Visit the Todra Gorges in Morocco: how to get there and where to sleep

The Todra Gorges are a trench of gigantic rock faces that change color and cross the High Atlas Mountains, creating a magnificent sight.

Many travelers arriving in Morocco visit the Todra Gorges starting from the south of the 'Road of a Thousand Kasbahs'. It is a wonderful route for trekking lovers.

The mining town of Tinerhir is the base town and starting point for starting the visit of the Todra Gorges. It is advisable to book a hotel in Tinerhir in order to make departure and return easier.

The gorges offer stunning views and are easy to cross on foot. There are many places along the dirt road in good condition, which is in good condition, to stop for photos along the way.

Part of the spectacular scenery includes the opportunity to see how local Berbers live as nomads, but also how they stroll through the gorges on the backs of their donkeys and camels.

Along the way from Tinerhir to the gorges there are large passages of palm groves and Berber villages. If you decide to spend the night there, you can stay at the entrance to the gorges, right next to the three hundred meter high cliffs.

This option is particularly popular with climbers of the rock walls of the gorge and for lovers of trekking in general.

How to reach us

It is advisable to arrive in the city of Tinerhir and rely on expert guides or organized tours to visit the gorges.


For accommodation it is advisable to sleep in the city of Tinerhir and use it as a starting and return point for the excursion, or to stay at the entrance of the gorges.

Check availability and prices for accommodations in Tinerhir


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