What to see in Las Vegas: the main attractions

Largest city in Nevada, Las Vegas, is located in the desert surrounded by hills. The immense resort hotels that line the famous "Strip", with their twinkling lights, fountains and recreated locations, offer a fun and exciting retreat from the desert landscape.

Las Vegas is a great place to visit all year round; its winter temperatures are pleasant for sightseeing, and in summer, when temperatures can rise above 40 ° C, the hotel's pools become an important part of daytime activities.

The city can be overwhelming for any visitor who sees it for the first time or even the second time. There is so much to do and see in Las Vegas. You can spend 2 days sightseeing and not even see half of what this city has to offer.

Enjoy the walk on the Strip, the main avenue of the city where the most important hotels and casinos of Las Vegas overlook. Many of them attractions are free for everyone. You can discover the chaotic past of the city by visiting its unusual museums, or by going in search of theadventure just outside the city limits.

Planning ahead and putting together a to-do list is important. But what to see in Las Vegas? We offer you some of the most beautiful attractions this city has to offer.

What to see in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a relatively small city, very easy to visit. All the main attractions and symbols of the city are located along the two main roads. Las Vegas Strip it is one of the best known streets in the world and is the main attraction of the city. Strolling along the boulevard and seeing for yourself the spectacular and luxurious hotel-casinos is an incredible thrill.

The other attractions of the city just definitely the hotels. They are exaggerated structures, all with casinos and numerous attractions inside, to cheer and make the experience of their visitors and customers more fun and exciting.

Il Bellagio it is one of the most famous hotels in the city. The water shows that take place in the large pool, the lights and sounds of the outdoor fountains have been featured in various films including Ocean's Eleven. Inside there is the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, a splendid garden.

THEExcalibur Hotel and Casino it is considered one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Its main theme is based on the fairy tale of King Arthur, Camelot and the fantasy world of the Middle Ages. If you like roller coasters, theNew York-New York Hotel & Casino will do for you. Outside there is a large roller coaster, while the structure is reminiscent of the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

What to see in Las Vegas - The Venetian - Image from Pixabay

The Venetian is one of the most spectacular hotels in the city, a large external canal surrounds the hotel and it is also possible to take a gondola ride as a Venezia. The streets around the hotel are very special and pretty Paris las vegas and its facades and interior furnishings are inspired by the French capital.

The Strip, Las Vegas – Nevada, USA – Photo by Pixabay

For strong emotions, the casino hotel is definitely not to be missed Stratosphere Las Vegas. On the top of the tower there is a small "amusement park" with various attractions including a small roller coaster, and a platform for bungee jumping.

Circus Circus Las Vegas is one of the symbol hotels of the city, the entrance simulates that of a circus. Even the inside with circus theming and is owned by the multinational gambling company MGM Mirage.

Absolutely not to be missed at night is Fremont Street, located in the north of the city. In the area known as Fremont street experience, you can enjoy a unique audiovisual show, the Viva Vision.

Another thing in our opinion not to be missed is The neon museum which houses the historic neon signs of the city's casinos and hotels.

What to do in Las Vegas

The main attractions and activities to do in Las Vegas it is located in, around or above these gigantic resorts with over 5 rooms. Inside there are "amusement parks" with roller coasters and various attractions, as well as slot machines and casinos.

If one goes to Vegas one cannot miss the pleasure of a bet at the casino, maybe a few spins at the green table and a few coins in one of the many slot machines to try your luck. The important thing is to understand that it is a game and you do not enter to win, but only to experience the pleasure of the game.

For those who love strong emotions, the climb is not to be missed on the Stratosphere Hotel tower. At the top are various attractions, including the Big Shot, the highest attraction in the world. The most famous and impressive roller coaster in the city is located in the Hotel New York

Other Las Vegas attractions present in the other hotels are, for example, the shark aquarium of the Mandalay Hotel, the volcano of the Mirage Hotel, the various attractions of the Hotel Circus Circus, or the wildlife, including real lions of the 'Hotel Tropicana.

A ride on the High Roller, the Ferris wheel of Las Vegas it is a must for those who do not want to miss the spectacle of the city view from above. Another good experience is the SlotZilla, a tower located in the 12-story Fremont Street Experience, from where you can experience a kind of "flight of the angel" from 2 different heights.

Attending one of the shows proposed by the various hotels is another experience not to be missed. Almost all the hotels offer shows of a certain level with famous artists of music, magic, ... The most important show in Las Vega is the one proposed by the Cirque del Sol.

The last and perhaps the most important is to take a picture below the word Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, symbol of the city.


If you want to sleep in one of these fantastic hotels similar to theme parks or amusement parks, you can do it without problems, the prices are quite cheap.

Discover the offers of hotels in Las Vegas


These huge casino hotels owe most of their income from gambling. Very often luxury rooms are sold to less than $ 50 per night. Don't miss the chance to enjoy the comfort, luxury and fun of one of these hotels.


The main excursion to take from Las Vegas is the visit the Grand Canyon. This can also be done by helicopter or plane, but even simply by car or bus it is always spectacular.


What to see in Las Vegas - Image from Pixabay

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