London: a 24-hour hug

    London: a 24-hour hug
    Free hugs. Next January 19 everyone will be in London to enter the Guinness Book of Records with a collective hug that will last 24 hours

    Un abrazo pain hours 24 and that will have the objective of entering the record of records. Yes then, next time January 19 You will be close to London Know that you will be able to participate in this great event, so starting at 8 in the morning everyone will meet at the station. st pancras, near the statue of The Meeting Palace. Only real ones can participate in the event. hug lovers, so those who believe they have a particular talent in this area will have to register on the official website,
    A few years ago, the record of the collective hug that involved the largest number of people, thanks to the one hundred and twelve travelers who had agreed on the spot to participate in the performance.
    The initiative, called "Free hugs(free hugs), it actually is nata y sidney, in Australia, in 2004, and the objective, according to the organizer, was simply offer a random act of selfless kindness


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