The Best Beaches of Lanzarote

We saw in the previous article, what to do in Lanzarote, how much such a small island has to offer in terms of naturalistic and artistic attractions. We also mentioned its wonderful beaches and its clear and crystalline waters.

In this article we will see just what are the best beaches in Lanzarote, from the wild coves of the Los Ajaches stream to the more touristy beaches of Puerto del Carmen, up to the nearby island of La Graciosa.

So if you too are planning a trip to Lanzarote and don't want to miss the most beautiful beaches on the island, you just have to read this article!

The Best Beaches of Lanzarote


Playa Dorada

Playa Dorada is certainly the most beautiful beach in the Playa Blanca area and is one of the best in Lanzarote.

It is a small white sand beach (imported) bathed by crystal clear and extremely clear waters.

The sea is always calm because the beach has artificial rocks that protect it, it is not too windy and is both free and equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas. The promenade along the seafront with a wide choice of shops and restaurants is also pleasant.

Playa Dorada is a must see. In general it is recommended for families with children and for anyone who wants to spend a day relaxing and diving into beautiful, even if a little cold, waters.

Flamingo Beach

Flamingo Beach is another small beach in the Playa Blanca residential complex, located near the main hotels. One part of the beach is free and another is equipped.

Playa Flamingo is particularly suitable for younger children as a barrier of rocks protects it from the waves and wind. On the other hand, the artificial intervention makes it less fascinating especially in comparison to the marvelous coves of the nearby Los Ajaches reserve.

It also turns out to be a bit too noisy and often crowded due to its small size.

Near the beach on the boulevard that runs along the ocean there are several restaurants, bars and shops.

Overall it is a nice beach with a clean sea even if not at the level of Playa Dorada.

Playa Blanca

Between Playa Dorada and Playa Flamingo, in the heart of the small town of Playa Blanca, is the beach of the same name. A very small portion of white sand with restaurants and characteristic shops behind it.


The Los Ajaches reserve is a protected area, a succession of beautiful unspoiled beaches. In addition to the very famous Papagayo Beach there are other beaches not to be missed, such as Playa Mujeres, El Pozo or Playa de La Cera.

It is possible to reach the park by car by paying a toll of € 3 and along a dirt road of 1 km to Playa Mujeres and about 4 km to Papagayo. The road is not asphalted but it is passable by any car, you don't need an off-road vehicle, just go slowly. I recommend entering the reserve via Playa Blanca and initially along a stretch of paved road that leads to the entrance to the protected area.

Alternatively, starting from Sandos Hotel Papagayo it is possible to reach the first beach you come across in about 15 minutes on foot via a scenic route: Playa Mujeres. From here through various paths you can visit the other coves.

There is also a taxi boat service that leaves from Playa Blanca and goes to Playa Papagayo.

Papagayo Beach

It is the most famous beach in Lanzarote, considered as one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. The scenery is spectacular, the beach seen from above is a real wonder, enclosed between large rocks and with transparent waters, fine golden sand and a few black pebbles that create a unique color contrast.

At the top of the cliff there is the only bar-restaurant in the park where you can eat something or drink a cold drink. The beach nestled between the cliffs is rather sheltered from the winds and protected from the ocean waves. It is a small cove and being so famous it is usually one of the most crowded. Precisely for this reason I recommend going there early in the morning when there are still few people and the scenery is more impressive, especially if you want to take some souvenir photos of this incredible place.

Cera Beach

Playa de la Cera is located immediately next to Playa Papagayo; to the right of the only refreshment point in the reserve you will find an easy path that takes you to this splendid beach in a few minutes. Less famous than nearby Papagayo, but no less beautiful, indeed it is wider and is characterized by white sand and waters of a crazy blue and transparent.

Due to its proximity to the Papagayo jewel, Playa de la Cera is also often very crowded and the same advice as above applies, arrive early in the morning and enjoy a few hours of peace and relaxation, immersing yourself in the crystal clear waters that lap this corner of paradise.

Brigade women

It is the largest beach in the nature reserve and the first one you come across when coming from Playa Blanca.

It is a splendid beach of fine sand with obviously crystal clear waters, ideal for every need, even for families with children thanks to the convenient access from the parking lot.

For snorkelers on the right of Playa Mujeres below the cliffs there is a good spot to swim and explore the seabed.

For the less lazy there are simple paths on the promontories that surround the beach and lead to panoramic points from where you can admire Playa Mujeres and the whole reserve from above.

There are no bars or restaurants, but a street vendor usually arrives in the afternoon from where you can buy cold drinks and something to eat.

In general it is a beach to see, less scenic than Playa Papagayo but wider and therefore less crowded.

Pozo Beach

Playa del Pozo is the least crowded of the Los Ajaches beaches. It can be reached both from the Playa Papagayo parking area and from the nearest Mujeres. The sea point is one of the most beautiful, the water is indescribably transparent.

In my opinion it is one of the best beaches in the area and perhaps on the whole island, very quiet and relaxing. It is particularly popular with naturism lovers, so if you are not too scandalized, I recommend that you do not miss Playa Pozo.


Playa Grande

Playa Grande is the immense beach of the tourist center of Puerto del Carmen, about one kilometer of golden sand. The beach is lined with the famous Las Playa Avenue, the promenade where you can stroll among pubs, restaurants and shops.

For those who decide to stay in Puerto del Carmen, Playa Grande is a good solution to relax when you don't want to go to other beaches. The coast offers both an equipped and a free area and the sea is clean even if not transparent and crystalline like that of the southern beaches.

Playa Chica

In addition to the central Playa Grande, in Puerto del Carmen there is a small beach known as Playa Chica, set among the rocks and therefore quite sheltered from the wind. The strength of Playa Chica is its seabed rich in fish, ideal for snorkelers and diving enthusiasts. It is no coincidence that there are several diving schools. I recommend going there early in the morning when the beach is empty and it is more pleasant to swim and admire the marine life.


Del Reducto Beach

Playa del Reducto is the beach of the capital Arrecife, it will not be the most beautiful on the island, but for being the city beach it is not so bad: fine sand, equipped and free area, never crowded, clean and calm sea. A pleasant walk along the seafront leading to the center of Arrecife between bars and restaurants. In general it is a nice, very clean beach and a good starting point to get around the island and see the other more famous beaches.

Playa Honda

Playa Honda is a pleasant and wide beach located near the airport and with a splendid seafront promenade behind it with a few bars and restaurants. It can also be reached on foot from Arrecife. The village is very nice with the typical white houses that are a real must in Lanzarote.

Playa Famara

Playa Famara is one of the most famous beaches in Lanzarote. For those who love bathing, however, it is not ideal, the beach is in fact often subject to strong winds and is the favorite destination for surfers and kite surfers.

If you are in the area, however, I recommend visiting it for the suggestive scenery in which it is inserted, between the dunes and surrounded by the mountains overlooking the Ocean, your Instagram profile will thank you!

Caleton Blanco Beach

Playa Caletòn Blanco is one of the wildest and most unspoiled beaches in Lanzarote. It is located in the north of the island and is subject to the phenomenon of the tides. Particularly early in the morning when the water is low and withdrawn for several meters. The chromatic contrast between the white sand, the black volcanic rocks and the turquoise waters is very beautiful.

On this beach there are small stone barriers that are used to shelter from the winds. Pay attention only to where you are positioned because the tides change quickly and the water could suddenly return, so do not leave your things unattended and too close to the sea.

La Graciosa

We conclude the article on the best beaches of Lanzarote with the nearby islet of La Graciosa. The only island in Europe that does not have paved roads. It can be reached with about 15 minutes by ferry from Orzola. You can get around on foot, by bicycle or with 4 × 4 taxis which are the only vehicles that can circulate. The beaches of La Graciosa are all wonderful, but those not to be missed are: Playa Francesca, Playa Montana Amarilla and Playa Las Conchas.

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