The best areas to stay and sleep in Valencia

If your next trip or holiday is in the beautiful city of Valencia, here is a short guide to the best neighborhoods and most interesting areas to sleep in, as well as useful tips on the best and cheapest accommodations.

Valencia is located on the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the third largest city in Spain and one of the most touristic in the country, as well as being one of the most historic Spanish cities. A stay in this corner of Spain is always pleasant at any time of the year.

The city of Valencia is one of the Spanish cities most visited by the Spaniards, for the beauty of the city, for its exquisite cuisine, for its wide beaches, for the monuments, for the attractions and for the lively nightlife, but also for the ease and comfort in reaching it.

Valencia is connected every day by numerous flights, many operated by low cost airlines. Very often in the low season it is easy to find flights for 10 or 20 euros each way. In addition, Valencia has a good public transport network which makes it a pleasant and convenient destination to visit.

Valencia is internationally famous for being the cradle of paella and for hosting some important attractions such as the City of Arts and Sciences, which includes futuristic structures including a planetarium, an interactive museum and an oceanarium, a set of large aquariums and tanks. dedicated to the oceans and the creatures that populate them.

Where to sleep in Valencia

Valencia has become in recent years one of the most sought-after cities for tourism in Spain. The best area to stay in Valencia is certainly close to the historic center, but other areas can be good too, depending on the reason for your holiday or trip.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Valencia, the historic city center, which corresponds to the Ciutat Vella area, is the best area to stay and sleep. It is in this area that many of the monuments and unmissable places to see during a trip or holiday in the city are concentrated.

Valencia and its historic center have a fascinating mix of old and new buildings, making it a very special city. From castles and medieval, modernist and art deco architecture, cute little shops or large shopping centers, Valencia has everything to have a pleasant stay.

Old City

La Ciutat Vella, the historic center of Valencia, is undoubtedly the most beautiful neighborhood in the city. The historic center is also the best area to sleep in Valencia. The area is full of shops, restaurants, bars and discos with a lively and interesting nightlife.

Ciutat Vella is divided into six districts: La Seu, La Xerea, El Carmen, El Pilar, El Mercat and Sant Francesc. As in most European cities, the center of Valencia is where the main monuments and tourist attractions of the city are concentrated, such as the Cathedral, the Lonja de la Seda or the Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados.

Check availability and rates for accommodation in the Ciutat Vella area


Maritime Villages

The Poblats Marítims district includes the neighborhoods of Cabanyal-Canyamelar, El Grau, Nazaret, Beteró and Malvarrosa. Poblats Marítims is home to the city's main urban beaches, such as La Malvarrosa, Las Arenas and Cabanyal. All these make the area the best place to stay in Valencia for sun and beach holidays.

Check availability and rates for accommodation in the Poblats Marítims area


City of Arts and Sciences

Another interesting area to sleep in Valencia is around the City of Arts and Sciences. This large complex of buildings designed by Santiago Calatrava, located on the banks where the Turia River once flowed, is Valencia's main attraction. This area is well connected by public transport to the city center.

Check availability and rates for accommodation in the City of Arts and Sciences area


Budget accommodation in Valencia

As in other large European cities, housing in the center is more expensive, while the cheapest housing is in the suburbs. However, we want to present a list of cheap hotels, hostels, B & Bs and apartments both in the center of Valencia and in other areas.

On the other hand, saving on accommodation during a holiday does not always equate to global savings. Therefore, we advise not to pay much attention to the price, but more to the location, in order to avoid long journeys, which would increase transport costs and reduce the time available for visiting the city or for the holiday.

The best budget accommodation in Valencia

RoomTuristValencia North Station

Pension El Rincon


Adrian’s House

Mati House

Homestay Double Room

Hotel Beleret

RoomTuristValencia - Ruzafa 

When to go

Valencia is a city to visit all year round. You can go for a weekend, during a bank holiday in the winter or for several days in the spring, summer and fall. The options are plentiful and there is always something interesting to do in the city.

Surely the minimum stay to visit Valencia is 2 days, although a period of 3 or 4 days is preferable. Spring and autumn have mild temperatures with many beautiful days, an ideal situation for visiting the city. While for those who are also interested in the sea and the beach of Valencia, the summer is better.

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