Brighton, what and where to eat, the culinary specialties!

1 - English Breakfast

It is served with various alternatives. You can find it with: black pudding, potatoes and beans in tomato sauce, bacon, cooked eggs (as you wish), sausages, bread with butter, mushrooms and the inevitable cup of tea.
We Spaniards are not too used to eating bacon and black pudding in the morning, we delight in cappuccino and brioche, but if you feel like trying a classic English breakfast, I recommend the two best places in Brighton to try it.

Where to have breakfast in Brighton?

Billies Café: it is a very small café not far from Western Road. It is so well known that on Sundays there are even queues at the entrance, which means that it is the best.

THEalternative, if you just can't go to Billies it is Bill's.
For the price we are around £ 10/15.
And that's not all. If you are not fond of salty breakfast, try the pancakes, you will not be disappointed!

2 - Cupcakes

We always remain in the field of sweets, even if the cupcakes are of American origin.

Where to eat cupcakes in Brighton?

In Brighton there is a club, which has also become famous on TV, which makes them really really good.
It is Catwalk Cakes where you will find cupcakes so beautiful that you cannot fail to taste them. At Catwalk you will also appreciate the many cakes, I assure you, it is Paradise for those with a sweet tooth. Prices from £ 5 to £ 10 depending on what you buy.

3 - Cream Tea

Don't tell me you've never heard of five in the afternoon tea in your life. In England tea is a must. It is typical of this nation and it is also typical indulge in a Cream Tea which I do not recommend to those who have a bad relationship with sweets. In fact, the tea (if you want to be a true Englishman, drink it without sugar and put a drop of milk in it) is accompanied by scones of different types that are cut in half and garnished with butter and jam.
But if you want to drink the real CREAM TEA you must also associate a glass of champagne with many other types of cakes, pastries and cupcakes.
You understand how the price goes up a lot ... even the pounds on the scale, by the way.

Where to drink a Cream Tea?

I recommend these places in Brighton.

The Mock Turtle: £ 5/7 with two scones per person.
The Black Bird Tea Room: £ 7, the cakes are also very good, I recommend you try the Victoria Sponge Cake. The tea room is very nice, 40/50 style with music from those years. It's a bit small, so it's worth booking especially on weekends.
The Tea Cozy: £ 5/7 a very special place as they are special as they are closed for at least half a week.

4 - Tea Cake

A simple afternoon tea cake with no frills and no quintals of pastries you really need!

Where to drink a Tea Cake?

It is highly recommended "The gigi”On Western Road which has some great homemade cakes. Price between £ 5/10

5 - CHOCCYWOCCYDOODAH chocolate cake

Yes I know, you will say ... what the hell did you write?
In fact you are not wrong, you do not understand anything, but this is the name of the chocolate cake shop located in the south lanes, certainly one of the best things to see in Brighton.
This quaint shop has become famous for its Real Time program, and is a fantastic place capable of making young and old happy.
Whatever chocolate exists, you can find it here. You can also treat yourself to a slice of cake upstairs, but watch out for going very hungry because the slice of cake will be of enormous proportions. Don't worry though, if you really can't finish your portion, you can take the tasty "leftovers" home. Cake price: £ 5/6

6 - Fish and Chips

Now we move on to the salty. How could I not start with the classic fish and chips served with “mushy peas”, a sort of pea purée.

Where to eat a Fish and Chips in Brighton?

The best fish and chips can be found at:

  • Bankers £ 10/15
  • The Regency Restaurant, slightly more expensive, but also excellent for dishes other than fish and chips.

Be careful, to eat it in true English style don't forget to put vinegar on the chips.

7 - Sunday Roast

This is the typical English Sunday lunch, is the equivalent of our lasagna and roast. There are different types of meat (pork, beef, chicken) associated with delicious yorkshire puddings, potatoes and many other vegetables.

Where to eat a Sunday Roast?

For the Sunday roast I recommend the Busby and Wilds (a little far from the center), Lion and Lobster or Hove Place. Among other things, the latter is one of the most famous.
I recommend that you book. The price is between £ 15/20 obviously based on the cut and type of meat chosen.

Brighton, what and where to eat, the culinary specialties!

8 - Burgers

I don't think a premise is even necessary. In Brighton you can find excellent ones.

Where to eat a burger in Brighton?

Burgers Brothers: it is very famous and costs £ 17 are also a bit coveted, but everything is handmade, even the bread, and it's all very delicious.
Grubbs: it is a cheaper but still good alternative.

9 - Specialty of Vegetarian-Ethnic cuisine


Vegetarian specialties

Iydea: vegetarian lasagna recommended. Priced between £ 10/15, it's relatively inexpensive and perfect for lunch

Terre to Terre: very expensive but of extreme quality. Prices are above £ 30

Foodillic: buffet restaurant, inexpensive and very good. Price £ 10

Ethnic specialties

Pompoko: Japanese restaurant, inexpensive and always very busy, which means it is very good.

Makara: it is a Turkish restaurant perfect for meat. It is inexpensive and the quality of the meat is still great. They leave it to marinate overnight in a mix of spices that the chef keeps secret, Prices ranging from £ 20/25.

Pho: quite expensive and very spicy Vietnamese restaurant. Prices £ 20/30

Best pubs in Brighton?

I started with an English icon and wanted to end with another icon: the pubs.

Brighton, what and where to eat, the culinary specialties!Ok, you can find pubs everywhere, but the atmosphere of the British ones is really special. Warm, welcoming environments, with soft lights and great beer. In Brighton there are several, here are the ones I recommend:

  • The Mestmerits: offers live music on Mondays, there are always a lot of people especially on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • The Black Lion: very old pub which is also said to be a ghost.
  • The Temple Bar: huge choice of craft beers
  • The Hare and Hound: Recommended for the atmosphere and the selection of beers available.
  • The Lion and Lobster: beautiful pub with newspaper decorating the walls. It's very big and it's great for food too.
  • The King and Queen: it's huge and perfect for those who want to follow football matches. It is always very populated mainly by students.
  • Fiddler's Elbow and Molly Malones: finally I will name you two Irish pubs where to stock up on Guinness and where to go if you were in Brighton during the days of S.Patricks.
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