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When to go to St. Petersburg, Best Time to visit

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Knowing the temperatures in St. Petersburg before you leave will allow you to pack the necessary items to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Along with Moscow, it is the most visited city by tourists traveling to Russia. St. Petersburg overlooks the sea, precisely in the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea where the delta of the river that gave rise to a commercial port, the Neva, flows into it. Cradled and raised by Peter the Great, who from nothing turned it into one of the most flourishing cities and naval bases in Eastern Europe, it held the title of Capital of Russia for two centuries.

St. Petersburg, Kronshtadt St. Petersburg, Vasilievsky St. Petersburg, Golden Dome
St. Petersburg, Catherine Palace St. Petersburg, Peterhof Palace St. Petersburg, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

The city is endowed with an irresistible charm and a disarming artistic wealth. In all its splendor, St. Petersburg conquers its visitors by the multiplicity of places to discover. From the Hermitage to the Winter Palace, from the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood to the Cathedral of St. Nicholas of the Sea, from the Cathedral of St. Isaac to the Mariinsky Theater, not to mention the Peterhof Palace on the Baltic Sea with its wonderful gardens, a precious jewel of unique beauty. You will never tire of wanting to see more, because St. Petersburg has an extraordinary architectural heritage. It is no coincidence that its historic center is part of the Unesco World Heritage Site.
Remember also that the Hermitage and many other museums are closed on Mondays. For more information and to organize a do-it-yourself tour, there is a very interesting site on the web about "St. Petersburg".


But let's find out the climate and temperatures in St. Petersburg.
Russian winter is very cold and long... From November to March the temperatures are very cold and snow is present everywhere. If you want to visit the city during this period you will have to equip yourself with heavy clothing, which is not only what we use for our cold, but much more effective. The charm of these months is unique and attractive. Therefore, winter should not be excluded from a visit.
During the early spring, the melting of the snow could make it impractical and uncomfortable to move around the city.
From May, until September, is the ideal time to visit. This is both because St. Petersburg's temperatures become more acceptable, sometimes even too hot and humid during the summer, and because of the much longer days. If you manage to organize a trip, even if it is more expensive, during the month of June and July you can experience the extraordinary thrill of not seeing the sunset for 24 hours. The period of the so-called "white nights" fascinates everyone and is the most popular among tourists. The months of July and August are hot and humid, rains fall more frequently than in the other months of spring and autumn. We refer you to the following tables for St. Petersburg temperatures, with period averages and weather data.
The best months for a trip to St. Petersburg

are certainly May to September, not forgetting however that July and August are the wettest.

For more details on precipitation and average temperatures

see the following data.

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