Where to Stay in Hong Kong: A Guide for Your First Time

Densely populated, ultra-modern and considered by many to be the "gateway" to Asia, Hong Kong it is a global cosmopolitan city.

Located in southeastern China, Hong Kong is a former British colony and a pulsating city: with one of the most impressive skylines in the world and so many things to see and do, Hong Kong and its unique culture are just waiting to be explored.

Having said that, find a place where to sleep in Hong Kong it can be an overwhelming undertaking: the city is a labyrinth of crowded streets and intricate neighborhoods and it's not easy to figure out how to get around!

As Hong Kong's population has steadily increased over the years, space or lack of it is a major concern and this is also reflected in tourism - travelers are forced to shell out more and more.

So if budget is a concern, a 'careful choice of accommodation in Hong Kong as the cost disparity is extremely large.

If you are wondering where to stay in Hong KongDon't worry, I wrote this guide to help you choose the best neighborhood (and I'll give you some hotel tips too) for your next visit.

Note: Although Hong Kong is an autonomous city, you may want to travel to mainland China. If so, check out my awesome one China travel guide do it yourself.

Where to sleep in Hong Kong: Brief Overview of the Neighborhoods

Hong Kong is a huge urban area that was once a British colony. Today it is an autonomous region of China which receives millions of visits from tourists every year.

Most tourists believe that Hong Kong is mostly divided by the port into two distinct areas: theHong Kong island e Kowloon.

Many tourists choose to stay in the center for the ease of getting around and the proximity to everything they need

However, there are some neighborhoods to be found north of Kowloon including the beautiful and lively district of Tsim Sha Tsui, which certainly deserves to be taken into consideration.

Just 15 minutes away from the center is located Tsim Sha Tsui. Here you'll find most of the city's open-air markets where everything from exotic fruit to statues, jewelry and trinkets is sold. It's easy to spend a day getting lost in the streets and stopping for a relaxing break in one of the many trendy bars and cafes.


If you backpackers and you want to spend very little on sleeping in Hong Kong, head to Chungking Mansion, a series of buildings in the middle of Tsim Sha Tsui which are a world apart.

Here, in addition to various ethnic restaurants, markets and small shops, one can find gods inside one of the towers small budget hostels, mostly run by Indians and Pakistanis who offer very small and low cost accommodation.

Go there directly, do not book in advance, because while some are nice and clean, many of them are not exactly the best in life.

I slept in one of these and I had a good time, despite the very small spaces. It is essential to enter and look at the rooms before deciding to stop.

La causeway bay is renowned for being one of the largest commercial districts in the world while Lan Kwai Fong it's all about the nightlife.

If you are looking for a less glamorous but more traditional place then you should try to sleep in Mong kok where you can find some of the most authentic street food in the city. Do not forget Wan chai, the oldest neighborhood in the city!

With all these options, you may be wondering where to stay in Hong, so let's move on to ...

  • 1 - Tsim Sha Tsui: where to sleep in Hong Kong for the first time
  • 2 - Mong Kok: where to sleep in Hong Kong on a budget
  • 3 - Lan Kwai Fong: the best area to stay in Hong Kong for nightlife
  • 4 - Wan Chai: the most beautiful place to stay in Hong Kong
  • 5 - Causeway Bay: where to sleep in Hong Kong with children

1 - Tsim Sha Tsui: Where to stay in Hong Kong for the first time

Commonly known as "TST" the area of Tsim Sha Tsui is the most popular for travelers and is located in Kowloon.

There are two main roads: Nathan Road, full of restaurants, bars and shopping centers and the very famous Avenue of Stars which stands in Hong Kong as the Hollywood Walk of Fame is in Los Angeles: this boardwalk next to Victoria Harbor is famous for its static telescopes that allow you to admire the skyline of the city and also focuses on another type of stars - those in the movies.

The main hub of the area is undoubtedly theamazing breathtaking skyline view from Hong Kong Harbor which attracts most tourists: from backpackers to those who love luxury.

Shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the best in the world given the flood of shops and boutiques.

Other things to see in Tsim Sha Tsui:

1 - Kowloon Park: Green space enthusiasts can find peace, escaping the city, at the large Kowloon Park, which is home to greenery, plants and birds.
3 - From ferry dock by Tsim Sha Tsui for over 100 years, ships have taken travelers across the body of water from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island.
4 - K11: don't miss this art gallery and shopping center which exhibits different exhibitions throughout the year.


Among cheap hotels there are 3 that I recommend: the Ashoka Hostel it is certainly an excellent choice for young travelers and for those looking for low cost accommodation. Equally take a look at the USA Hostel Hong Kong and Homy Inn.

If you have a medium budget, for sure these three hotels offer the best choices:
The Perkin Hotel: a modern hotel, close to all attractions of interest.
The Luxe Manor: a 5-star hotel, inspired by Salvador Dali.
Hotel Nina and Convention Center: a luxury hotel with outdoor and indoor swimming pool.

2 - Mong Kok: Where to stay in Hong Kong on a budget

Mong kok it is the heart of shopping and the busiest residential district in Hong Kong, but don't let that scare you. The historic streets bathed in neon lights are worth a visit - just to watch the people go by.

The district includes one of Hong Kong's most popular markets, the Ladies Market, and it also has a lot of shopping streets, which are a common feature in southern China. Mong Kok has entire streets dedicated to selling goldfish, flowers, birds, sneakers, crockery, and jade items (but beware of scams!).

Almost everything from second-hand items to luxury jewelry is bought, sold and bargained in Mong Kok. Sai Yeung Choi Street sells electronics, cosmetics and clothing; Shantung Street e Dundas Street are the places where you can buy the latest trendy things, while Langham Place is one of the many shopping malls.

The area is also a bit 'stuck in time' because traditional buildings can still be found here which means there are some fairly inexpensive accommodation options (but you have to be a bit quirky and creative to feel comfortable).


Il Mong Kok's best hostel is undoubtedly the Wontonmeen, with its eccentric style, the kitchen which is also a small cinema, a record shop and a gallery. Great for the price it offers.

Those who prefer a budget hotel, or mid-budget, should check out these 2 hotels which are undoubtedly the best choices in the whole city:

Asia Travel House: Located in an area full of restaurants and varied options for lunch and dinner, this hotel offers rooms with all the comforts one could wish for.
Micro Hotel: a small hotel located in the heart of Kowloon and offering rooms with fresh linen sheets, free wifi and air conditioning.

For me though the best hotel in Mong Kok and the Cordis, with the beautiful panoramic views, the huge beds, dressing gowns and slippers to make the experience even more relaxing and the super central location with all the areas of interest at your fingertips.

3 - Lan Kwai Fong (Hong Kong Central): where to sleep for those who love nightlife

The area of Lan Kwai Fong, in Hong Kong Central, it is undoubtedly the most attractive part of the city and is located close to Victoria peak; me too'International Finance Center and Man Mo Temple they are a must visit. Here most hotels are within walking distance and offer a free shuttle service to the city center.

This area is the best place where to stay in Hong Kong for 2 nights as it is easy to get around and where to see most of the attractions.

Lan Kwai Fong is also one of the Hong Kong nightlife hot spots and is home to over 90 restaurants and bars. The atmosphere ranges from elegant restaurants offering fine wine pairings and perch steaks to the food on offer, as varied as the clientele.

Lan Kwai Fong usually hosts carnivals and other celebrations during major holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year and has, hear ya, its own beer festival.

Some of the Hong Kong's most exclusive hotels and boutiques they are located exactly here.


There are many hotels in Lan Kwai Fong but it is not an area for those on a budget: the hotels are among the most expensive, but among the most interesting ones (check it out more) are the Mini hotel Central, the Shama Hotel andIbis Hong Kong Central & Sheung Wan.

Among best known and most famous hotels there is (rightly) the Lan Kwai Fong Hotel @ Kau U Fong although, in some reviews, the room is described as a bit small.
If you book there, mention this and ask for a big one.

"Guys hey we're in Central Hong Kong", it is not difficult to find luxury here and the "important" hotels. If you want to play it safe (certainly not wrong) the Mandarin Oriental is a guarantee (as well as being one of the best hotels for families a Hong Kong).

Another true luxury hotel and the Pottinger Hong Kong and if so you have no budget problems I strongly advise you to watch the Kerry Hotel (Shangri-La) with its windows directly on the water of the Hong Kong bay! Basically a dream!

4 -Wan Chai: The most beautiful place to stay in Hong Kong

Though Wan chai is the main commercial area of ​​Hong Kong, the accommodation options are varied, cheap and affordable. Despite being close to the central area, in Wan Chai it feels like you can breathe a little more.

If time permits, take a stroll between Wan Chai and Central Hong Kong, as the locals do. The area includes the famous Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, which is located in the vicinity of major government offices.

Ad Admiralty you will find the beautiful and popular Hong Kong Park together with Bauhinia Square popular destination for watching the sunset in Hong Kong. MTR trains are connected to and from the whole area and it is therefore easy for everyone to reach places quickly and without problems.

The area is ideal for people who want to spend some time in Hong Kong.


The bizarre neighborhood of Wan chaiOnce dirty and run down, it is now establishing itself as one of the most artistic neighborhoods in the city.
Known for shabby-chic style, it offers lower prices and put it simply if you are looking for one cheap accommodation search here!

Among the most interesting ones, take a look at the Check Inn HK.

For the medium budget, has excellent reviews on Hotel Ease Access Wan Chai, but also the ' Eaton Residences Wan Chai Gap Road, if you prefer an apartment close to the nightlife but secluded enough to be quiet.

THEEmpire Hotel Hong Kong it is a good choice, but we are on higher prices.

Among luxury hotel, no doubt, stand out the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong (which is also one of the best hotels to sleep with children in Hong Kong) with superb views of the bay from the large windows in the rooms, and the Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel.

5 - Causeway Bay: Hong Kong's best neighborhood with kids

Recognized as one of the busiest areas in the world, the area of Causeway bay in Hong Kong is the heart and soul of Hong Kong Island (and is an area in the Wan Chai District).

Causeway Bay is in fact one of the busiest neighborhoods, full of restaurants and shops, but also of Hong Kong's main library and the largest public park on the island.

Causeway Bay is a real microcosm in Hong Kong's shopping scene, with the luxury fashion by Lee Gardens One & Two, Hysan Place, Lee Theater, Times Square and Fashion Walk, bargains at half price in the SOGO Department Store and those in abundance at the chaotic market.

Causeway Bay, with its chaotic, crowded, lighted and vibrant surroundings is the best place to go sleeping in Hong Kong with the family.


Since Causeway bay it's the best place where to sleep with children in Hong Kong, I will recommend some special hotel for you the families.

First on the list are the Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay Hong Kong along with the wonderful The Park Lane Hong Kong, the only hotel in the Accor chain in Hong Kong.

A second choice (but still a top-notch hotel) is the Regal Hongkong Hotel which compared to the first has slightly lower reviews.

Between the cheapest choices there is the award-winning by users Causeway Bay Inn (@Percival Street) a single star but a quality / price ratio like few others, while those who love to stay in an apartment or residence should opt for the Little Tai Hang, another excellent choice at low prices.

You also have some advice on where to sleep in Honk Kong? If yes, let me write it in the comments!

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