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When to go to Zanzibar, Best time to visit

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Zanzibar is located off the coast of Tanzania to which it belongs and will offer you a beach vacation with beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.
Actually, Zanzibar is an archipelago consisting mainly of two main islands, Unguja and Pemba, and many other small islands. When you decide to take a trip to Zanzibar, the island of Unguja is actually proposed, where most of the tourism takes place. Pemba, on the other hand, is wild, not very touristic, expensive and without great lodging facilities. However, the beaches and coral reef are unspoiled and little exploited, the protected area of Ngezi in Pemba preserves a primary forest that houses a colony of giant bats: the fascinating flying fox.

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What awaits you in Zanzibar?

Besides swimming among the beauties of the coral reef, there are also other curiosities not to be missed on the main island of Zanzibar, such as the Jozani monkey forest and the spice plantations or the giant tortoises on Prison Island, an island not far off the west coast, in front of Stone Town.

Facing the waters northeast of Zanzibar, on the small island of Mnemba, you will find the most enchanting place to admire the coral reef, you can swim among the colorful fish or with the sociable sea turtles.

The tides will characterize your beach vacation in Zanzibar. During the day, specifically every six hours, a process of withdrawal of the waters from the coast of many meters takes place, thus discovering the wonders of the seabed. Sea urchins, starfish, etc. will be revealed in all their beauty.
During the equinoxes of March and September the phenomenon is much more pronounced, as well as during the full moon and new moon of each month. For some tourists this event may create some inconvenience, as swimming in the sea is less easy since it is necessary to walk a long way to find the ideal depth for swimming. For others, however, it is a unique moment to enjoy and take advantage of to admire the colors of the natural pools that form here and there, as a palette of blue spots with many shades.
On the east coast, where the seabed is lower, the difference between low tide and high tide is very marked and forms long strips of sand in the middle of the sea where you can walk along and across. In the northwest, however, the tides are less visible.

Check out this nice map from menevojoanna.it with all the things to see in Zanzibar.

When to go to Zanzibar to enjoy all this?


In Zanzibar as in Tanzania, the climate is tropical and there is not a large annual temperature range. Minimum temperatures range from 20 ° C in August to 24 ° C in April, while maximum temperatures range from 29 ° C to 32 ° C.The rainy seasonoccurs twice a year

. Between November and December in minor form with about 14-17 cm of rain per month and between late February and May with more intense values, which can exceed 32 cm in April. Winds in Zanzibar blow from the north in the months of November to March, while they blow from the south and southeast during the months of May to October, and are more intense between August and October with values hovering around 24 km/h. So try to prefer sheltered places in areas opposite to the direction of the winds.

The sea water is pleasant all year round in Zanzibar

, with temperatures ranging from 26 ° C during the day in August, up to 30 ° C in April.

What is the best time to go to Zanzibar? Considering the pleasant temperatures throughout the year, its winter months from June to October are the driest and the heat less aggressive, but if you want you can enjoy a vacation lying in the sun even during our winter, in the months of January. And February, with higher temperatures, close to 30 ° C, and little rainfall. Avoid altogether the months of March, April and May,

when heavy tropical rains break out.

For more details on rainfall and average temperatures

consult the following data.

Weather in progress

In this link you will find the weather forecast for the next days, before leaving check them to decide what to pack:3bmeteo / zanzibar



: there have been some criminal episodes (assaults and robberies).
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