Where to sleep in Riva del Garda: the best areas and hotels

Il Lake Garda, with its surface of 370 km², it is the largest Italian lake and its waters are divided between 3 regions: Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino - Alto Adige.

The northernmost part, the one that wedges itself between the mountains almost forming a fjord, is part of Trentino and is one of the favorite destinations for sports and adventure lovers, but also for lovers of good food or beautiful villages.

In this post I want to advise you which are the best areas to stay to visit Garda Trentino. I hope my suggestions can help you choose where to sleep in Riva del Garda and surroundings.

Riva del Garda

Riva it is the second largest municipality on Lake Garda.

The city is nestled in the mountains and overlooks the blue waters of the lake: the hills behind it are covered with olive trees and contribute to creating a truly special landscape if we think that we are not too far from the Trentino Dolomites.

Compared to its neighbors, Riva del Garda has a more town-like atmosphere and this contributes to making it an excellent solution to sleep in if you have decided to visit Garda Trentino. Here, in fact, you never get bored.

Riva del Garda is perfect for those who want to explore the surroundings taking a lively and worldly location as a base: between the possibility of taking part in boat tours, strolling among the beautiful boutiques of the historic center and visiting a museum you will find something every day new to do.

In the evening, you can also relax in the central bars sipping a Spritz or perhaps a Hugo, a “Trentino” version of the first made with prosecco and elderberry syrup.

Among things not to be missed in Riva del Garda there are:

  • La visit to Rocca di Riva: this is the seat of the Alto Garda Museum (MAG).
  • La ascent to the Apponale Tower: on its top a bronze angel, the Anzolim, the symbol of Riva del Garda, flutters.
  • Take a boat trip: this is the best way to appreciate the beauty of Lake Garda.
  • Play sport: the sports that can be practiced in Riva del Garda are really many, from diving, to wind surfing, from paragliding to mountain biking (read my post on 4 bike routes on Lake Garda not to be missed).

Where to sleep in Riva del Garda: the best hotels

Hotel Luise - Riva del Garda

Hotel Luise: located a short distance from the center of Riva del Garda and the lake, theHotel Luise is my absolute favorite, above all for the design furniture with a vintage atmosphere and for the fact that its concept is linked to that of travel.

The rooms (fantastic the ones with world maps) are spacious and spotless, the buffet breakfast is excellent and the hotel offers a range of services such as an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant that cooks local and international dishes, a playground for children , free bicycles.

Fantastic it psycho-aperitif by the pool, one of the things to do absolutely in Riva del Garda!

Hotel Rudy - Riva del Garda

Hotel Rudy: this 3 stars with a excellent value for money it is one of the most loved (and requested) choices by travelers. The only drawback, if you want to find it, is the position a little away from the center, but close by is the bus stop and if you have your own car, distance will not be a problem. In addition, the hotel offers bike rental.

An advice: ask for a back room, they are quieter and have spectacular views.

Leon d'Oro Apartments: for those who prefer the intimacy of an apartment to that of a hotel and want to savor ancient values ​​and lost time, the Leon d'Oro apartments are the perfect choice.

Strategically located in the historic center of Riva del Garda, the 7 apartments are equipped with all comforts and tastefully furnished. The courtesy of the owner is the plus that will make your stay truly unforgettable.


Torbole is a characteristic village famous above all among water sports enthusiasts. This village, in fact, is one of the windiest in the area which makes it the perfect place for those who want to have fun practicing windsurfing, kitesurfing or sailing. Super Sail Academy!)

Torbole is one of the best places to sleep in Riva del Garda and surroundings: it is only about ten minutes by car from the latter and is an excellent destination for those who have decided to take advantage of the vast sporting offer of Garda Trentino.

In addition to water sports, in fact, there are so many proposals in the surrounding area and even hikers, mountain bikers or climbing enthusiasts will find "bread for their teeth".

From Torbole starts the walk of the Santa Lucia valley towards Nago, one of the most beautiful in the area and if you travel by bike you could take advantage of the cycle path that leads from Torbole to Arco.

After so much sport, however, remember that the historic center of Torbole is also worth a visit.

Among things not to be missed in Torbole there are:

  • Il marina: the most characteristic place of the village. One of the most photographed corners is the Casetta del Dazio which overlooks the water.
  • Casa Beust: once home to the painter Hans Lietzmann, today a hotel and restaurant.
  • Church of Sant'Andrea: a characteristic church dedicated to the patron saint of fishermen.
  • The Busatte - Tempesta route: a truly exciting staircase overlooking the lake.
  • The Austro - Hungarian forts of Nago: perhaps the best preserved forts in Trentino which today house the municipal museum.

The best hotels in Torbole

Active Hotel Santa Lucia - Torbole

Active Hotel Santa Lucia: if you are looking for a hotel for one holiday dedicated to sport but also to relaxation Aktiv Hotel Santa Lucia is the right choice. Surrounded by greenery, with a garden dotted with olive trees, a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, the hotel is located 200 meters from Lake Garda.

Gardabike Residence – Torbole

Garda Bike Residence: do not be fooled by the name, this modern structure is not only suitable for those who ride a bicycle, but for everyone: those who prefer a relaxing holiday can have a good time in the beautiful outdoor swimming pool or on the solarium terrace, or take a walk and swim in the lake from which the residence is just a few minutes' walk away.

Hotel Lido Blu - Torbole

Surf & Bike Hotel Lido Blu: if you like the exclusivity of a hotel that offers direct access to the lake, private beach and equipped, wellness center ed organized excursions, the Lido Blu hotel is definitely what you are looking for.

The rooms are completely renovated and equipped with all comforts and most of them offer a splendid panoramic view of the lake or the garden.


bow it is about twenty minutes by car from Riva del Garda and does not directly overlook the lake. Its position and mild climate, however, have made it a renowned place for rest and treatment.

The town is surrounded by steep rocky walls that set it in a very special landscape. On the top of the rocks is the Arco Tower, a castle of medieval origin reachable with a very characteristic 20-minute walk.

Like the two places I just told you about, Arco is a favorite destination for sportsmen who decide to visit Garda Trentino.

Le rocky walls that surround it, in fact, are a real paradise for climbers and Free Climbing enthusiasts. Every year in the city it takes place Rock Master, an international competition that attracts athletes from all over the world.

Even the center of Arco is very interesting and during the Christmas period it is colored with lights thanks to famous Christmas Market which is organized in the streets of the center.

Among things not to be missed in Arco there are:

  • THEArboretum: the park surrounding Villa Arciducale, the winter residence of Archduke Albert of Habsburg, where today there are also many exotic plants.
  • Il Arco Castle: the tower I mentioned earlier that dominates the city and the surrounding landscape from above. A breathtaking view!

The best hotels in Arco

Park Hotel Il Vigneto - Arco

Park Hotel Il Vigneto: a 3-star superior hotel, located in the middle of the greenery and in a quiet position, with clean and comfortable rooms that overlook the hotel pool and garden and offer relaxing views over the vineyards around Lake Garda.

Particularly suitable for those who love hiking by mountain bike, the Vineyard is also perfect for families who want to enjoy relaxation and a holiday in close contact with nature.

Hotel Olivo: a historic residence, dating back to the Habsburg era and completely renovated, which is located right in the heart of the historic center of Arco.

The rooms are elegantly furnished and equipped with all comforts, the restaurant offers typical local and Italian cuisine, prepared with organic ingredients and km 0.

Casa alla Lega - Arco

House to the League: also located in the heart of Arco, this hotel is located in a 16th century building and offers comfortable, clean and very modern rooms.

There is an on-site restaurant and a small but cozy spa. Courtesy, perfect organization, the attention to detail and the great availability of the managers make this hotel one of my favorites: the breakfast (truly exceptional) is served in a beautiful room with original frescoes. Super recommended!

What to see in Riva del Garda and surroundings

Garda Trentino is an area to be discovered. After suggesting where to sleep in Riva del Garda and its surroundings, I want to briefly advise you on what to see in these parts: the cities I have suggested, in fact, are all an excellent base for exploring this part of Lake Garda.

The Varone Waterfall

La Varone waterfall it is a tour worth considering for an afternoon. It is just under 10 minutes from Riva del Garda.
The cave in which the waterfall is located was dug by the water itself in 20.000 years!
Remember a kway, otherwise you will go out soaked!

Tenno canal

Tenno canal is a medieval village that still retains the urban layout of the past. After a tour through its alleys, head towards the promenade that leads to Lake Tenno.

Lake Ledro

In 20 minutes by car from Riva del Garda you can reach the Lake Ledro, one of the most beautiful in Trentino.

If you are not tired of sports, here too you will have the opportunity to try your hand at windsurfing, canoeing or sailing.

Do not miss the Palafitte Museum in Molina di Ledro to take a step back in time to the Bronze Age.

How to reach Riva del Garda

It is located 50 km from Trento and can be easily reached by car with theA22 Brenner motorway taking the Rovereto Sud exit and then following the signs for Lake Garda. For those traveling by train, once you arrive in Rovereto you will find buses that will take you to Riva del Garda.

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