Where to sleep in Wadi Rum: Tented Camps, Lodges or Martian Domes?

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, one of those moments to be imprinted in the memories that is better than a long-awaited postcard, you must without a doubt spend a night in Wadi Rum.

You will be immersed in the red desert, in the heart of the Jordan and a handful of tens of kilometers from the Red Sea: a film setting, a landscape that so much resembles the lunar one, a desert unique in the world, with rocks, canyons that drop sheer to the immensity and a millenary culture will accompany you for the duration of your stay.

You will be able to learn a lot about the Bedouin culture, learn about many of the Middle Eastern traditions, spend precious time contemplating the stars and theimmensity of desert silence.

Your special evening will be entertained by the Bedouin population who have resided in this place since the dawn of time: you can listen to their stories in a kind and familiar atmosphere, drink tea in their company and rejoice dancing to the notes of their engaging music.

If I convinced you to book an excursion in Wadi Rum or if you are reading this post because, in fact, you have already decided to go there and you just want some tips, here are some advice on where to sleep that will allow you to organize a magical night in the heart of Wadi Rum.

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Where to sleep in Wadi Rum: what you need to know

If you get the chance I really strongly recommend that you spend at least one night in Wadi Rum

There are various ways to stay overnight in Wadi Rum.

You have the choice if sleep in a tent in "wild camping" bringing your own tent (find out where you can put it at the visitor center when you arrive) or choose a tented camp, or you can opt for a small lodge really nice and comfortable; you could choose one of the amazing accommodations instead chic with a view of the desert and “spatial” design or organize a relaxation and yoga retreat.

CAUTION: There are no hotels in the desert, you can find the closest ones to Aqaba o Petra.

The large part (indeed I dare say all) the camps offer delicious Bedouin dishes for dinner; after dinner you can enjoy tea prepared by the guides, hear their stories around a bonfire and literally sleep under the stars. You will be able to scan the immensity of the sky and discover constellations never seen before.

camping in Wadi Rum, it is necessary to book and then be accompanied by a Bedouin guide to the assigned place: you cannot wander the red desert alone and choose the best place to spend the night by setting up your own tent!

Are you ready to experience a unique adventure? there 5 places to sleep in Wadi Rum for a truly unforgettable night?

1 - Tent fields

Di Popova Tetiana /

This is the solution that is definitely more in contact with nature than all of them, the sky will be your only limit!

Although all the various options for sleeping in Wadi Rum are oriented towards spending time enjoying the contact with the landscape and traditions, this choice is undoubtedly the one that comes closest to wanting to live the most authentic experience, the one that comes closest to the Bedouin tradition!

It must be said, however, that you must be brought to the campsite !!!

Even if you decide to stay in a tented camp don't worry: the fields are all compliant with certain standards and are checked regularly.

There are two types of fields: permanent (which usually have toilet-shower blocks and operate all year round) e temporary (used only occasionally by Bedouin groups or tourists).

Temporary camp accommodation is generally a mattress under the stars or a small two-person tent with a sheet. Permanent camp accommodation is in tourist tents made in the traditional Bedouin way in goat hair or other local fabric. They're kind of small booths, but tall enough to stand upright in.

Tents usually come with a camp bed, mattress, and linen.

Some camps offer more luxurious tents with private bathrooms, perfect for families and to those who do not want to give up their privacy.

The price of accommodation in the standard permanent camp, including food, tents and bedding, is generally around JD 25 per person per night and often includes XNUMXWD transportation to the camp.

La half pension includes a simple dinner cooked on the barbeque (kebab) with salads and Arabic bread, coffee or tea and breakfast.

The Best Camps at the Wadi Rum

Jamal Rum Camp: one of the most popular, well-known and loved campsites in general (look at the reviews!). It also offers accommodation in traditional Bedouin tents right in the dunes of the Valley of the Moon. In the evening you can sit around the bonfire and enjoy Bedouin cuisine. The Jamal Rum Camp also organizes excursions and is particularly suitable for young couples with a great desire for adventure!

Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp: another TOP choice among the tented camps in Wadi Rum. The tents are simple but comfortable, the shared bathrooms spotless and the location is excellent, right in the heart of the desert. The campsite offers a continental breakfast and organizes any kind of excursion in the desert, from those on foot to those in a balloon!

Beyond Wadi Rum CampLast but not least of the first two I mentioned, Beyond Wadi Rum Camp is also in a fantastic location, offering traditional (even family) tents and a breakfast buffet. Perfect for couples!

2 - Sleep in a family lodge

If camping isn't your thing or if you are traveling with family / children in tow and the idea of ​​spending the night in the open air does not seem the best solution, in the Wadi Rum area used for tourists there is the possibility of staying overnight in a lodge.

Il Bait Ali Lodge it's a kind of resort, consisting of air-conditioned chalets, a small shop for shopping and even a swimming pool. Inside there is a restaurant that offers a varied menu and many succulent options, with even a DJ set once a week!

The Lodges are the solution more like a hotel that you can find in this special place, the one whose overnight stay definitely has all the comforts of any self-respecting hotel accommodation.

This place is theideal for families and children, whose needs often require staying in more traditional structures.

Other Hotels / Lodges in Wadi Rum

Rum Magic Camp: the location is fantastic and the property is easily accessible even by rental car. It offers clean rooms / tents, with private or shared bathroom. Free wi-fi connection, buffet breakfast and here you will also find a bar and a restaurant.

Milky Way Bedouin Camp: an ecolodge, also within the protected area of ​​Wadi Rum. It offers clean accommodation, perfect and recommended for families with children of all ages.

It also offers a wide range of services such as barbeque, airport shuttle, terrace and restaurant. The wi-fi connection is not available, so it is the perfect place for the digital detox.

3 - The "Martian Dome"

This accommodation is for me the most tempting and most fascinating one!

Sun City Camp it is a structure equipped with all comforts, in some rooms there is a private bathroom in the room! It is one of the most popular and favorite options for tourists of all types, be it small groups, couples, loners and families!

The food here is a real tradition: in fact, a particular dish of meat and vegetables cooked in an underground oven is served, which becomes one of the favorite destinations for guests of the Camp.

You can choose to stay here in a variety of ways, including tents, chalets e following, but the most particular choice is undoubtedly the "Martian dome".

These domes they overlook the desert directly and each have their own veranda from which to admire the view. Panorama which can also be enjoyed while lying comfortably on the bed, thanks to a sort of panoramic window in the infinite direction.

Deciding to book in this hotel is certainly an excellent option in terms of convenience, comfort and particularity of the accommodations.

Other Hotels with "Martian Dome"

Wadi Rum UFO Luxotel: Martian tents have private bathroom with complimentary toiletries, mountain views and a la carte breakfast.

The hotel has a panoramic terrace and free wi-fi throughout the hotel. One of the most luxurious choices that Wadi Rum offers.

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp: another luxury campsite and the best that an accommodation in Wadi Rum can offer: the Martian tents have all the comforts and have a private bathroom with shower and complimentary toiletries. In the campsite, breakfast is continental and buffet style and there is also a panoramic terrace and a solarium.

Hasan Zawaideh Camp: what I'm telling you to do, another great campsite. You can choose from shared tents, private tents up to martian tents. The tents are decorated with oriental rugs and the campsite offers many activities that you can book directly there.

4 - Sleeping in a "bubble"

Il Wadi Rum Luxury Night Camp it's just a quarter of an hour from Rum Village and its luxury tents are pretty amazing!

The most popular, most famous and most sought after choice by tourists who decide to stay here is undoubtedly the "bubble".

This luxurious camp is equipped with structures made in the shape of a dome whose most suggestive part is represented by the transparent plastic side: this allows tourists to literally fall asleep under the stars with the comfort, however, of a protected and quiet accommodation.

Each "bubble" has a comfortable bed equipped with particularly comfortable linens, a private bathroom and a patio: staying here you have the feeling of sleeping outdoors with all the comforts of a hotel room.

Reservations for this little corner of Paradise are limited: there are in fact only 25 rooms, which guarantees even more privacy and tranquility.

It is an ideal place for couples, very romantic and suggestive.

Other hotels with "bubbles"

Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel: one of the three 5 stars found in Wadi Rum and a place for those who want only the best. The bubble rooms overlook a beautiful sunset and are a unique experience.

They have the personal jacuzzi and are treated in every smallest detail. Beautiful outdoor area around the fire where you can admire the stars while smoking the hookah. The hotel organizes camel and jeep excursions and stargazing excursions.

5 – Digital Detox Retreat

If you want to immerse yourself in nature and, at the same time, in a sort of regenerating spirituality and you don't have children in tow, the Digital Detox Retreat is definitely the solution to stay overnight in Wadi Rum that's right for you!

Yoga and meditation they will be your best friends for this stay that tastes so much of a spiritual retreat! The main purpose of this overnight option is to enjoy the benefits of the desert in the absolute absence of any digital equipment.

The guide, in fact, will lead you to an area of ​​Wadi Rum with no telephone signal and Wi-Fi. You will be digitally isolated from the world and you can benefit from it by enjoying only the immensity of nature.

You will be able to taste the dishes prepared by a chef, sleep under the stars, participate in yoga classes and even a suggestive fire ceremony.
It is the ideal choice if you want to dedicate a night of your journey to spirituality.

Facilities for the digital detox Retreat

Wadi Rum Dream Camp: located within the protected area of ​​Wadi Rum, the Wadi Rum Dream Camp offers extremely clean rooms / tents with private bathroom, traditional Bedouin hospitality, free WiFi in all areas. In the evening you can sit around the fire and listen to traditional Bedouin music.

Whatever your choice for a great night out in Wadi Rum, I'm sure theexperience will be unforgettable: starry nights, the taste of tea and traditions, local food prepared by the experience of the Bedouins, comfortable facilities or outdoor adventures will be waiting for you to make your overnight stay unforgettable in the wonderful desolate valley of the red desert.

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