Where to stay in Tenerife

Have you finally decided to spend a holiday in Tenerife too? Excellent choice, but now you are wondering what is the best area to stay in Tenerife.

Well, you have come to the right place, in this article I will explain how to choose the best part for a stay in Tenerife according to your needs.

Tenerife is a very large island, the largest of the Canaries for this reason it is very important to understand where to sleep. The real big doubt of those who decide to go to Tenerife is whether prefer north or south?

The choice mainly depends on the type of holiday you want to do: if you want to visit the island and its attractions, if you are looking for nightlife and entertainment or if you prefer to spend a holiday above all on the seaside.

So let's see how to choose the perfect base for your holiday in Tenerife.

Where to sleep in Tenerife: South or North?

First of all it is important to underline the climatic factor: the south is generally sunnier and with a milder climate during most of the year, in the north, however, the weather is more variable.

The south offers fewer attractions to visit, is more touristy and less authentic than the north, but has large comfortable beaches with all the services and many clubs and restaurants.

The North is certainly more authentic, there are the main attractions of the island, such as the Teide National Park, Santa Cruz, San CristĂČbal de La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz, La Orotava, Garachico etc.

Another important consideration is at the budget level: in general the places in the south are more expensive.

So where is it worth staying in Tenerife, in the South or in the North?

For those who come to Tenerife especially for the beach life or for the evening life, I recommend staying in the South.

The North is more suitable for those who are not only looking for sea, sun and relaxation but want to admire the main points of interest of the island.

If you want to enjoy both the beaches and the wonders of the island, you have two options:

  • Stay in the south, rent a car and drive from there to the destinations you want to visit. However, keep in mind that traffic has increased quite a bit in recent years.
  • If you have more days available, the best solution would be to divide your stay into 2 stages.

Finally, also consider the airport where you will arrive, if for example you arrive in the north you could do the first days to discover the island and then move to the south and spend the days on the beach for a little relaxation!

Where to Stay in the South of Tenerife

As we have said, choosing the South as a base for a holiday in Tenerife means having several beaches nearby and a wide range of restaurants and clubs.

In particular they are recommended Los Cristianos, Playa de las AmĂ©ricas or Costa Adeje, three locations close to each other and reachable on foot with a pleasant walk along the coast.

For those who choose a beach holiday, the great advantage of staying in the south is that you will not need a car to move between these locations.

1. The Americas

For those looking especially for the nightlife, the right choice where to stay in Tenerife is certainly Las Americas Beach. It is the busiest place on the island full of clubs, discos, shops and beaches that are always very popular.

During the day you can stay on the beach and enjoy the sun or practice water sports, in the evening the famous Veronica's Strip comes alive and partying until late at night.

For this reason Las Americas is very popular with young people and party lovers.

Las Americas is ideal if you want to spend most of your time on the beach and are looking for a very lively area.

There are different types of accommodation in Playa de Las Americas: you can rent beautiful apartments in complexes with swimming pool or choose one of the many hotels or resorts with all-inclusive packages.

2. The Christians

Los Cristianos is the second most famous tourist resort on the island, an area that is always lively but prettier and less artificial than in Las Americas.

The area in recent years has become an excellent resort thanks to major building renovation projects. It is an area recommended for couples or families, it offers a beautiful beach and a walk among clubs, restaurants, bars and shops. In addition there is the port for excursions or to reach other islands.

However, keep in mind that Las Americas can be reached with a few minutes' walk.

3. Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is a southern seaside resort, one of the most exclusive on the island, most recommended for a family holiday, never crowded, with beautiful beaches and a mild climate all year round.

The main beach in the area is Playa Fanabe, dark sand, equipped with all services and with play areas for children. The promenade is a succession of shops, bars and restaurants.

From here you can reach the best areas of the North in a day or take a trip to La Gomera having near the port of Los Cristianos.

Consider that being a more sophisticated and classy area, the prices are a bit higher.

4. El Medano

Medano is the area for kite surfers, wind surfers and surfers, in fact it is a very windy place. The landscape is beautiful nestled between the Montana Roja.

The area is in a strategic position to visit the island and is the perfect place for those looking for a more authentic and characteristic atmosphere. There is no shortage of excellent restaurants, bars and shops.

The costs of accommodation but also of restaurants at El Medano are lower than in the more touristy locations. Obviously if you hate the wind this is not the place for you.

Where to Stay in the North of Tenerife

If the main reason for the trip is discover the island, then better to stay in the north of Tenerife, in particular Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz are the main centers.

5. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz is the capital of the island of Tenerife and the largest city, has all the services and is well connected to the rest of the island by public transport.

Staying in Santa Cruz de Tenerife you will have the opportunity to visit museums, go for walks and discover the main attractions that the island offers, such as the nearby San CristĂłbal de La Laguna, World Heritage Site.

Despite being on the sea, Santa Cruz does not have a beach, the closest is the splendid one Las Teresitas, an artificial beach with Sahara sand located less than 10 km from the capital.

In February each year the famous Carnival is held in Santa Cruz, one more reason to choose this town as a base for visiting Tenerife.

6. San CristĂłbal de la Laguna

San Cristobal de la Laguna is one of the most beautiful towns on the island, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Its colonial-style historic center is beautiful with the pedestrian area where you can stroll among colorful buildings, shops and cafes. La Laguna is a university area and is therefore always quite lively and frequented by young students.

Staying in La Laguna means getting in touch with the culture of the island and with the locals.

However, keep in mind that La Laguna is located at an altitude of 600 meters, which is why the temperatures are always quite low.

7. Puerto de La Cruz

If you prefer a seaside resort the best choice in the North is Puerto de la Cruz, a town that has maintained its Canarian character, where you can take pleasant evening strolls among the souvenir shops, for example from Plaza del Charco to the beach of Martianez.

I remind you that the northern beaches have very dark sand and are difficult to swim. A beach not to be missed and where you can swim is Jardin Beach.

Also worth a visit Artificial lake of Martianez designed by the famous architect Cesar Manrique, the largest natural seawater pool in the world.


In this article we have seen how to choose the right place to stay in Tenerife, summing up we can say:

The Americas: tourist area ideal for beach life and for the nightlife;

The Christians: long beach, lively but quieter area perfect for families and couples;

Adeje: elegant tourist resort recommended for a family holiday with children;

El Medano: a characteristic, economic area and a favorite destination for water sports lovers;

Santa Cruz: capital of the island, offers all services, is well connected by public transport with the rest of the island. Good base for touring Tenerife;

Cross port: excellent location for visiting the main attractions of the island, close to beautiful beaches;

The lagoon: beautiful university city from a cultural point of view and at the same time lively.

Article revised and updated on 6 July 2020

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