Where to sleep in Naples: the best and most comfortable areas to stay

NAPLES it is the third largest city in Italy, with about 1 million inhabitants, and it is the second largest city overlooking the Mediterranean, dopo Barcelona. Being such a big city, there are many neighborhoods and areas. Hence, the question "what are the best areas to sleep in Naples?"Is more than legitimate.

Its agglomeration has more than 4 million inhabitants on an area of ​​over 100 km², from the Gulf of Naples in the west to the slopes of Vesuvius in the east. Each area or zone is different from the others and has a particular character and soul. In this guide we will see both the best and most comfortable areas to sleep in to visit Naples, but also the most dangerous and to be avoided.

You can choose to sleep in Old Town, and immerse yourself in the true Neapolitan atmosphere, or enjoy the splendid view of the seafront. You may prefer the tranquility and exclusivity of the areas of Posillipo and Chiaia or stay close to the Central Station of Naples to move easily. Obviously the budget for staying in each of these areas is different.

Best areas to sleep in Naples

Accommodation in Naples, in general, it is cheap compared to other large Italian cities. The first reason is that, of its nearly 4.000 accommodations, 2.800 are apartments, bed & breakfasts and hostels. The second reason is that Naples, like other cities in southern Italy, is a low-cost city, unlike cities in northern Italy, such as Milan o Venezia.

One of the best areas to sleep in Naples, Campania - Photo from Istock

Spaccanapoli: the historic center

World Heritage Site since 1995, Spaccanapoli is one of the largest historical centers in Europe. It is located north of the great port of the city and preserves the urban layout created two thousand years ago. Via Spaccanapoli divides the center into two parts: Pizzofalcone, the first Greek settlement, and Decumano or new city created by the Romans.

There are more than 300 churches preserved in the historic center of Naples. Among the many stand out the Cathedral of San Gennaro, the Basilica of Giovanni Maggiore and that of Santa Clara. Don't miss the archaeological Museum which houses one of the largest collections of Greek and Roman antiquities in the world.

Other destinations not to be missed are the buildings of the Middle Ages, in the southwestern area of ​​the historic center and facing the port like the Castel Nuovo, or the Basilica of San Domenico Maggiore, Royal Palace and Teatro San Carlo of the Aragonese period.

Furthermore, even if administratively it is not part of the historic center, the area of Spanish Neighborhoods, to the west, it is worth a visit for the special atmosphere that reigns in its streets. The neighborhood is distinguished by a large commercial activity and for its shops, in particular in Via Toledo.

Among the various attractions and things to see that this district offers we find the Naples underground, a vast network of 80 kilometers of cavities and underground tunnels dug by man in the volcanic tuff.

The historic center is a great place where to shop. Undoubtedly, the most interesting place is the great Galleria Umberto, or streets like Via Mezzocannone, Benedetto Croce or San Biagio dei Librai, more oriented towards sale of souvenirs.

Although the accommodations in the historic center are among the most expensive in the city, they offer a very convenient central location for visiting the city and its main attractions. Surely Spaccanapoli is one of the best areas to sleep in Naples.

Le accommodation rates, although they are higher than other areas of the city, they are still affordable. On average, hotels and B & Bs in this area have an average price per double room of € 50-80 per night.

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Piazza del Plebiscito: for families with children

The Piazza del Plebiscito area is located west of the historic center, just in front of the Royal Palace and to the south of the port. It is well connected by the large and majestic via Ammiraglio Ferdinando, which runs along the coast of the city.

In addition to the Royal Palace and al Teatro San Carlo, to the east, the square houses the large one Basilica of San Francesco da Paula, with its monumental and once even more impressive entrance.

Behind the square there are other places of interest such as the Bourbon Gallery, dedicated to the royal dynasty of the Bourbons. South of the square you can also visit the Palazzo Salerno, or the Naples seafront and Castel dell'Ovo.

Being around Pizza del Plebiscito means stay in the heart of the city, a stone's throw from most of Naples' tourist attractions. It is one of the safest areas of Naples due to its great tourist impact.

Hotel rates are average, with prices around € 60 per night for a good B&B. Without a doubt, it is the best area to sleep in Naples.

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Chiaia: the best area to sleep

For those who prefer to sleep in a quiet and less chaotic area, Chiaia is the best option to stay in Naples. This neighborhood is located between the historic center and the waterfront. Today it is a medium-high level residential area and one of the most exclusive and refined places in Naples.

It has no major attractions or major monuments to see, but it does have the advantage of being strategically placed close to the main places of interest. It is also a quiet and safe area.

Chiaia stands out above all for its people shops and boutiques of the best world brands. The most interesting are to the north, in Via dei Mille, and further south between Via del Martiri and Via Carlo Poerio, as well as in Via Calabritto.

However, it is important to take into account that transportation to other places is not that simple and that hotels tend to be more expensive than in other districts. 3 star hotels have average rates € 100 per night, although you can find small hostels or B & Bs, with rates of € 60-80 per night for a double room.

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Port of Naples: for those who have to take the ferries

Located in front of the historic center, where there are the best tourist attractions, the area and port area of ​​Naples is immense. There are two metro stops: University and City Hall.

If you must stay in Naples to embark on a cruise o to set sail by ferry towards Capri or other islands, sleep near the Beverello Pier it's a great choice. This is where the ferry and cruise ship terminal.

It is a fairly touristy area, therefore quite safe. It is very central and close to the main attractions of Naples.

The main attraction of this neighborhood is the Castel Nuovo (or also Maschio Angioino), a medieval fortress open to the public which, together with the beautiful landscapes of this coastal area, allows you to take beautiful photographs.

The port of Naples is one of the best places to sleep in Naples for beach lovers o for those who have to embark by ferry or on a cruise ship.

The hotel offer is very wide, it is the third most hotel area in the city. rates they are not exactly cheap, even if most prices for a double room are higher than 60 €, if you book well in advance you can find good accommodation for even less than 50 €.

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Vomero: the most exclusive area

Vomero is another good alternative to sleep in Naples. It is located in one of the hills of the city, just north of Chiaia.

The Vomero was a residential area intended for the upper middle class, who built his villas and palaces here away from the hustle and bustle of the city. During the XNUMXth century the neighborhood grew a lot and stopped being only for the rich.

The Vomero, with its rich cultural scene, full of theaters, cinemas and all kinds of entertainment, remains however one of the most exclusive neighborhoods to sleep in Naples.

Accommodation in this area is usually more expensive than other parts of the city (here there are more luxury hotels than any other area of ​​Naples), however it is also possible to find excellent choices for those on a medium budget.

If you book well in advance you can get some good ones rates and find accommodation for around € 70 per night for a double room. Of course, if you prefer luxury, you can find excellent hotels with great views of the city and Mount Vesuvius.

The Vomero is one of the best areas to stay in Naples, if you want to know the most refined face of this Italian city full of contrasts.

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Lungomare Caracciolo: a good alternative

È the most famous promenade in the city and is located south of the Chiaia district. It's a charming area with street music, street vendors, and great restaurants. It is one of the most romantic places in Naples, thanks to its beautiful sunsets.

La subway station closest is Mergellina on line 2 which leads to Piazza Garibaldi (central station), in case you need to take a train to another city.

Lungomare Caracciolo is one of the best areas to sleep in Naples, if you want to enjoy the best view of the sea o for romantic trips.

In addition to the promenade, in front of the Rotonda Diaz, the area it has a beach and a pier where small boats stop. Parallel to Via Francesco Caracciolo there is a large garden with squares and cobbled streets.

This area offers various offers to stay in Naples, including many accommodations that combine with residential buildings.

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Posillipo: the most beautiful area

The Posillipo area is located along the northern coast of the Gulf of Naples and is one of the most fascinating neighborhoods in the city, full of Roman villas that make it visually beautiful at any time of the day, especially at nightfall.

In the southernmost part, facing the sea, is the submerged park of Gaiola, while in front is the Pausilypon Archaeological Park, with remains belonging to the period of Greek colonization. Further northwest, there is a green space called Virgilian Park and, not far away, the Cave of Seiano, an ancient Greco-Roman city.

Le attractions of Posillipo they don't end there. There is also an amusement park (Panda Park), the small beach of Gaiola, the Schillizzi Mausoleum, the Palazzo Donn'Anna, the Fontana del Sebeto, the port itself and in front of the Church of Sant Antonio de Posillipo.

Despite being detached from the rest of Naples, the Posillipo area it is well connected from underground line 2, as well as from the buses that run along the main access routes to the city for most of the day.

The views from Posillipo are particularly privileged, since it is possible to see the entire gulf, including Vesuvius. Furthermore, Posillipo offers different accommodation alternatives for all types of visitors.

Posillipo is one of the best areas to sleep in Naples, if you intend to spend a relaxing holiday or enjoy a few days of romance.

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Central station: the most convenient area

The central station of Naples is the transport epicenter of the city. It is estimated that around 150 passengers pass a year, which makes it one of the busiest areas in Naples.

It is the oldest station in Italy and its neo-Renaissance style design makes it a beautiful architectural monument which fills the Neapolitans with pride. Rectangular in shape and completely enclosed by buildings, in its lower part there are many shops: jewelers, clothing stores, ...

The station is located a few meters from the famous Piazza Garibaldi, so there is no shortage of options for entertainment and gastronomy around this neighborhood.

È one of the best places to stay in Naples if you plan a short visit, then move easily to other destinations in Campania or Italy. Moreover, in this area the accommodations are much cheaper and the offer is very wide and varied.

Several people have reported this area as a bit unsafe, especially at night.

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Where not to sleep in Naples

The worst areas to sleep in Naples are the suburbs of Secondigliano and Scampia, in fact the hotel offer is almost non-existent. It is not recommended to stay in Secondigliano because it is the most dangerous district of Naples.

It is not recommended to do this also a Scampia, where drug trafficking and organized crime are a reality. These two areas lack tourist interest and it is best to avoid sleeping in these neighborhoods.

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