Where to sleep in Dubrovnik: choose the best areas

The city of Dubrovnik is known as one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval cities in the world. Previously this city was called "the pearl of the Adriatic" for its uniqueness and beauty. Today it is an important tourist center in Croatia and is also considered one of the most romantic cities in the world.

For centuries, Dubrovnik has rivaled Venezia as a commercial port par excellence in the Mediterranean, with its huge and solid stone walls, built between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, which provided protection for this ancient city-state. Today, these walls still enclose the historic center of Dubrovnik.

Although badly damaged by an earthquake in 1667, Dubrovnik has managed to retain its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces and fountains that stand in its glittering marble squares. Most of the cobblestone streets and houses in the old town have remained unchanged for centuries.

Being the main tourist destination in Croatia, the city is usually very crowded in the high season, so you need to book in advance and choose the area to stay in Dubrovnik well to enjoy its charm and be close to its main attractions.

In Dubrovnik, most of the accommodations are tourist apartments. There are also many hotels and hostels, but the apartments are the most numerous, especially in the historic center.

Below is a guide with the best places to sleep in Dubrovnik.

The best areas to sleep in Dubrovnik

Cable car from Dubrovnik port - Photo from Istock

Dubrovnik is not very large, covering around 22 square kilometers and has a population of around 53.000. The city is well connected with its public bus network which has low prices and connects all the districts and points of interest in the city.

That said, it should be noted that during the summer season it welcomes tens of thousands of holidaymakers and finding accommodation in Dubrovnik can be difficult and expensive.

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The city center is where you will find the most variety of apartments and guesthouses. If you are looking hotel chains or resorts, the areas of Cavtat, Lapad, Ploce, Babin Kuk and Gruz have more variety of this type of accommodation. To find affordable prices, you need to book your room well in advance.

Old Town 

Dubronik Old Town - Image from Pixabay

Stari Grad means "Old Town" and is the historic center of Dubrovnik. The old town of Dubrovnik is the most popular area for tourists and is also known for being the home of the series Game of Thrones.

The Old Town is the easiest of the city districts to identify, because it is the area that lies within the famous Dubrovnik city walls.

As the name suggests, this is a 'area rich in history, and it is here that you will find the largest concentration of historical, architectural and cultural attractions in the entire city.

The historic center is certainly there best area to sleep in Dubrovnik. Staying here allows you to have all the tourist attractions within walking distance and to be in the middle of the most charming streets of the city. In addition, it is ideal for going out for dinner or for a drink in one of the many places that there are, and to return to the accommodation at any time.

In the old town most of the available accommodations are B&B or tourist apartments. You will find accommodation of all kinds but you will not find many hotels with good infrastructure. If what you are looking for is a hotel with a swimming pool, choose another neighborhood.

Keep in mind that the prices in this area are quite high However, if you are not on a tight budget, it is worth paying a little more to stay here.

Several buses depart from the outskirts of the Old Town, making it a good place to sleep in Dubrovnik. Be careful if you rent a car, because any type of vehicle is prohibited in the Old Town, including bicycles.

One of the drawbacks of the historic center is that there are many climbs and stairs, so it is not ideal for the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

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Recommended accommodations:

  • Rustic Guesthouse
  • Dubrovnik Boutique Apartments

Babin Kuk


If you want tranquility and are looking for a few days of relaxation combined with some sightseeing, Babin Kuk is the best option. It is located at the tip of the beautiful Lapad peninsula, just a 15-minute bus ride from Dubrovnik's old town.

In summer, the old town can be overwhelming with the crowds and the heat. A good solution is to disconnect at one of the Babin Kuk hotels and beaches.

This neighborhood is known for its green spaces where you can walk surrounded by a beautiful environment. It also has some nice beaches (and much less crowded than the ones in the center).

In Babin Kuk you will find many hotels and resorts. Mind you, it's not the cheapest area to stay in Dubrovnik. Most hotels cost more than € 100 a night, although you can find apartments for half the price.

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Recommended accommodations:

  • Rooms Franica
  • Tirena Sunny Hotel



Just west of the city and its historic center is the Lapad Peninsula. If you are looking for peace, luxury and quick access to the sea, this neighborhood is probably the best place to stay in Dubrovnik. It is indeed the most residential and chic corner of the city, without being devoid of animation.

Lapad is the ideal place to stay if you are more interested in enjoying the natural beauty of Dubrovnik and are hoping to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Above the beach, Lapad is home to a hilly and wooded area with exceptional views and with miles of hiking trails.

Most of the hotels here are luxurious and cater to a high-end clientele. Many of them have private access to the sea and their rooms offer breathtaking views of the Adriatic and the islands around Dubrovnik. However, Lapad's accommodation is still much cheaper than the options in the Old Town oa Ploče.

The main drawback is the distance from the old town. But to compensate for this and reach the historic center, hotels often offer shuttles to their customers. In addition, public transport facilitates access to the city. Buses are frequent and take only 15 minutes to reach the historic center.

To find gods cheaper prices it is better to choose apartments and guesthouses, while along the coast where there are several hotel chains and luxury hotels with swimming pools and sea views you will find higher prices.

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Recommended accommodations

  • Rooms and Apartment Nike
  • Lapad Hotel



This neighborhood is adjacent to the eastern city walls, within walking distance of the attractions of the historic center. You will enter the old town through the Vrata od Ploca, ie the “Gate of Ploče”, the eastern entrance to the medieval town.

Ploče is a desirable place to blend the two best things about Dubrovnik: coastal views and historic city charm. Here it is also found Banje, one of the best beaches in the city.

In this area there are several restaurants where you can go to eat, as well as bars and places to have a drink. It's not as busy a neighborhood as the Old Town, so you can relax if you decide to stay here.

In the low season, it is possible to find accommodation for around € 40 per night. In high season, things change, for less than € 80 per night it is difficult to find available accommodation in this neighborhood, just like the Old Town.

Another favorable point that could make you choose Ploče as an area to sleep in Dubrovnik is his proximity to the airport!

If you have decided to sleep here pay attention, however, to the exact location of your accommodation: the district of Ploče is located on the side of the mountain, if you stay high up you will have to do some nice climbs… or pay for a taxi!

In addition, the 'accommodation offer is lower than in other areas, so it is advisable to book in advance if you have chosen this area to sleep in Dubrovnik.

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Recommended accommodations

  • St. Lazarus Room
  • Ragusa City Walls Apartments
  • Villa Allure of Dubrovnik



Next to Lapad and Babin Kuk there is a very charming port district that many visitors choose for its proximity to the historic center and the beaches. Here is the most important port of Dubrovnik, where ships arrive from various parts of the Mediterranean Sea and ferries leave for neighboring islands.

It is a good neighborhood to get to know the local customs and daily life of the inhabitants of this Croatian city since the market takes place every day which offers fresh food and handicrafts.

Also the central bus station is located in Gruz and from here buses leave for any place in Dubrovnik.

If you are looking for accommodation to sleep in Dubrovnik and you are looking for a place that is perfectly connected to other areas, the Gruz district is what you need. Furthermore, at night it is a very quiet area, since there is not a lot of tourist concentration on its streets.

In the low season you can find very affordable accommodation, from € 30 per night in an apartment or from € 40 per hotel room on the coast. Of course, there are also luxury accommodations in this area, with higher prices. In high season prices double and reach € 80 per night.

  • Find a hotel in Gruz

Recommended accommodations

  • Apartments Miljas
  • Berkeley Hotel & Day Spa


Cavtat district is not the most popular with tourists visiting Dubrovnik, as it is located 20 kilometers from the capital, but it is the most suitable if you want to stay close to the airport, located 6 kilometers from Cavtat. It is a very quiet area, with fewer tourists than the old town and overlooking the sea.

If you want to have a contact with the local population and learn a little about their culture, Cavtat is the perfect place to stay. It has good beaches and a port that invites for long walks. Dubrovnik's Old Town can be reached by bus or boat from Cavtat.

The prices per night in Cavtat are around 70 € in high season, and even though it is far from the historic center there is awide range of accommodation. If you book in advance, you can get great prices.

In the low season, the prices drop to 30 - 40 € per night, making the stay in this area very convenient. Also, if you are planning to visit Montenegro, it is a good alternative to sleep in Dubrovnik, as the border with Montenegro is 22 km away by car.

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Recommended accommodations

  • Apartments Villa Lukas
  • Hotel Cavtat


  • Where to sleep in Dubrovnik to visit the historic heart

If the purpose of your visit to Dubrovnik is to explore the medieval city the best choice is to stay inside the walls, in a quiet area, slightly off the main thoroughfare.

  • Where to stay to enjoy the beaches

There is no direct access to the beaches from Dubrovnik's Old Town, so you'll have to stay outside the walls. If you have a "medium" budget, I recommend sleeping in the area of Plates, where you will find numerous outlets to the sea.

If you want to have fun, there are many small coves and access to the sea from Lapad e Babin-Kuk.

  • Where to sleep on a budget

If your priority is to spend little by staying in a separate apartment, I recommend that you stay in the neighborhood of Gruz (in the area near the center in any case). The neighborhood of Pile offers affordable accommodation.

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Porto di Dubrovnik – Photo by Pixabay

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