How many and what airports are there in London: all the details

London airports: all the information to know which airports serve the English capital, how far they are and how they are connected to the city center

The london airports They are different. Some say 4, others 5 and according to the airlines, especially the low cost ones, there are even more that carry the prefix “London” (a total of 6 but 7 if we count the one in London Ashford which is a bit too far away but it actually says London airport). Let's see them in detail.

London Heathrow Airport

London's main airport and hub is Heathrow International Airport, used by scheduled flights from the world's major airlines. This airport is located approximately 31 kilometers from the city center, with which it is well connected by train, bus, taxi and 3 metro stations. It is the third airport in the world by air traffic and by the number of passengers who use it during the year. It has two runways plus one taxiway. Alitalia and British Airways use Heathrow primarily for stopovers in exotic countries.

London Gatwick Airport

Immediately after Heathrow, among London airports, is Gatwick, located 45 kilometers from London. The train is the main means of transport that connects the airport with the center of the English capital, but it is still possible to use buses, taxis and shuttles, booked in advance online. the airport of Gatwick It is widely used by students because it also serves low-cost airlines that go to London with low-cost flights, or to leave for Spain from the British capital.

London Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport is a large passenger hub located 48 miles from the city centre. It is the airport most used by the Irish company Ryanair. The airport was built in 1942 by the US Army as an air base for bombers during World War II. After the war it was used mainly for charter flights and today it is the fourth busiest airport in the entire country. Britain and one of the most used in the entire country.

London Luton Airport

Luton Airport is located 55 kilometers north of the capital. It is mainly used by Easyjet, Monarch Airlines and Thomson Airlines and for domestic flights. Several trains allow you to quickly reach the city center.

London City Airport

Il London City Airport It is located approximately 12 kilometers from central London and was built in 1981 and opened in 1987; Trains leave from this airport to reach the English capital. London Southend Airport is located in the county of Essex and was built after the war. Before Stansted, it was London's third airport in terms of traffic and passengers.

London Southend Airport

London Southend Airport is 65km away at least according to what Google Maps says. By train it takes 1 hour and 5 minutes taking the Greateranglia line

London Ashford Airport

London Ashford It is located in the south of London and very close to the cliffs of Dover. It is located 122 km from London city centre. A little far away but why not consider paying a visit to the cliffs and then continuing on to London?

London map with airports.

Below is a map where you can see where London's airports are located in relation to the city centre. It is not so much the distance in a straight line but the practicality of the connections that you should take into account; A seemingly distant airport does not necessarily require a long train transfer. In any case, you could take the opportunity to visit some pretty towns near the airport where you will land.

How many and what airports are there in London: all the details

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