London Underground, how it works

    London Underground, how it works
    Learn about the London Underground to move quickly between the City's neighborhoods

    In the English capital the most comfortable and fastest way to travel is by Underground. The city is divided into six concentric zones: the price of metro tickets increases as you go. Tourist attractions are almost exclusively located in zones 1 and 2. Trains run at short intervals from 5:1 to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. During rush hours, the subway is very crowded, so it is best to limit travel from 7.30 10.00 from and from 16.30 19.00 from.

    To advance quickly it is useful to have one map, distributed free of charge at the entrance of each station. London matters 12 metro lines, each characterized by a name and a color. Inside each station there are maps of the individual lines and signs with directions to the different lines you can access.

    The easiest line to use is circular line which forms a ring in the center of the city. Other useful lines for tourists are the Linea central, which crosses the city from Notting Hill to the City via Oxford Street, and the Piccadilly line with stops in Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus to King's Cross St.Pancras station.

    Transport in the English capital is very expensive and the metro is no exception. To reduce costs you can opt for a subscription choice between the Oyster Card, a rechargeable card in which the price of each journey is discounted up to a daily maximum of 拢6.50, and the Travel Card, a pass that covers all public transport and is available for 1, 3 or 7 days .

    Only theairport Heathrow is connected to the city by tube (Piccadilly line). However, London's other four airports are well connected to the center by train and bus lines.
    To get directions on the route to take and to be updated on train schedules, you can use the free "Tubemap" app.

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