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Little advice if you want to discover Seville at its best: - find a series of experiences to do in Seville that you can already book online, including one cruise on the Guadalquivir! You can choose between a cheap cruise or one on the yacht !

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Where to sleep in Seville?

I have been three times in Seville and I have always enjoyed myself in every hotel I have been to. The best? There Abadia de Giralda in the heart of the Barrio, perfect location because there are numerous tapas bars within a 2-minute walk. At a distance of another 2 minutes you are at the Cathedral and adding another 1 you are at the Alc√°zar, better than this you can not do.

I found myself very well also atHostal Arias . Its position is very interesting. This hotel is also in the center and is located exactly behind the Alc√°zar. A great location for walking around the city.

Caution: precisely because I have visited Seville 3 times, I wrote an article on where to sleep in Seville, it will be very useful -> Where to sleep in Seville? Recommended neighborhoods

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Seville, what to visit in two days - day 1

Let's start with a must, one of those things that if you go back without having seen it, you have to buy a new plane ticket right away!

Plaza d'Espa√Īa

La queen of Seville and she. Plaza d'Espa√Īa must necessarily be placed at first place of the ranking of things to see in Seville. There is no doubt, you have to see it in the morning, at sunset, in the evening, at night, in short, as many times as you can because I consider it a magical square. It is strange to think that a square of this kind is relatively recent.

Plaza d'Espa√Īa is one of the most interesting and most photographed places in Seville. Was built in 1929 for the universal exhibition that was held in the city. The characteristic semi-circular shape means theembrace of Spain to the new colonies. If you walk along it, you will notice that they are along the entire semicircle 48 niches with the possibility of sitting. Each of them represents a province of spain.

The square embraces another square, namely the Piazza delle Americiche.

Be careful if you want to visit Plaza d'Espa√Īa the evening. The Parque Maria Luisa where it was built closes at 22.00pm.

Seville Cathedral with the Giralda

Among the things to see in Seville there are undoubtedly the Seville Cathedral e the Giralda, its bell tower.

Before reading this piece of article on the Cathedral of Seville, you might want to consider doing the "triptych" by purchasing -> this tour of all three attractions

The history of the cathedral is somewhat peculiar. No.axes like mosque and later became a church thanks to the Christian reconquest. Due to the decaying state, the church was demolished in the early 1400s. In retrospect, the present cathedral was built.

The peculiarity of the Seville Cathedral is that the exterior traces the structure of the ancient mosque, while the interior is typical of that of a basilica. This cathedral is recognized as the largest in the world in terms of volume, it is the greatest expression of the Gothic style. In size it is the largest in Spain, but third in the world. It must be emphasized that together with the Alcazar and the Archive of the Indios it has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even from the outside you can see how mammoth this building is and, above all, you can admire the Giralda that stands out above the whole city.

La Giralda is the former minaret transformed into a bell tower. You can climb to the top, the ticket price includes a visit to the Giralda. You will have to go through 34 small ramps that will take you to the top from which you can see all the beauty of Seville. In sequence, you will see the Alc√°zar, the gardens of the Alcazar e the upper part of the Plaza d'Espa√Īa.

Before leaving the Cathedral, when you are in the Patio del Los Naranjos, I recommend that you stop and look at the Giralda from this position, it is truly beautiful.

I also reveal an anecdote about the Giralda: a law requires that all buildings that are built in Seville must be lower than the Giralda. If you go up the Giralda, you will therefore have a 360 degree view of the city without anything obstructing the view.

Pay close attention: I already talked about it in the post related to 10 curiosities of Seville. At the exit of the cathedral there are almost always gypsies who try to put a twig in your hand with the excuse that it is free. Immediately after giving it to you, they claim to read your hand. Once the "reading" is finished, they require a minimum of 5 for the service, although not required. Don't be fooled by these characters who only risk skewing the reputation and perception of a city.

Entrance costs to the Cathedral (2017 prices): Adults 9 euros, pensioners and students up to 25 years 4 euros. Free for the disabled and for children under 14 years of age.

If you want to skip the line and also have the audio guide included always spending 9 euros I recommend you buy the ticket for the cathedral at this link. or even -> the guided tour of the cathedral .

Timetable (2017): Sunday from 14.30 to 18.00, Monday from 11 to 15.30 and from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 17.00

The Alc√°zar of Seville and its gardens

Also 'Quarterdeck climbs on the podium of the ranking on what to see in Seville!

It is the Royal Palace. Throughout its history it has been expanded several times to what it is now. L'Alcazar was in fact wanted by the Moors. Later it was used by several other important families following the various conquests that took place in the city. For this reason it is located in the Alc√°zar of Seville a harmony of different styles due to the changes that each sovereign made.

The interiors have some gorgeous decorations, I invite you to rent an audio guide to better understand its history. Once you have visited the interior you can access the giant gardens of the Alc√°zar.

They are really huge and it is a pleasure to walk inside them.

During these days of cultural visits, you can even take a two-minute break, right? With the Seville sun these gardens make you absolutely relax, just sit on a bench and enjoy some sun surrounded by history. If you want to have fun, inside the Alc√°zar gardens there is also a labyrinth.

The entrance to the Alc√°zar is equal to 9,5 ‚ā¨ for adults.

My advice is to take action and book your skip-the-line entrance ticket online, this way you will save yourself the queue. Indeed, who buys the ticket online enjoys one Bus Lane without tail.

Entrance fees to the Alc√°zar of Seville (2017 prices):  Adults 9,5 euros, pensioners and students aged 17 to 25 pay 2 euros. Free for the disabled and for children under 16 years old.

Timetable (2017): the Alc√°zar is open from Monday to Sunday and observes seasonal opening hours, from October to March from 9.30 to 17.00 and from April to September from 9.30 to 19.00.

You want to discover the Alcazar with a guided tour for only ‚ā¨ 29 -> buy the ticket here

Seville, what to visit in two days - day 2

On the second day I advise you to experience Seville to the fullest by losing yourself in its alleys, in the barrio, finally remaining completely entranced in front of a flamenco performance.

Torre dell'Oro

The Torre del Oro looks like a little anonymous, but it is certainly one of the Sevillian places of interest. In fact, it once was a watchtower. It is said to have a coating of gold tiles, hence the name "gold". Now it houses the Maritime Museum of Seville.

I suggest you to climb to the top, from here you will have a beautiful view of the city where, quite distinct, you will notice the Giralda that stands out on all other buildings.

Another curiosity about the Torre dell'Oro: once there was a chain that started from the tower and crossed the entire river, a chain that no one knows where it ended.

The Barrio de Santa Cruz and the whole historic center of Seville

This neighborhood is near the Alc√°zar, this is the old Jewish ghetto, the juderia.

It is the most characteristic district of Seville (find out here -> The other districts of Seville). IS a maze of narrow streets, small and very picturesque, and several tree-lined squares with many tapas bars. The most characteristic and the one from which the whole barrio takes its name is Plaza de Santa Cruz.

Archive of the Indias

Located next to the cathedral, it's free and it contains all the commercial negotiations that took place with the Americas. There are also numerous photographs as a testimony.

Metropol Parasol

This building located in Plaza de la Encarnacion it is very particular, so particular that the Sevillians do not see it in good taste. This is the largest wooden building in the world. Its shape resembles a mushroom; if you want you have the opportunity to go up to the terrace and enjoy a very interesting overview of the city.

Museum of the Baile Flamenco de Seville

I have already talked about my experience with Flamenco in Seville in the post that I linked to at the beginning of this article. I can only include it in the list of things to do in Seville. To understand Spanish culture well, you have to go through all its traditions. The flamenco in the Andalusian tradition it is fundamental.

I have finished the list of things to see in Seville, but I have not yet told you what the recommended sequence would be.

Since the two days must be optimized in the best possible way, I would dedicate the first of the 2 days discovering the historic center, while The second one I would dedicate it to those structures that are not quite so close to each other.

First tip: if you want to experience and feel the warmth of Seville, you have to try -> the tapas and flamenco tour -> the Andalusian essence!

Second dispassionate advice: Seville has also opened up a lot to the world of bicycles, for some years now there have been -> bike tour to discover the city

Having said that I recommend:

  • 1 day: Cathedral - Alc√°zar - Plaza de Espana - Plaza of the Americas
  • 2 day: Barrio of Santa Cruz - Archive of the Indias - Torre dell'Oro - Metropol Parasol - Museo del Baile Flamenco with show

If you follow this itinerary you will be able to do everything in the two days set. Read the post "Seville: 10 curiosities and tips to know"Which I linked to at the beginning of the post. I will reveal to you some peculiarities of Seville that I discovered on my trip to Spain.

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