Visit the Atocha station in Madrid

Atocha station is the largest railway hub in Madrid and Spain, and one of the largest in the world. It could be said that these are several railway stations combined.

In fact, it includes the Ave, Renfe, Metro stations… In turn, it externally connects to the urban and interurban bus lines and taxis.

Since its last restoration, part of the interior of the station has been transformed into a cute tropical greenhouse. Having a coffee or waiting for the train is a wonderful feeling: it seems to be in the middle of a small forest where, in addition to the trees, you can also admire a decent colony of turtles.

Admission to Atocha station is free and is one of the main free attractions in the Spanish capital. It is certainly one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world and one of the most historic.

Madrid Atocha Station -

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