Sleeping in Assisi: the best hotels and B & Bs where to stay for visiting the city

There are many tourists and pilgrims who visit Assisi every day. This small and historic medieval town, located on a hill in Umbria, has an incredible and rich artistic, historical and cultural heritage which to be visited requires at least two or three days. Therefore, it is important to choose the righthotel or B&B where to stay and sleep in Assisi.

Assisi is one of the main tourist destinations in Italy e UNESCO World Heritage Site, but above all one of the most important religious and pilgrimage places in the world to be the place where they were born, lived and died San Francesco d'Assisi (patron saint of Italy) and Santa Chiara.

The city of Assisi can be considered one of the first tourist in the world. It has been a pilgrimage destination for several centuries, precisely since the three great basilicas were built: that of San Francisco, that of Santa Clara (both in the XNUMXth century) and that of Santa Maria degli Angeli, in the city center (in the XNUMXth century) .

Any time of the year it is a good time to visit this wonderful city that you can reach easily by car, train and even by bus. It is only necessary to organize the trip, book accommodation and then you too can admire this immense artistic, historical and architectural heritage.

Where to sleep in Assisi

La the most convenient area to stay in Assisi is within the historic city walls, as it allows you to stroll around the city until late, or early in the morning, and to appreciate even better the unique atmosphere of the historic center with its picturesque streets and medieval alleys.

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To help you in your choice we have selected the best B & Bs and hotels where to sleep in Assisi.

The best hotels in Assisi

Hotel Dei Priori - one of the best choices ever to sleep in the historic center. Many rates include, in addition to breakfast, also dinner, for those who want half board.

Hotel Lieto Soggiorno - in the historic center, perfect for couples and romantic trips. One of the best choices for quality / price ratio.

Hotel Il Palazzo - this beautiful 3 star hotel is one of the best places to stay for a family with children.

Giotto Hotel & Spa - a 4-star hotel with Spa, for those seeking well-being, relaxation and wanting to stay in a good location.

Hotel Sorella Luna - a wonderful 3-star hotel a few steps from the Basilica of San Francesco and the historic center.

Hotel Minerva - one of the hotels in Assisi with the best reviews, a good choice where to stay for everyone.

Assisi Garden - very convenient if you arrive by car, free car parking is also available. Dogs and small pets are accepted.

Hotel Berti - the location of this hotel makes it perfect for those arriving by bus as it is located near the bus station, the basilica and the historic center.

Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum - the only 5 star hotel in Assisi. For those looking for top-level services and a fabulous stay in this wonderful area of ​​Umbria.

Hotel San Rufino - a very nice hotel in the historic center, an excellent choice for everyone, also for the good quality / price ratio

Hotel Cenacolo - this 4-star hotel is the best choice if you want to stay in the hamlet of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Hotel Da Angelo - perfect for those who want to spend a short or long vacation in the area. Very convenient if you arrive by car, there is a free car park and a nice swimming pool for everyone's enjoyment.

Hotel Moderno - very convenient if you arrive in Assisi by train. Dogs and small pets are accepted.

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The best B & Bs in Assisi

B&B Il Chiostro Assisi - good quality / price ratio

Dreams of Assisi - one of the cheapest B & Bs

B&B Villa Sophie - perfect for couples for romantic stays

Suites Le Dimore di San Francesco - the most exclusive B&B

Residence La Corte Assisi - in the very heart of the historic center

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Cheap accommodation and hotels in Assisi

If you are looking for budget accommodation definitely hotels outside the walls are cheaperand they almost always include free car parking. The best area for not spending a lot on accommodation in Assisi is here fraction of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

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Tourist apartments and holiday homes

We have not included the tourist apartments and holiday homes among the best accommodation facilities in Assisi because, given that the stay is short-term, there is no reason or convenience in choosing these structures.

Anyway, if you like stay in tourist apartments and holiday homes in Assisi, below you will find the buttons to search.

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Visit Assisi

Assisi, named UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a city with an incredible and rich artistic, historical and cultural heritage, with magnificent architectural (Basilica of San Francesco, ...) and artistic (frescoes by Cimabue, Giotto, ...) treasures of incredible historical value.

Il Old Town of the city, in perfect condition, still retains its medieval atmosphere and it is the most beautiful and fascinating area to visit, as well as the one with more monuments and places to see, while the two churches of San Francesco and Santa Chiara are undoubtedly the most visited places in Assisi.

The city is quite small and it can be easily visited on foot. However, it is advisable to start the visit from the upper part of the city (which is the oldest part), so that you can enjoy the city going down the hill.

What to see in Assisi

Basilica of San Francisco of Assisi

The Basilica of San Francisco d'Assisi, divided into the upper church and the lower church (both in Gothic style), is certainly the most important monument in Umbria. This historic religious building houses the relics of St. Francis in the underground crypt and various important frescoes by Cimabue, Giotto, Cavallini and Pisano, among the most beautiful medieval frescoes in the world.

Basilica of Santa Chiara

The Basilica of Santa Chiara is another splendid Gothic monument that houses the relics of Santa Chiara and the authentic Crucifix of San Damiano which, according to tradition, spoke to San Francesco and indicated his vocation. The basilica stands on what used to be the Church of San Giorgio, where St. Francis was initially buried.

Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli

The Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, located in the new city, is a large Baroque church built around the chapel of the Porziuncola, the holiest of the Franciscan buildings. The cloister of the basilica still preserves the cells inhabited by the first monks, the cell where St. Francis died and the garden in which he meditated, where there is a thornless rose which, according to legend, lost its thorns so as not to injure the saint.

Cathedral of San Rufino

Cathedral of San Rufino, dedicated to the homonymous saint, is the main place of Catholic worship in the city of Assisi. Both the interiors and the exteriors feature beautiful Romanesque-Gothic architecture. It probably has the most beautiful facade of all the churches in the city. Inside is the baptismal font where, according to tradition, San Francesco and Santa Chiara were baptized.

Town Hall Square

Piazza del Comune is the main square of Assisi and the most visited also for its medieval aspect. Among the most famous buildings and monuments: the sixteenth-century "Fountain of the three lions", the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, the Palazzo dei Priori and the Temple of Minerva, transformed in the sixteenth century into the church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, with its bell tower called “Torre del Popolo” and with the interiors renovated and redecorated in Baroque style.

Diocesan Museum and Crypt of San Rufino

The Diocesan Museum and Crypt of San Rufino is a museum located in the basement of the Cathedral of San Rufino and the Palazzo dei Canonici. The museum houses an important collection of archaeological finds and medieval, Renaissance and Baroque art, as well as a historical archive.

Rocca Maggiore

The Rocca Maggiore is a medieval fortress on top of a hill that has dominated the city for more than eight hundred years. Located at 500 meters above sea level, it can be reached on foot through the Perlici gate. Inside it houses a small museum and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

When to visit Assisi

Any time of year is a good time to visit this wonderful city. Spring and autumn are the best times: temperatures are almost always pleasant, there are not as many tourists as in summer, hotels offer good rates and offers, and entry to basilicas, monuments and museums is much more easy.

Assisi Umbria, Stock Photo

How to get to Assisi

Reaching Assisi is quite simple, being located in a central position with respect to Italy. The car is the best way to get to Assisi, but the train, bus or plane can also be a good alternative choice.

By car

The car is certainly the most comfortable way to reach Assisi. From Perugia, it is necessary to take the SR 147 for about 20 km. In general, however, it is advisable to take the SS75 (Perugia - Foligno) and take the Assisi - SM degli Angeli Sud exit or Assisi / Viole.

By train

Assisi is located on the Perugia - Foligno railway line. The railway station is located in Santa Maria degli Angeli, a fraction of Assisi, about 3 km from the historic center. From the station it is possible to reach the historic center by public bus line C or by taxi.

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By bus

The bus can be a good alternative to the train, as there are various bus companies that make direct connections from various Italian cities to the historic Umbrian city. FlixBus has direct connections for example with Florence (travel time 2:30 hours), Rome (3 hours), Pescara (3:40 hours), Naples (6 hours), Milan (6:45 hours) and Bari (7:45 hours).

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By plane

The nearest airport is the “San Francesco d'Assisi” airport of Perugia, which is about 15 km from the center of Assisi. You can reach Assisi with the bus lines E007 or E422, by taxi or by renting a car. If you use the airports of Pisa, Ancora, Florence and Rome, car rental is the best choice.

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