What to do in Laos: the best activities and experiences

During a trip to Laos you will have the opportunity to try many new and interesting experiences, or practice one of the many healthy sports or outdoor activities.

Now let's see in detail what the best activities and experiences to do in Laos, this beautiful country in one of the most beautiful areas of Asia.

Activities to do in Laos


Make of mountain trekking in northern Laos it is one of the most popular activities. This often includes staying in the homes of minority tribe villages in the area.

The main base for practicing this sport is located in Luang Namtha. , where the two-day sporting event, the Ban Nalan Trail, also takes place.

The trekking route crosses the national protected area of Nam Ha, and it involves staying in Khmu villages. Other bases are Oudomxay, south of Luang Namtha, and Pakse in southern Laos.


Il kayaking on the river it can be organized and practiced in various places in Laos. More adventurous travelers can go kayaking on the Mekong between Luang Prabang and Vientiane.

River tubing

One of the most interesting attractions and activities to do, for those visiting this area of ​​Southeast Asia with backpackers, is to use the river tubing, inflatable donuts used to get carried away by the river.

One of the most popular traits for this activity is Nam Song and Vang Vieng, a stretch of river lined with bars, ziplines, water slides, loud music, buckets of local whiskey and unlimited Beerlao.

If you are more interested in enjoying the scenery, Si Phan Don, Nong Khiaw and Mung Ngoi are better suited. Anyway, in any case always wear a life jacket ed rely on local expert guides and organizers, which can also help you avoid dangers.

Rock climbing

The limestone karst formations in northern Laos they are ideal for rock climbing. Vang Vieng is the main climbing center, but ascents are also possible further north at Nong Khiaw and Mung Ngoi.

Experiences to do in Laos

River cruises

River cruises are one way to enjoy the Lao scenery. One of the best areas to do this experience is the lower Mekong area.


One of the most recommended experiences to do in Laos is to do the bath in a herbal sauna. Often these saunas are just a rickety bamboo shack with a stove and water pipe on one side. They usually are open only in the evening.

La procedure for carrying out the visit is the following:

  • come in and pay: typically the cost is around 10.000 kip (1 euro), plus around 40.000 kip (4 euro) for an optional massage after
  • enter the locker room, take off your clothes and wrap yourself in a sarong, which is usually provided
  • with the sarong on, go to the bathroom and wash with a bucket of water
  • dive into the sauna: it will be dark, warm and humid inside, with intense aromas of lemongrass herbs
  • you will soon begin to sweat profusely
  • when you are exhausted, come out of the sauna, have some tea
  • admire how the warm tropical climate of the day became cool and refreshing
  • if you want you can repeat the experience


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