What to see in Scotland: main attractions

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Scotland, a land of legends, with a complex history and some of the most lush landscapes in the world, recalls the adventurous spirit of each of us. Scotland, colorful and gritty, boasts one surprising variety of attractions within a small area.

The landscapes of Scotland from the North Sea to the Irish Sea, from the Highlands to the Lowlands are extremely varied: green woods, windswept moors, deep lakes. It's easy to fall in love with the beautiful landscapes of this faraway corner of Britain.

Below is a list of the main tourist attractions in Scotland, which you shouldn't miss on your trip.

What to see in Scotland


Edinburgh, Scotland - Photo from Istock

It is the historical, cultural and political capital of Scotland. Home to kings, parliaments, writers, thinkers and bankers for nearly a thousand years, it remains Scotland's most sophisticated and entertaining city today. It is a place full of breathtaking views, nestled among the steep cliffs and dotted with a sharp skyline of spiers, towers, domes and bell towers.

Historic, monumental, fun and well organized, Edinburgh is a tourist's delight. Do not miss theEdinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest gathering of artists in the world.

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What to see in Scotland - Glasgow - Image from Pixabay

This is a fantastic Scottish destination. The city boasts world-renowned art collections, the best shops in the UK outside of London, and also some of the most vibrant and exciting nightlife in the country. You certainly won't be bored!

It is also a place of "pilgrimage" for architecture enthusiasts, thanks to an urban landscape full of Victorian facades, as well as beautiful new buildings.

Isle of Skye

What to see in Scotland - The Isle of Skye - Image from Pixabay

This island has unpredictable weather but also offers some of Scotland's best scenery, and manages to captivate all of its many visitors. With its misty Cuillin Mountain and rocky shores, Skye has few rivals among the country's islands for its sheer beauty.

Oban, Mull e Iona

For a taste of Scotland's west coast, head to the port city of Oban, a basket of Scottish traditions and one of Scotland's best distillery tours. In addition, the city is ideally located for visiting the Inner Hebrides.

Do not miss the large and robust Gauze and the uncontaminated Iona, where the clouds float over its historic abbey. bracket it is a grassy islet that is home to the famous basalt columns of the Fingal cave and inhabited only by seabirds.

The Scottish Highlands

Mountains of Scotland -

They are the mountainous region of Scotland, located north and west of the United Kingdom and covering two thirds of the north of the country. It, commonly described as one of the most beautiful and scenic regions of Europe, holds much of the most spectacular landscapes on the mainland.

You may be surprised how remote much of it still is. The vast bogs in the north, for example, are among the largest and most pristine natural areas in Europe, while a handful of isolated west coast villages can still only be reached by boat.

Loch Lomond

What to see in Scotland - Loch Lomond - Image from Pixabay

It is the largest inland freshwater expanse in Britain. It is a great holiday destination and ideal base for reaching Glasgow city, and exploring the beautiful rustic countryside. A perfect destination for people of all ages.


Located just about 27 miles north of Perth, off the A9 motorway towards Inverness, the Victorian city of Pitlochry offers many attractions despite its small size. There are two whiskey distilleries nearby, a castle, and of course, the Pitlochry Highland Games which, being one of the most famous events, draws thousands of tourists.


It is nicknamed the city of granite due to its many granite buildings. Great half for a trip if you are looking for a variety of events and festivals because it offers one lively music scene, a lively nightlife, as well as lots of shops and fresh fish.


This city is an ideal base for exploring east, north and central Scotland. Rich in architecture and history, Perth offers plenty of attractions, shops, restaurants and accommodations. It is also an excellent base from which to start some of the best distillery tours in the country.

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