What is better to buy in London?

    What is better to buy in London?
    What is better to buy in London? The capital of the United Kingdom is one of the most popular European destinations and taking souvenirs home is a must.

    If you wonder What is better to buy in London?, it is inevitable that dozens of ideas come to mind. The capital of England and the United Kingdom receives millions of tourists every year and each one of them aspires to take home something of memory of the trip. London is a big city and finding souvenirs is very easy. In reality, the only problem may be precisely this: the wide offer. There are dozens of markets, shopping centers and shops of all kinds, so what should you aim for to pamper yourself in the best possible way?

    What is worth buying in London, if not a few? souvenir? Souvenirs are undoubtedly a must and tourists spend hours exploring the small shops in the center. However, the best place to buy souvenirs from England's largest city is Camden Town Market. Not only is there everything, such as postcards, bags, pens, wallets and t-shirts, but the prices are also quite low. Most items cost between 50p and 拢10, so you can stock up for yourself and your friends for very little.

    A must-see destination for shopping lovers is Harrods, the shopping center most luxurious in London. Clothing and other products are from major brands, so their price is high, but tourists love to buy shopping bags. They cost between 拢20 and 拢30 and are store branded. However, among the best department stores for all budgets is the famous Primark chain, known for competitive prices on clothing, shoes and bags. Then, of course, you can take a stroll among the many shops. Oxford Street, London's shopping street par excellence.

    Among other things worth buying in London is tea. Lovers of this drink cannot fail to appreciate the well-known Twinings, which fortunately can also be found in supermarkets. Why concern? foodIf you want to buy something and eat while you walk, you can visit the stalls in Camden Town or the Tesco supermarkets. Living in London can be expensive, it's true, but for tourists the prices are more than affordable. You can buy anything and come home with a suitcase full of souvenirs - you'll be spoiled for choice.

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