In the heart of Poland, there is a magical corner of Japan

    Wroclaw is home to the Japanese Garden, a wonderful expanse of water lilies, lakes and ponds
    In the heart of Poland, there is a magical corner of Japan
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    Japanese garden

    In the wonderful region of Silesia, near the waters of the Oder river, lies one of the most fascinating pearls of Poland, Wroclaw.

    Wroclaw, in Polish, was declared in 2016 the European Capital of Culture e World Book Capital, thanks to its distinctive features: 12 islands and 100 bridges, a tormented history enclosed between architectural structures, a long gastronomic tradition and a high quality of life.

    Some have called it the Venice of the North, given its strategic position, which makes it a destination of rare beauty. The city center is characterized by Market Square, with the splendid Town Hall and buildings with decorated facades and colorful and, walking around the city, it is not difficult to find gnomes scattered throughout the streets. It is no coincidence that Wroclaw is called "the city of gnomes" by its inhabitants. Here you can breathe in fresh air and feel immersed in a fantastic world, which for years has made hundreds of visitors fall in love with it.

    In fact, the town has increasingly established itself as one of the main European tourism destinations, thanks also to the perfectly functioning connections, which make it easily accessible, to its monuments and sporting and cultural initiatives.

    One of the most enchanting attractions of the city, however, is located inside Szcytnicki Park, and it is the perfect place for all fans of Land of the Rising Sun. The Japanese gardens, in fact, are a beauty of nature with an oriental flavour, immersed in the European city.

    In the heart of Poland, there is a magical corner of Japan

    This amazing place was born in 1913 When, on the occasion of the Universal Exposition, the Count Fritz von Hochberg, a great lover of Asian culture, decided to create a garden for the occasion. Once the exhibition was over, however, the area was abandoned until 1994, when the Japanese Embassy in Warsaw he decided to give new life to the area, reconstructing it meticulously.

    Today it is a mix of colours, paths and flowers that intertwine, soothing the soul and spirit of the visitor. It is crossed by two waterfalls: a "male" one with a rapid fall of water and a "female" one, with a slow fall. Both flow into the pond, surmounted by a bridge.

    A wonderful atmosphere, in typical oriental style, enlivened by the pavilions, the stone and grass paths and the varied species of plants and flowering water lilies that lie on the ponds.

    Ideal for photography enthusiasts, a visit in autumn is recommended, when the light filters through the trees, reflecting the colors of nature on the waters.

    In the heart of Poland, there is a magical corner of Japan

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