too close to the edge of the cliffs. The wind is always present, it blows very strongly and you run the risk of being unbalanced. Furthermore, the cliffs being made of chalk are very friable. I rather invite you to organize yourself in order to have a nice picnic outdoors as many do.

Last tip: if you really want to know what is the best time to visit the Seven Sisters, I tell you that in front of the last of the cliffs, Beachy Head, in August they do an event called Eastbourne AirShow linked to fans of vintage aircraft. Watching the planes dart off the cliff must be a unique emotion. You can see it from this video. On the website ofEastbourne AirShow you can find updated information on when the next festival will be.

In conclusion: if you are in Brighton or London and want to take a day trip this is the right place. Provided that there are acceptable weather conditions you will find yourself in a great beautiful place full of history and charm.

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