When to go to Gran Canaria, Best Month, Weather, Climate, Time

When to go to Gran Canaria, Best Time of the year

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The island of Gran Canaria is perhaps the busiest of the Canary Islands . Tourists come here for the splendid beaches and sea in the south, the hiking in the central mountain ranges and the surfing in the waters of the southeast of the island: a mixture of different naturalistic environments concentrated on a small island in the middle of the ocean. The pleasant year-round climate also attracts many travelers to the island of Gran Canaria each year. To appreciate the island of Gran Canaria you cannot stop at the first beach but have to get into a vehicle and set sail to discover its historical and naturalistic beauties.

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Gran Canaria, Amadores Beach Gran Canaria, Roque Nublo Gran Canaria, windsurfing

So you can not miss the location Maspalomas with its Saharan sand dunes overlooking the sea and the ancient lighthouse, the rocky peaks of the central region near the town of Tejeda where you can explore caves and caverns enriched with cave paintings, discover the secrets of Bentayga Archaeological Park, you will find among the almost lunar rocky landscapes on the Roque Nublo. Also stop in Puerto de Mog脿n

the small Venice of the Canaries, a romantic corner where small bridges, flowering plants and tidy houses will allow you to glimpse an extreme harmony. Also in Gran Canaria is famous the Brazilian carnival, a big party to the rhythm of samba.


The climate of Gran Canaria is temperate throughout the year

with temperatures during the winter months of January and February during the day reaching 20 掳 C, while in the summer months of July and August reach an average of 28 掳 C, but on certain days even reach 40 掳 C. Minimum nighttime temperatures barely drop below 14-15掳C in the coldest months.

Gran Canaria is divided into two climatic zones, the north of the central mountain range and the south of it. The trade winds blowing from the northeast bring more abundant rainfall in the northern sector of the island from November to February, but with values never excessive (4-5 cm and 5 days of rain per month), while in the south rainfall is scarce. During the summer months from May to September it almost never rains

and the skies are always sunny.


temperature ranges from 20掳C in February to 25掳C in September, it is always a little cool for swimming in the sea.

The ideal period for a trip to the Canary Islands is from May to September

for beach-loving travelers, if not all year round for those who want to enjoy the pleasant spring temperatures during our winter and go out to discover the natural beauty of the island.

For more details on rainfall and average temperatures see the following data.

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