Where to sleep in Syracuse: best neighborhoods and hotels where to stay

Syracuse is one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean, located south-east of the Sicilian coast, in a beautiful natural environment. As a tourist destination, this city has something for everyone and is one of the main historical locations on the island. Discover the best areas to sleep in Syracuse!

Defined by Cicero the largest and most beautiful of all Greek cities, Syracuse was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2005, together with the Necropolis of Pantalica.

Today it is a provincial capital and its medieval atmosphere and splendid architecture make it one of the most beautiful cities in the Sicily and Italy. Syracuse hosts a wonderful collection of historical sites such as the Temple of Apollo, the Greek Theater, the Maniace Castle and the Roman amphitheater, which are the 4 main attractions to visit in the city.

Its geography is very varied. The main protagonist is the sea that surrounds it in its almost totality. Its coast is mostly rocky and indented with several headlands, bays, small islands and peninsulas. Inland, on the other hand, several hills dot the landscape.

Syracuse is often referred to as island in the island. In fact, the city develops partly on the island of Ortigia and partly on the mainland which is still located on the largest island in the Mediterranean: Sicily.

Syracuse has avery interesting hotel offer, with excellent services. Here you will find hotels, apartments, B & Bs and numerous villas for rent.

Sleeping in Syracuse is a great experience for all tourists. Thanks to its coastal location, the city it is located in close proximity to numerous world-class beaches.

Syracuse is also aexcellent base for exploring south-eastern Sicily. The baroque cities of Noto, Ragusa and Modica, the Plemmirio Park, the Cavagrande del Cassibile Nature Reserve are some of the excursions not to be missed.

Where sleeping in Syracuse

Small, welcoming and beautiful, Syracuse is divided between the island of Ortigia, considered the heart of the city and the modern part which includes Tiche, Acradina, Epipolis and Neapolis. To help you choose where to sleep in Syracuse, we have described the best areas to stay!

Ortigia Island: the best area to sleep in Syracuse

Syracuse, Sicily - Photo from Istock


Ortigia is an island that covers the southern half of the city. It is the old historical center and the beating heart of Syracuse. The area attracts many tourists and is the best area to sleep in Syracuse as most of the monuments and accommodation facilities are concentrated here.

It extends for just over 1000 square meters and is one pedestrian area, closed to cars. If you are traveling with a car you will need to park it nearby, in an authorized place. But once you get over this little inconvenience, you will be greatly rewarded by the magnificent sea view.

The neighborhood includes important monuments such as the temple of Apollo, the Maniace Castle, the Piazza del Duomo, the cathedral of Syracuse, the Beneventano del Bosco palace or the Archbishop's palace.

The atmosphere is very calm and pleasant. A picturesque market is held every morning. A little further on, the port of Syracuse, with its fishermen and their boats that seem to come out of another era, connects Ortigia with the rest of the city. Ortigia is the most recommended place to sleep in Syracuse!

Recommended facilities

  • Terra & Mare B&B - with a beautiful terrace overlooking the Syracuse Marina
  • On the Giudecca - housed in a restored 15th century building in the historic center of Syracuse, a few meters from the sea
  • The Landing of the Sirens - historic building overlooking a natural harbor, close to all the main attractions of the island
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An interesting alternative to Ortigia is to stay close to the Archaeological Park of Neapolis, one of the most important sites in the whole Mediterranean.

Located north of the modern city, this is it the best place to sleep in Syracuse to immerse yourself in the ancient times of the city.

From Neapolis you have easy access to the Ara di Ierone II, the huge Greek Theater, the Roman Amphitheater carved into the rock, the necropolis, the stone quarries of Latomie and the Ear of Dionysus, the ancient cave 23 high. meters famous for its excellent acoustics!

From this area you are close to the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Lacrime, the Paolo Orsi Regional Archaeological Museum and the catacombs of San Giovanni.

Near the Archaeological Park of Neapolis there are many free and available parking spaces along the road, so you will have no problem parking, except of course in mid-July and August when it is best to arrive at the opening of the site.

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Syracuse Umbertina

Map of Syracuse

This is one of the historic districts Syracusans and an excellent area to sleep in Syracuse as it offers the right combination of history and contemporaneity.

It is the southern part of Syracuse that reaches the border with Ortigia. Here are some of the most important streets of the city such as corso Umberto, viale Regina Margherita, viale Montedoro and via Malta.

The neighborhood hosts several nineteenth-century buildings that mix with historical remains of inestimable value, such as the remains of the agora, or the Roman gymnasium of the XNUMXst century AD

In the area you will find several green areas, and there are numerous commercial activities and banks, especially along Corso Umberto. There is no shortage of bars and restaurants where to taste the excellent local cuisine.

Two other highlights of this area are the marina which offers a wonderful view of the sea and the presence of the Central train station, great for getting around the island and reaching other tourist destinations in Sicily.

Recommended facilities

  • B&B Sikuli e Sikani - excellent location near the beaches of Aretusa, Cala Rossa and Porto Piccolo
  • Caportigia Boutique Hotel - its solarium terrace with a panoramic view of the surroundings is beautiful
  • Calafatari B&B - excellent location, a short distance from the beaches of Arethusa and Cala Rossa and the Temple of Apollo, with a beautiful view of the sea
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Tiche, Epipolis o Achradina

If you are looking for an inexpensive place to sleep in Syracuse, you can take a look at the accommodations in these other districts of the city:

  • the nineteenth-century one of Santa Lucia (at Piazza Santa Lucia),
  • the Akradina district, identifiable with the northern section of the cycle path to the park of Balza Akradina, is more modern and trendy, ideal for a shopping session,
  • Tiche located between the northern section of the Dionysian walls and Viale Scala Greca,
  • the peripheral area of ​​Epipoli with the so-called Villaggio Miano and the Eurialo Castle, which with its fortified walls immerses you in the atmosphere of the old Syracuse.

Here most of the accommodation offer is made up of comfortable holiday homes and modern B & Bs. Most of the facilities are located near or not too far from the main attractions of the city.

For those traveling by car it is a perfect area to sleep in Syracuse because you can easily move around by car and there are also many parking lots.

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Where to sleep in Syracuse - Surroundings


Noto, Sicilia - Foto da Istock

Located 40 minutes drive from Syracuse, Noto is the capital of the Baroque in Sicily, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is perched on a plateau overlooking the Asinaro valley, covered by citrus, olive and almond trees.

Noto was completely destroyed by the earthquake in 1693 and then rebuilt. Today, parts of the ancient amphitheater and some buildings are all that remains of the historic center of Noto.

Walking through its streets you can admire majestic limestone palaces, churches topped by domes and beautiful balconies with wrought iron railings. The city is called the "Stone garden”Because of its typical stone.

One of the most impressive structures in Noto is the Cathedral of San Nicolo di Mira, otherwise known as the Cathedral of Noto. Directly in front of the Cathedral is the Palace Ducetius, which is the current municipality of Noto. Piazza Municipio separates the two wonderful structures and represents the ideal place to relax.

The main road through Noto is Corso Vittorio Emanuele. At its end is the Church of San Domenico, Piazza XVI Maggio and the garden of the Viletta d'Ercole.

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White Fountains, Arenella, Cassibile

The countryside and the sea surrounding Syracuse are well worth a stop and are also a great place to sleep in Syracuse. Relaxing atmosphere, quiet whitewashed streets, sunshine, fabulous rocky valleys and gorgeous beaches.

Between Syracuse and Noto, these hamlets and their surroundings offer different types of accommodation, ranging from bed and breakfast on the beach to farmhouse accommodation in the countryside.

For example, you can stay at Cassibile, a peripheral area of ​​the city of Syracuse, which includes the seaside areas of White Fountains and Ognina, suitable for those who want to live between sea and nature.

The coast of Ognina is represented by small rocky coves that open onto the sea, while Fontane Bianche offers Caribbean beaches with white sand and a crystalline sea.

Another recommended area to stay is that of Arenella much appreciated for its beach of fine and golden sand, its seabed that slopes gently towards a limpid and calm sea. Arenella is located about 5 km from Fontane Bianche and 10 km from Syracuse and can be easily reached by car.

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