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When to go to Cambodia, Best time to visit

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A trip to Cambodia, often associated with visiting Vietnam or Laos, is a journey through the magical lands of Indochina's Buddhist pagodas and temples immersed in tropical jungles, where trees grow on ancient ruins and where you can encounter tigers and elephants.

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Cambogia, Angkor Wat Cambodia, Angkor Wat, tree Cambodia, temple

Starting from the most famous archaeological site of Angkor, the journey continues to discover the numerous temples, including the famous Angkor Wat, alternated by wild landscapes and tidy expanses of rice paddies

. Through river routes aboard typical boats you can meet, here and there, some remote rural villages. Finally, you can take a relaxing break on a secluded tropical beach caressed by the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Siam.


Cambodia's climate is tropical, characterized by the passage of monsoons in the period from May to early November, with the highest concentration in October. The best time to travel to Cambodia is from December to mid-February, when temperatures are not excessive. The latter are high throughout the year but can reach 40°C during March and April when the heat and humidity become oppressive. The sea water is warm all year round and averages around 30°C.
The wettest areas are the hills and the coastline overlooking the Gulf of Siam, to the benefit of the flatter areas. Cambodia hardly gets the typhoons that often destroy the coasts of Vietnam.

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