Where to run in London: routes, areas and tips

    Where to run in London: routes, areas and tips
    Running in London: what are the most suggestive routes for jogging in a pleasant and effortless way, thanks to some practical suggestions

    Running in LondonIn addition to keeping you in shape, it can be a very pleasant activity. Runners who have just moved to London, or who simply want to stay fit even while on holiday, will be happy to know that this great capital is full of beautiful routes. The parks are numerous and are spread over different areas, but many people prefer them. run through the streets from the city center, especially during winter when temperatures are quite low.

    Another beautiful route is the one that crosses Richmond Park– This is another English royal park located in the western part of London and is the largest in the city. During the race, in addition to squirrels, you can meet deer and fallow deer. In addition, to run in London you can also choose part of the route used during the famous Marathon. We start from Green Park and then cross the street, paying attention to the cars and enter San Jaime Park, right opposite Buckingham Palace. From here you can continue The mall, the avenue where the marathon finish line is located.

    The most loved running park in London is definitely Hyde Park, which is located near the well-known Harrods shopping center. It is best to avoid it in winter as the presence of Christmas markets makes it quite crowded, but at other times of the year it is a perfect place for jogging. You can run around the perimeter or along streets surrounded by greenery. If you continue to its westernmost part you can directly access the Kensington Gardens, the royal park at Kensington Palace, official home of William and Kate.

    Un percorso very popular is South Bank, on the banks of the Thames. In hot seasons, the best time to take a walk is undoubtedly after 19 p.m., while in cold seasons you can take advantage of the sun between 13 p.m. and 16 p.m.: in addition, choosing these times will also be possible Avoid rush hours. What's better than staying fit while admiring the city's main landmarks, such as the London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge? You can also choose the Route of the two bridges, from Hungerford Bridge to the Millennium Bridge in front of the Tate Modern museum.

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