Where to sleep in Palermo: best neighborhoods to stay

Palermo is the fifth most populous city in Italy and the capital of Sicily. With around 650.000 inhabitants and 25 neighborhoods, this brightly colored city has an impressive historical and cultural heritage: it was founded around the XNUMXth century BC and has numerous gems to offer its visitors. Find out where to sleep in Palermo during your stay.

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Where to sleep in Palermo: best neighborhoods

Historic Centre

Panoramic view of Palermo in Sicily - Photo from Istock

The historic center is the Multicultural Palermo where the alleys are full of Mediterranean smells, flavors and colors. It is a lively district that has gone through all eras and which shows the cultural and architectural traces of all the populations that over the centuries have invaded the island of Sicily.

The historic center of Palermo is a good starting point to discover the city. It is divided into several interesting areas to stay in: Kalsa, Castellammare, Monte di Piet脿 and Albergaria. If you are traveling with the intention of visiting historical attractions, we recommend that you choose the center as a base for sleeping in Palermo.

Staying here means be close to everything: monuments and historic buildings, bars and restaurants, museums and shops. There lively nightlife is another point in favor of the Old Town and those who love nightlife must choose this neighborhood to sleep in Palermo.

Although the narrow streets of the center can be very busy with tourists, staying in the center of Palermo is a good choice to enjoy the city and be in a safe place.

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The Kalsa

La Kalsa is an area located in the historic center of the city of Palermo. This district represents one of the first Arab cities that were installed in Europe in the XNUMXth century. Kalsa is near the port and offers the opportunity to visit different points of interest.

This neighborhood is full of impressive churches like the Magione or the church of Spasimo, as well as places to visit of important historical interest such as the Abatellis Palace and Gate of the Greeks.

As Parlemo's most touristic neighborhood, there is a huge variety of hotel offerings, so it's easy to find an option that suits your tastes and needs.

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Castellammare Vucciria

This neighborhood is located between La Kalsa and Monte di Piet脿. Accommodation in Castellammare Vucciria is quite varied, as are the prices. Castellammare Vucciria is about 20 minutes walk from many points of interest and about 10 minutes by bus from Palermo Centrale station.

This area it hosts the ancient port of Palermo, La Cala, some of the most important museums in the city and many historical monuments such as Lampedusa Palace o Post Office building. One of the main attractions of Castellammare is the Vucciria market, one of the largest markets in Palermo.

It is a super central area and the offer of accommodation, restaurants and shops in this area is very large.

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Palermo Cathedral - Image from Pixabay

The Monte di Piet脿 district is also part of the historic center and is anchored in Castellammare Vucciria. In the area there is a great variety of monuments and emblematic buildings such as the Palermo Cathedral, Massimo theater and New door.

The Monte di Piet脿 area is known as Il Capo, due to the Cape market, another of the essential markets to see in Sicily.

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This neighborhood of Palermo is located at the other end of Kalsa, separated from Via Roma. Albergheria is the university district and is located near the central station of Palermo, so if you are looking for accommodation near the station and not very far from the center this neighborhood is a good option. Accommodation in Albergaria is cheaper than the other neighborhoods and is also less touristy.

Among the things that can be visited in this neighborhood are Piazza Bologni, Sclafani Palace e Regional Gallery Of Sicily. The stay in Albergaria is suitable for those looking for the cheapest accommodation or simply to sleep in alternative and less touristy places.

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Borgo Vecchio

Borgo Vecchio is another of the more alternative neighborhoods to sleep in Palermo. It is close to the port and is one of the quieter areas as it is located a bit far from the historic center.

Accommodation in Borgo Vecchio is cheaper than other neighborhoods and is ideal if you want to enjoy the nightlife of Palermo. The drinks and food on the premises of this place are also cheaper and the atmosphere is more alternative.

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Politeama - Freedom

Located west of Borgo Vecchio, Politeama Libert脿 is an elegant neighborhood in the center of Palermo that offers numerous shops and a clean and elegant environment. It is one of the best neighborhoods to sleep in Palermo because:

  • it is a safe area
  • it has a great location, you are in an area very well served by means of transport and the historic center can be easily reached with a 20-minute walk
  • the neighborhood offers a very active nightlife. The whole area is crammed with elegant and refined bars, clubs and restaurants

The neighborhood offers a good selection of hotels and apartments for rent, but they will be slightly expensive. While you are here you can attend a show at the Politeama Garibaldi Theater or visit the delightful English garden, a small haven of peace in the hectic Palermo.

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Sleeping in Palermo near the sea - Mondello

It is located in the northernmost part of the city and is suitable for those who would like to stay close to the sea and scenic attractions, rather than being close to the historic area. This former fishing village has become a must-see and highly coveted place to live in the last few decades.

The area is very beautiful: the crystal clear waters, the splendid views across the region and the sea are probably the strong points of Mondello. In fact, if the warm sun and sandy beaches are what you love most then there is no better place to sleep in Palermo than the Mondello district.

Another point in favor of this area is his lively summer nightlife. Here you can choose from countless restaurants, bars and nightclubs along the coast and surrounding areas.

The only point against Mondello is its remoteness from the main attractions of Palermo. It is located about 20 km from the historic center and the city center. If you have decided to hire a car for the trip it will be an easy excursion. If, on the other hand, you want to use public transport, getting to the center could prove to be a more difficult undertaking.

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Mondello, the most famous beach in Palermo - Sicily - Photo from Istock


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