Where to Stay in Prague If It's Your First Time Going There

Prague it is the jewel of Bohemia, the European capital that welcomes a large number of tourists every year: everyone is fascinated and impressed, its culture and its many traditions make it the jewel of the Czech Republic.

Il Old Town of this splendid city is included among the assets of UNESCO World Heritage Site since the beginning of the nineties, you can imagine what a splendor!

If you are planning a holiday in the heart of Bohemia, you are surely wondering where stay, especially if you want to consider the various characteristics of the areas that make up the city.

I will try to describe how the city of Prague is divided, and then gradually list the peculiarities of the various districts that you can take into consideration when booking your accommodation.

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My choice, every time I go to Prague (I've been there 7 times!) Always falls on Plus Hostel Prague and the reasons are that offers all the benefits of a hostel (PRICE, dorms, kitchen, wi-fi and even a sauna) to the comforts of a hotel (private rooms with bathroom, restaurant ... even a swimming pool!).

Il Plus hostel is located in Prague 7 a very quiet and sui generis area, preferred by many expats for low prices and at the same time ease to reach the center by public transport. Don't be fooled by its blue-collar past: Prague 7 is being born to a new life with clubs, hotels, art galleries and the beer garden!

Plus Hostel Prague it is particularly recommended for: groups of friends, young couples and families !!!

The subdivision into districts and neighborhoods

The beautiful city of Prague is divided into districts: there are a total of 22 and the progressive number increases as you move away from the center. Districts 1 and 2 are in fact part of the beating heart of the city.

In addition to the subdivision into districts, Prague has, like all cities, neighborhoods well defined: there are some that I will prefer in suggesting where to stay, also fantastic for finding interesting places and for refreshing yourself.

Each district may belong to several districts, just as it is possible that each district has multiple districts! In short, a well-articulated subdivision of the city that makes it very easy to visit and understandable to tourists.

Let's start listing the most important neighborhoods where to look for accommodation and, in preparing the list, I will also indicate which district they belong to.

The neighborhoods in which I would recommend you where to stay in Prague:

  • 1 - Where to stay in Prague with children: Malá Strana
  • 2 - Where to sleep for romantic couples: Hradčany
  • 3 - Where to sleep for the nightlife: Karlovo Náměstí
  • 4 Where to stay in Prague for the first time - Nové Město
  • 5 - Dove dormire and Prague center: Old Town
  • 6 - Where to sleep for history: Josefov
  • 7 - Where to sleep in Prague on a budget: Vinohrady
  • 8 - Where to sleep in Prague for young people: Holešovice
  • 9 - Where NOT to sleep in Prague if it is the first time you go there: Žižkov
  • Final tips on where to stay in Prague

Let's see them now in detail with some more suggestions!

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1 - Malá Strana: Where to stay in Prague with children

Malá Strana it is a neighborhood that has its origins in the Middle Ages and is often also called a "small neighborhood". This district is part of the so-called "new city" and can be reached from the old city by crossing the beautiful Charles Bridge.

Malá Strana is part of the district 1 of Prague, therefore it turns out to be a very central accommodation in which to stay! This neighborhood is a combination of history, tradition and culture, in a fascinating and romantically melancholy setting.

During the day, Malá Strana is dense with tourists, also thanks to its proximity to the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, but at night it offers an incredibly peaceful tranquility, to rest and sleep peacefully.

It can be ideal for couples who don't like chaos and for families, as it is a central but quiet neighborhood.

The best Hotels in Malá Strana


EA Residence U White skittles: one of the best choices. It offers rooms and suites equipped with all comforts and on site there is a restaurant that prepares Czech dishes on the spot.

The Schnellu: Hotel U Schnellu is a 5-minute walk from Prague Castle and is a family-run property. It offers comfortable rooms equipped with private bathroom with bathtub, air conditioning and flat-screen TV. Each room also has a view of the beautiful architecture of the city.

Hotel Pod Věží: Hotel Pod Vezi is located in a historic building right next to the iconic Charles Bridge. It offers rooms with private bathroom, air conditioning, soundproofing and flat-screen TV. The hotel has a restaurant, a bar and an excellent breakfast is served in the morning.

The best things to do in Malá Strana

  • See the city from above from the roof of the old town hall
  • Watch the show every hour atastronomic watch
  • walk through it Royal Road like the ancient Czech kings on their way to Prague castle

2 - Hradčany: Where to sleep for romantic couples

Di Maks Ershov /

Located next to the Malá Strana district, too Hradčany it is part of district 1 of Prague.

This district is particularly famous because it develops around the Prague Castle, occupying the hill and the surrounding area.

Staying here means choosing to stay overnight in one of the most exclusive areas and opting for the suggestion that the proximity to the castle, symbol of the Czech capital, offers.

Let's say, however, that all these features have ... a price!

3 - Karlovo Náměstí: Where to sleep for the nightlife

On the opposite side of the Vltava from Malá Strana and Hradčany, Charles' Square it is also part of district 1 of the city, but is located on the opposite bank. Literally, it is the neighborhood of Piazza Carlo, where a large market dedicated to livestock was once held.

This neighborhood, which is part of the historic center of Prague, has something of a residential feel compared to the neighboring neighborhoods even though it is very close to the entertainment of the nightlife and to the walks that run along the Vltava.

Despite the proximity to clubs and leisure facilities, the nights here are also peaceful and you can sleep well.

4 - Nové Město: Where to stay in Prague for the first time

Nove Mesto it is the perfect neighborhood to sleep in for those who will think about sleeping once they get home! This district, which is always part of the first Prague district and which is very central, is teeming with clubs and nightlife! It is ideal for young and old alike with a great desire to have fun and have an evening!

The heart of the district, which is also called the “new city”, is Wenceslas Square, a famous avenue where you can find shops, clubs, theaters, cinemas and museums.

There is also a huge shopping center, for those who love to shop even on vacation!
Nové Město is ideal if you want to stay in the heart of the city.

I migliori Hotel and New Town

Hotel Majestic Plaza

Wenceslas Square Hotel: The Wenceslas Square Hotel offers clean and comfortable rooms at an affordable price. Each room has a private bathroom, flat-screen TV, fan and free Wi-Fi. During the summer, guests can relax in the garden. The hotel also has a bar and restaurant which serves a good breakfast in the morning.

THEHotel Majestic Plaza is an elegant hotel located a few steps from Wenceslas Square and is housed in two different historic buildings. Each room in the hotel is equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom, flat screen TV and tea and coffee making facilities.

Alcron Hotel Prague: Those who love high-end hotels should look at this hotel. Located just 100 meters from Wenceslas Square, the Alcron hotel offers Art Deco-style rooms, two Michelin-starred restaurants, the BeBop Lobby Bar for after-dinner drinks and an outdoor terrace. one of the TOP choices in Prague.

Cosa fare e vedere a Nové Město

  • Visit monument to Jan Palach in Wenceslas Square
  • Watch a show at Teatro Nazionale
  • See the unique architecture of the Dancing house
  • Appreciate the strangeness of statues of Cerny in the Lucerna Passage and Narodni

5 - Staré Město: Where to sleep in the center of Prague

If the Nové Město district is part of the "new city", that of Old Town it is an integral part of the "old city".

This district is always part of the first Prague district and is located next to Nové, on the bank of the Vltava river.

It is a neighborhood rich in history, culture and traditions: there are many historic buildings to visit, many monuments to photograph, as many clubs, restaurants and shops to go to.

It is the perfect area if you love walking and being able to reach everything on foot: here you can indulge yourself and you will have everything available!
Stroll through the shopping streets, the cultural streets and the beautiful Charles Bridge: you will have Prague at your feet!

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The best hotel in the Old Town

Old Prague Hotel: probably one of the best known and most booked hotels in Prague for its location and value for money. In fact, it is located right next to the Old Town Square and the astronomical clock. The hostel offers private rooms with shared bathroom and beds in dormitories for 4 to 10 people.

Old Prague House: I once stayed here and had a great time. The hotel is in an excellent location a stone's throw from the Charles Bridge. It has a great price, it's clean and the owner is very kind (she picked us up from the airport for free by car).

Hotel Residence Retezova: if you are looking for a 4 * residence, read no further, this is the right choice for you! Located in the heart of the Old Town, it is located in a period building and the rooms have all the comforts. with a small extra charge you can request breakfast (in one of the adjacent bars).

Cosa vedere e fare a Staré Město

  • See the city from above from one of the towers of the Charles Bridge
  • Watch the show at any time on theastronomic watch
  • walk through it Royal Road like the ancient Czech kings on their way to Prague Castle
  • stroll on the bridge listening to the musicians and watching the street performers
  • Sit down in a bar in Piazza della Old City
  • Get a beer in one historic brewery in Prague!

6 - Josefov: Where to sleep for history

Jewish cemetery

In the heart of the old town and in district 1, Josefov and the Jewish quarter of the city.

It is made up of evocative and particularly fascinating streets from an architectural point of view, small old Jewish shops and characteristic views.

You will be able to visit the synanogues, the Jewish museum and the well-known cemetery.

Staying here has a powerful religious - symbolic value and you would surely be pervaded by the culture and centuries of history passed by Josefov.

7 - Vinohrady: Where to sleep in Prague on a budget

In capric /

The district of Vinohrady we can place it in district 2 of Prague, therefore, although it is one of the most central, it differs a little from the very central ones.

It is particularly suggestive especially because here you can have something to do with the locals, both for the famous and well-known places where you can spend some of your time and for a nice walk, without however straying too far from the city center.

Vinohrady is also the neighborhood where one of the Prague's most famous Christmas markets!

However, fear not: even in this area they know the English language, so you won't have any difficulty finding your way around and asking for information!

The best hotels in Vinohrady

THEArkada Hotel Prague it is located in a restored Art Nouveau building, typical of the Vinohrady area. It offers comfortable rooms with private bathroom and views of the surrounding city. There is also a fan and heater. In the morning a good breakfast is served and free Wifi is available.

THEElizabeth Suites it offers modernly furnished rooms with a seating area, kitchenette, private bathroom and flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Some rooms also have a terrace. Free Wi-Fi is available and the hotel provides an airport shuttle service. All hotel rooms are non-smoking.

What to see and do in Vinohrady

  • Spend some time a Havlickovy Sady, the second largest park in Prague
  • Stroll the streets to admire the beautiful case in Art Deco style of the area
  • Try one of the street foods in Prague, a hot dog in Peace Square

8 - Holešovice: where to sleep in Prague for young people

By Marben /

The district of Holešovice it moves a little further away from the central districts and is located in district 7. It was an industrial location whose structures, warehouses and industries have been converted into places dedicated to artists and creatives in general.

It is an arts district and here you can also visit the National Gallery and one of the largest train stations in Prague, Holešovice railway station.
Holešovice is a decidedly eclectic and sui generis neighborhood, far from the glories of the old town.

Whatever your choice, always take into consideration the layout of the neighborhoods and districts, trying not to stray too far from the center and finding the solution you prefer!

The best Hotels in Holešovice

Plus Hostel Prague

I already told you about Plus hostel which, as far as I'm concerned, is the best choice in Prague for young people and lonely travelers because it combines all the services of a hostel, but with the comforts of a hotel.

If you are looking for an apartment, On The Top Apartments offers clean apartments, seating area and even bike rental!

Another choice for apartments is given by Louren Apartments offering modern yet comfortable accommodation with parquet flooring, kitchenette and airport shuttle service.

What to see and do in Holešovice

  • Visit National Technical Museum
  • Spend some time relaxing in the gardens of the Palazzo Wallenstein
  • Visit DOX Contemporary Art Center (famous for the Gulliver Airship a wooden airship on the roof)
  • Observe the largest collection of modern and contemporary art works by the greatest international artists at the National Gallery Prague

9 - Žižkov: Where NOT to sleep in Prague if it is the first time you go there

The district of Žižkov is the ideal choice if you are NOT going to Prague for the first time. If you already know the city and have already spent a holiday in its streets, this neighborhood could be the perfect place to stay.

Located in the Prague 3 district, Žižkov will immerse you in local traditions and locals.

It is the ideal neighborhood for unpretentious accommodation and for those who want to be in contact with the locals as much as possible. It is also ideal for those who love nightlife: here there are many places where you can have a drink and make friends!

Where to sleep, the best hotels

If you are looking for a hotel with a very romantic and attic room then look at the Carlton. The rooms equipped with all comforts are magical but functional. It is within walking distance of some of the best pubs in Prague.

The hotel Amadeus offers spacious and comfortable rooms. Each room has a private bathroom, patio and seating area. It is located in a quiet part of the neighborhood and a good breakfast is served in the morning. An airport shuttle service is available.

What to see and do in Žižkov

  • Enjoy the sunset over Prague Castle from Riegrovy Sady, one of the best parks in the city
  • Take a look at Prague from the top of the Zizkov Television Tower
  • See the largest clock in the country at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Our Lord
  • Party all night in the numerous bars by Zizkov

My final tips on where to stay in Prague

Di NaughtyNut /

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with lots of historical architecture and monuments to offer. It is also one of the cheapest places in Europe to stay and eat.

When choosing a trip to Europe, maybe for a weekend, Prague should definitely be on your wish list.

Those visiting Prague for the first time will surely appreciate the charm and central location of the Old City, which is also the center of the most touristy activities (and the highest prices for accommodation). Here you will find the most famous places in Prague such as Old Town Square andastronomic watch.

Across the Vltava River, the Little Country, also known as the Little Quarter, offers a calmer atmosphere. It's great for families looking for a less crowded environment while still staying in the heart of the action. This is the neighborhood where the Prague Castle and Carlo bridge.

Despite being more than 700 years old, the area it surrounds Old Town (Old Town) is called the New city (New Town). Being located a little further away from the main attractions, it offers cheaper accommodation and is therefore a perfect choice for those who want to stay in Prague on a budget while being in the center. It is also full of restaurants and cafes.

Finally, VinohradyHolešovice they have recently become Prague's trendiest and most hipster neighborhoods.

La my best choice for where to stay in Prague and the Plus hostel. Although not in Prague 1 but in Prague 7 it offers fantastic service at a truly exceptional price!

Still wondering where to stay in Prague? Did I miss your favorite place to stay in Prague? Let me know in the comments and I'll add it to the list! Enjoy the ride!

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