The most beautiful beaches in Cuba

    The most beautiful beaches in CubaFrom Playa Rancho Luna to Maria la Gorda, the most spectacular and famous beaches of the Caribbean island

    Cuba is famous for its crystal clear sea and its dream coast, which has a perimeter of 5.700 kilometers with breathtaking landscapes in which the beaches are the protagonists. The Cuban beaches have, in fact, their own mark of quality: lush vegetation, one fine, very white sand andclear water, transparent and crystalline.

    Here are the most spectacular beaches not to be missed on thisCaribbean island.

    Varadero has become the favorite beach for tourists and is among the most recommended destinations by tour operators. Located on the Hicacos Peninsula, it is a 19 kilometer long strip of land, a continuous succession of beaches, more or less wide but all with salmon-coloured sand, so fine that it has become one of the symbols of Varadero.

    Key Largo
    Cayo Largo is a small island surrounded along its entire length by very white beaches. It owes its name to its elongated shape. Here he landed Christopher Colombo in 1494 on the occasion of his journey to the New World, it was also a base for pirates.

    Baracoa beaches
    The area of Casas Particulares Baracoa it is still largely isolated and this represents one of its main attractions. It offers beaches for all tastes, suitable for various needs. You are spoiled for choice among the golden beaches of Maguana Beach, the black sand of Duaba Beach or the gray sands around the Baracoa Bay.

    East Beach
    Playa del Este is one of the most popular beaches near Havana. It is located just 20 kilometers from the center and 40 km from the international airport.

    María la Gorda
    Maria la Gorda is among the most evocative beaches on the island. The beach and seabed are very renowned, also suitable for diving lovers. Legend has it that Maria was one Venezuelan kidnapped by pirates and then abandoned on the island. The woman then opened a place where she cooked delicious dishes for the pirates who passed through these parts.

    Cayo Levisa
    A small, beautiful and uninhabited island about 40 kilometers from Viñales, whose sunny beach extends for four kilometers, with flour-like sand, palm trees and coral reef with colorful fish.

    It evokes landscapes made of coves and beaches soft white sand. This is among the beaches best known by tourists, very close to the airport Casas Particulares Holguin. It is also the most frequented by tourists on the Holguin coasts and has an extension of 4 km. Its characteristics are: abundant vegetation, blue-green water and a coral reef rich in crustaceans about 900 meters from the shore.

    Rancho Luna Beach
    It's the beach of Casas Particulares Cienfuegos, very fine white sand with palm groves and Caleta grapes, you can practice all types of sports, on land and water.

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