The shadow of the Teide projected on the sea, a unique spectacle in the world not to be missed

We want to show you a unique phenomenon, which can only be observed from the peaks of Tenerife: the shadow of the Teide at sunset or sunrise, the longest shadow cast on the sea.

Almost everyone knows that Teide is the highest mountain in Spain: it reaches 3.718 meters in altitude. It is a volcano located on the island of Tenerife, surrounded by an imposing caldera called "Cañadas del Teide". The landscape value of its environment is enormous, an environment that gave it the quality of a National Park in the 50s. In 2007 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is a place of great scientific interest due to the singularity of its geology and its ecology.

The shadow of Teide

Did you know that Mount Teide has the largest shadow in the world cast on the sea? The Teide volcano, or rather the whole Teide-Pico Viejo, rises lonely more or less in the geographical center of the island of Tenerife and is by far the highest area of ​​the Canary archipelago. This fact, together with its conical shape, offers the opportunity to observe the projection of an almost perfectly triangular shadow on the atmosphere and the ocean and above all to observe the largest shadow in the world projected on the sea. And its summit is the best place to enjoy this wonderful effect at dusk or dawn. Its shadow advances covering a large part of the sea and creates an area of ​​penumbra also on the other islands of the canary archipelago.

The best time to go there

The ascent to the Teide peak in the late afternoon allows you to escape the heat that prevails in the central hours of the day. In addition, during the night you can stay in the Altavista refuge (located more than 3.500 meters on the same side of the volcano) and get up early to climb to the top and enjoy the spectacle of the sunrise.

Why visit Tenerife

The island of eternal spring, Tenerife, has become a must for many people in winter. Its mild climate with an annual average of 23 ° C makes it an ideal refuge to escape bad weather. If you have decided to go to this volcanic island to sunbathe and relax on the beach, you have made an excellent choice considering its almost 400 km of coastline and its 70 golden or black beaches, but don't limit yourself to that alone.

48% of the territory of the island of Tenerife is a protected area with more than 800 species of endemic flora and fauna. On earth you discover the uniqueness of its landscapes and the beauty of its colonial cities. You will get to know its traditions, its history and its gastronomy, and you will be surprised by the peculiarity of its wines, honeys and cheeses. If you travel in February, you will have the great fortune to participate in the celebrations of its carnival, the second most important carnival in the world after that of Rio de Janeiro.

Teide National Park in Tenerife - Spain -

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