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Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian islands and is ideal for lovers of the sea and nature.

If you too have chosen it for your next holidays you will surely have it the need to know where to stay in Corfu.

First of all you need to understand how the island is made, which is the most windy area, where the best sandy beaches are located and which coast has the most beautiful sea.

The coast that goes from Barbati to Kassiopi is the best for the sea, full of coves to discover. The west coast is also very beautiful but the water is quite cold, in particular the area of 鈥嬧婸aleokastritsa and Arillas.

While in the south west the temperatures are milder but there is a greater wind, ideal for kite surf enthusiasts.

Keep in mind that the Eastern side (from Ipsos to Kassiopi) has pebble beaches, While the sandy beaches are located in the north, let's say in the Sidari area and on the West coast to the extreme South.

Where to Stay in Corfu

To make it easier for you to choose where to stay in Corfu, we divide the island into three main areas, which are usually the most popular:

  • East side: we say from Kerkyra to Kassiopi
  • North Zone: Sidari
  • Western side: Paleokastritsa

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Where to Stay in Corfu: East coast

Although the beaches are not sandy, but pebbly, the east coast and in particular the riviera di Barbati is the best part with a splendid sea and above all warm waters, as opposed to the Paleokastritsa area, where the waters are cold.

For those looking for Mare Bello

If your priority is beautiful sea and beautiful beaches, the area will go from Barbati to Kassiopi it is the best place to stay in Corfu.


For many Kassiopi is among the most beautiful beaches in Corfu, beautiful and crystalline sea, the top for those who come to Corfu to appreciate the beauty of its waters. The beaches, as in the whole coast, are made of pebbles and rocks.

The town is also very nice and characteristic, full of restaurants and shops.

In short, as a base for visiting the island, Kassiopi is one of the best places to sleep in Corfu, here you will find a bit of everything, peace and tranquility, a beautiful sea, restaurants and bars for the evening.

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Kalami is also a quiet village with a pebble beach and crystal clear sea, ideal for families or couples who are no longer very young!

If you are looking for a very quiet area Kalami can be a good choice to stay in Corfu, but besides a few taverns there is nothing else.

For the excellent value for money I recommend: Kalami Studios (see price and availability)

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For the young people

The best places to stay in Corfu for the youngest are: Gouvia, Dassia from Ipsos, staying in this area you will have the convenience of being very close to the capital Kerkyra, which deserves to be visited. Also not to be underestimated proximity to the Riviera di Barbati to enjoy the beautiful sea.


It is among the areas most loved by young people for its lively nightlife and is located in a strategic position to get around the island, practically close to everything, a few km from Barbati, Nissaki, Kassiopi, Kerkyra and not far from Paleokastritsa. On the other hand, the beach is not among the most beautiful on the island.

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Dassia is a little quieter than Ipsos, with better, cleaner and shallower sea, the beach is pebble and gravel, equipped for water sports and water games. Of course Corfu offers better beaches.

Dassia is ideal for young couples looking for the sea and some clubs for the evening. Like Ipsos it is strategic for travel.

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Gouvia, is a small pease that offers a decent evening life and is approx 7 Km from the capital Kerkyra. The beach is made of sand and pebbles, the sea is not the most beautiful, it is better to go towards Barbati.

Recommended for those who do not want to travel too much in the evening, but are willing to go around the day in search of the most beautiful beaches and coves.

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Where to stay in Corfu: North area


Sidari is the area of 鈥嬧媡he island with the sandy beaches and shallow water also very suitable for children. The beach is well equipped but the sea, although not dirty, is not the best. The Barbati Riviera is much better !!

In Sidari don't miss the Canal D'amour, which offers breathtaking views

The town is full of clubs, restaurants and souvenir shops and has a lively nightlife.

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Where to Stay in Corfu: West coast


Paleokastritsa is a town full of shops, clubs and restaurants, much quieter than Sidari.

Paleokastritsa there are several beaches (mixed sand and gravel) all within walking distance and a sea 鈥嬧媋mong the most beautiful on the island, with waters of indescribable colors (even if a little cold).

It is recommended to stay in Paleokastritsa for both couples and families, keep in mind that it is about 20 km from the capital.

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Consiglio: Since the most beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea are almost all of pebbles and rocks, I suggest you bring comfortable beach shoes to enter the water without problems!

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