Where to sleep in the Cinque Terre: the best villages and hotels

If you are looking for where to sleep in the Cinque Terre, you made a great choice!

Le Cinque Terre they are famous all over the world and can be very crowded. To tell the truth they are crowded at most times of the year, but if you choose spring or summer, remember to search and book your accommodation in advance. Don't worry though, the choice of hotels is quite wide.

Another difficulty in choosing where to sleep in the Cinque Terre could be the choice of the country: they are all so beautiful and particular that it is not easy to decide to sleep in one country rather than another.

Please note that each country has different characteristics: below, I will try to list the particularities of each country, their atmosphere and their character, so that you can more easily choose the right place.

There is something for everyone and surely there will be the right place for you too and I hope that this guide will help you choose the right place to sleep in the Cinque Terre!

  • Where to sleep in the Cinque Terre: Overview
  • 1 - Monterosso al Mare
  • 2 – Vernazza
  • 3 – Corniglia
  • 4 – Manarola
  • 5 - Riomaggiore
  • Where to sleep near the Cinque Terre

Where to sleep in the Cinque Terre: Overview

The Cinque Terre are made up of 5 villages on the coast: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola e Riomaggiore.

Although it is possible to visit all five on foot, the best thing is to choose one as a base to visit the others by train: it is true that they are very close to each other, but it is also true that they are separated by enough mountains. tall and it's not a good idea to lug your suitcases around.

Choose Monterosso al Mare if the sandy beaches or if you want to spend a little less and have a wider selection of hotels. Monterosso, as the largest country, offers far more accommodation for visitors and a full range from luxury hotels to smaller family-run rooms for rent.

Vernazza it's my choice for the best place to sleep in Cinque Terre, as most of the hotels are right on the square with a great view of the harbor. Vernazza is characteristic, beautiful and wonderfully romantic, especially in the evening. There is something special about dining on the harbor at sunset, once the day tourists are gone!

Manarola she is also very pretty and is very famous among photographers. I can understand why: this city offers the most stunning postcard views! It's a great choice for those who want panoramic views that don't require hiking.

Corniglia, the only one that is not located on the sea but high above the cliff, is a delightful town, quiet and far from mass tourism. Ideal for those who want to escape the crowds and enjoy a very “local” atmosphere.

Riomaggiore is the liveliest and the best for younger kids: the wide range of clubs and pubs that come alive in the evening are what most similar could resemble the "nightlife".

Now let's see specifically what each of these countries offers, so that you can choose the best place to sleep in the Cinque Terre!

1 - Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso al Mare it is the largest country and has the most options for hotels and things to do. Monterosso is also the only town that it has great beaches and is therefore particularly suitable for those who love sunbathing or for those traveling with children.

Monterosso is divided into two sections, one older and one newer, connected to each other by a tunnel that can be covered on foot.

As Monterosso is the largest village, it is a great option for larger families or groups traveling together so that there are more choices for everyone. When looking for where to stay in the Cinque Terre, keep in mind that Monterosso offers the widest range of accommodation prices from the cheapest to the most exclusive.

If you decide to sleep in Monterosso remember to spend some time on the beach: the beach, the only sandy beach in the 5 villages, is made up of coarse sand and pebbles and the water is crystal clear. For me, Monterosso is one of the best beaches in Liguria!

Unlike the other towns, Monterosso is not perched on a high cliff, therefore it is also suitable for those with mobility problems or for those who don't like walking up and down.

Monterosso is also the westernmost town of the Cinque Terre, the first one you come across when arriving from Genoa or Milan: it is therefore also the best starting point for those who want to do the Cinque Terre trekking in just one day!

PRO: Monterosso is perfect for those with reduced mobility, for families with children and if you are looking for the beaches. Monterosso is also the country that has more things to do.

AGAINST: perhaps it lacks some of the awful quaint atmosphere of the other villages.

The best hotels in Monterosso

Sun Rays is a wonderful accommodation at a good price, simple and spotless a few meters from the beach of Fegina. Wifi is free and there is luggage storage in case you need to leave early. If you are looking for a cheap place in the Cinque Terre, Raggi di Sole is a great place!

Hotel of the Friends: it is an excellent economic solution in the historic center of Monterosso. At guests' disposal there is a wonderful garden overlooking the sea with loungers for relaxing and sunbathing, modern comforts and private bathrooms that make the stay quite comfortable.

If you are looking for luxury, Villa Tanca Luxury Collection offers sea views and an exclusive setting. It is perfect for families as it offers childcare as well as a host of other services. It offers terrace, sea view and buffet breakfast.

Other hotels in MONTEROSSO

2 – Vernazza

Vernazza it is one of the best places to stay in the Cinque Terre and it is the country that I have in my heart since I got married right there!

in short Vernazza is also the most famous: when it comes to Cinque Terre, who does not think of the amazing photo of the town with its beautiful gray stone church and the colorful houses perched on the mountain?

Vernazza is picturesque and has an all-Italian charm: it has a marina, the Tower and two beaches (tte) which, if you want to relax anyway, are an option.

The opposite side of Vernazza is that, being so famous, it is also the most expensive in terms of hotels. During the day in its streets thousands of tourists flock to it: in high season you will hardly find a place to stay in solitude, but that changes as soon as the evening falls and in other seasons of the year, such as autumn, in my opinion the best time to visit the Cinque Terre even if you may find rain.

One of the most beautiful features of Vernazza, speaking of hotels and places to sleep, is that many are located overlooking the sea. If you decide to stay here make sure you search and book the Hotel as soon as possible because, like Manarola, it is a very romantic town especially in the evening and if you don't hurry, miss out on the best options.

PRO: characteristic village, top atmosphere and almost excruciating beauty, particularly suitable for couples who want to enjoy an exclusive and romantic weekend. Hotels with sea views abound.

AGAINST: it is necessary to park outside the city if you have a car, but parking spaces are very limited. Extremely crowded with tourists by day. Hotels sell out quickly and quickly.

The best hotels in Vernazza

Rollando Afittacamere it does not have a sea view, but has terraces overlooking the village of Vernazza. However, Vernazza is small, it won't take you long to reach the sea and this guest house is one of the best choices for convenience and location.

Santa Marta Rooms 25 in Vernazza is an institution: the rooms have been recently renovated and have air conditioning, private bathrooms, TV. Comfortable and clean rooms make this one of the best new options in Vernazza, Italy.

Rina Rooms is located in the heart of Vernazza and offers rooms with sea view 5 minutes walk from the beach and 5 minutes even from the train station. The rooms are equipped with WI-FI, air conditioning and private bathroom.

You are looking for exceptional views? Take a look at Elisabetta Guest House! This hotel offers ocean views, a rooftop terrace and an intimate setting, all within a 1-minute walk of the beach.

Other hotels in VERNAZZA

3 – Corniglia

If you are looking for where to stay in the Cinque Terre off the beaten track and not crowded at all, Corniglia it's the perfect place for you. Being the only cliff top town it is rare for people to choose Corniglia when deciding where to sleep in the Cinque Terre, so if you want to escape from the crowd, it's perfect.

The hotels in Corniglia are often more affordable compared to other villages.

Corniglia is the only village in the Cinque Terre that is not on the water. It is necessary to walk over 350 steps to get here from the train station, and this makes Corniglia with a unique charm, especially for the sunsets and breathtaking views.

In short, if you are looking for a place to sleep a little more rural and genuine, without tourists and if you love trekking and hiking, you should stay here.

PRO: more "local" experience. Fantastic views. Popular for vineyards. Full of peace. Suitable for those who love trekking and quiet.

AGAINST: not on the water like other resorts.

The best Corniglia hotels

Hanging Garden hotel: excellent budget hotel located in the heart of Corniglia.

There is a roof terrace and the rooms are complete with kitchenette: here you can try your hand at making pesto!

Daa Maduneta: a perfect guest house for couples, the rustic but elegant and spotless rooms have a private bathroom. The location is nice and quiet with sea views.

Arbanella it's a lovely higher end property, but still affordable in relation to the Cinque Terre. Arbanella is famous for its spectacular views: the view from this hotel overlooks vineyards and green hills that plunge directly into the sea. The rooms, clean and comfortable, have WI-FI.

Zero point it is a hotel located high up with views of the sea and the surrounding countryside. The rooms are clean and comfortable (the bed is so comfortable). Punto Zero also organizes tours for guests, so if you are looking for a local experience, this is the place to be!

Other Hotels in CORNIGLIA

4 – Manarola

Manarola, together with Vernazza, it is for me the "beautiful among the beautiful" and it is also one of the most famous Cinque Terre in Italy.

Even if the name might not tell you anything, you have surely seen it in some photographs in some magazines or around the web: it is particularly photogenic in fact for the colored houses, which give the impression of "sliding" down the cliff that embraces a pretty cove on the sea.

Manarola is perfect for romantic couples, is less touristy than Vernazza and quieter than Rio Maggiore, which is often chosen by the younger ones (along with Monterosso). Manarola is also one of the best places to stay in the Cinque Terre for photographers and nature lovers due to its proximity to postcard views.

If you are looking for where to stay in the Cinque Terre that is perfect, then choosing a hotel in Manarola is one of the best options.

PRO: suitable for romantic couples and photographers, quiet and very picturesque.

AGAINST: like Vernazza also in Manarola hotel prices are a bit higher. Hotels book quickly, so you need to book well in advance.

The best hotels in Manarola

San Giorgio Guest House: Remember that cheap hotels in Manarola fill up quickly, if you decide to sleep here book in advance. The Affittacamere San Giorgio does not have a sea view, it has a city view and is very well located in the center compared to other budget options. It offers a panoramic terrace and air conditioning.

Olimpo Guest House is a wonderful mid-range hotel in Manarola with beautiful views of the sea and the village. It offers rooms furnished with modern fixtures and views from the balcony. There is a 24-hour receptionist in case you need to arrive late or leave early.

Just because The First - The Dream of Manarola it is a luxury option does not mean that you will have to take out a mortgage to spend a night or two there: the price depends on the period in which you visit the Cinque Terre. If you are looking for absolute luxury, The First offers only three private apartments overlooking Manarola. You will have your own terrace and sun loungers and everything is new and beautiful! If you are looking for a place to stay in the Cinque Terre for a luxury holiday, this is the perfect place!

Other hotels in MANAROLA

5 - Riomaggiore

Riomaggiore it is the second largest of all five Cinque Terre villages. It is, like Monterosso, used as a starting point for exploring the Cinque Terre on foot (it is located just at the opposite limit)

Riomaggiore is lively during the day but also at night, given the abundant presence of clubs and bars and is suitable for very young: fortunately, the large presence of bars and restaurants does not spoil the typical atmosphere of the Cinque Terre at all.

The pastel-colored buildings and picturesque views make this village a popular choice.

Make sure you are in good physical shape when you choose to stay in Riomaggiore as there is a high probability that you will have to lug your bags up a nice climb!

If you are interested in Scuba Diving, there is also a great dive shop.

PRO: one of the largest villages in the Cinque Terre. First stop on the train from La Spezia and first village you meet from Portovenere. Lots of shops and restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. Good base for trekking.

AGAINST: the nightlife can make it louder at night. The steep hills and stairs make getting around difficult for some.

The best hotels in Riomaggiore

Locanda Ca Da Iride it is the best economic option in Riomaggiore. This hotel is located just 0,5km from the city center and features sea views, wifi, breakfast included and terraces.

Bed and breakfast Le Giare it is a very good mid range hotel. The prices are really good and the rooms are large, spotless and bright. The ideal place to stay in spring and summer.

Crêuza de mä: Crêuza de mä is a luxury lover's dream with its whirlpools and the best views of all the Cinque Terre. The rooms are modern and the hotel offers a roof terrace, garden and much more. If you are looking for a place to stay in the Cinque Terre for a luxury holiday, this place is perfect!

Other Hotels in RIOMAGGIORE

Where to sleep near the Cinque Terre

1 - I lift

Technically Levanto it is not part of the Cinque Terre, but it is the main gate: from here it is very easy to take the train to visit the other villages.

Levanto is a great base to sleep in: it is a larger town, with large sandy beaches, loved by surfers for the waves, much less crowded than those of Monterosso.

Levanto is a real town: here you can find everything, including diving centers, but it still maintains a relaxed atmosphere. Do not miss its historic center, the sea promenade and the cycle path that connects it to bonassola on a fascinating route that passes through the old train tunnels.

During the high season, Levanto is certainly an excellent option where to stay to visit the Cinque Terre, given the large offer of hotels and prices on average lower.

Among the best hotels where to sleep in Levanto I cannot fail to mention theHotel Garden, at affordable prices and in the city center.

For a good mid-range option with air conditioning, check out the rates as well Hotel Abetaia.

If you are looking for a more luxurious accommodation, consider Resort Costa Morroni.

2 - Portovenere and La Spezia

Portovenere e La Spezia they are located opposite the Cinque Terre compared to Levanto.

They are the ideal base for visiting the Cinque Terre for those arriving from Florence and Tuscany.

I think we all know Portovenere more or less: it is also famous all over the world for the church on top of the rocky peak andPalmaria island. Beautiful but the hotels are quite expensive.

Bigger, less beautiful but much cheaper it is La Spezia, this is also a good base for visiting the Cinque Terre. Here the choice of hotels is really wide and varied.

Among the luxury hotels in Portovenere, the Grand Hotel Portovenere, a pearl located in a 17th century monastery on the Portovenere seafront. Perfect for a romantic weekend!

In La Spezia, The Relay City is a small charming hotel that offers spectacular views over the Gulf of Poets. The rooms are bright and decorated in soft tones and antiques. Featuring an infinity pool, a restaurant serving regional classics and a well-stocked wine cellar it is ideal for exploring the region.

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