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When to go to Cuba, Best Time

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Among the best known Caribbean islands, Cuba is the largest and has a size of approximately 110,000 square kilometers. Getting around is complicated if your vacation is short, it would be worth extending your trip to get to the heart of Cuban culture and realize how far it is from our own. You will be captivated by its energy and will find it hard to forget so easily.

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Many changes are taking place in recent times, here is going to Cuba

has become an immediate necessity for many travelers, and that is why "going to Cuba" in our opinion has become urgent.

The beaches in Cuba

vary from the white of Varadero, to the golden yellow of Guardalavaca, to the black of Playa Duaba. But they are certainly not the only ones, the variety of beaches is infinite and during a trip to Cuba you can't avoid trying everything you can.

But when to go to Cuba?


As in other countries with tropical climate, there is also a rainy period in Cuba, which here goes from May to October

. The rainy season, with violent rains especially from September to the first part of November.

The best time to go to Cuba and not encounter bad weather is therefore from the end of November to April

. During these winter months the days are still long, temperatures are high, between 25-28 ° C, the sky is almost always clear and humidity is almost zero.

The sea water temperature is warm throughout the year, ranging from 26 ° C in January to 31 ° C in August, so diving and snorkeling are always recommended.

During the rainy season from May to October, rains are abundant and of strong intensity, especially between August and October, can occur in the form of violent hurricanes

that mainly affect the eastern part of Cuba, we recommend avoiding the months of September and October, which in recent years have witnessed the overlapping of numerous hurricanes that arise in the waters of the Atlantic and head towards the Caribbean. During the rainy season the heat is humid and the sultry air is very uncomfortable, temperatures usually reach 32 ° C between July and September. The heaviest rains fall especially on the north coast, particularly on the part exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, while they are much less intense in the southern part, where temperatures are higher and the cool influences of the northern currents are absent.

For more details on precipitation and average temperatures

see the following data.

Weather in progress

In this link you will find the weather forecast for the next days, before leaving check them out to decide what to pack:3bmeteo/cuba


Notifications: pay attention to microcrimes in Havana.

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