Autumn itineraries: let's discover London

    Autumn itineraries: let's discover London
    London in autumn is an even more beautiful city, capable of offering incredible landscapes. Here are some reasons to leave for the City

    To discover London and its beauties in autumn can be, if possible, even more satisfactory than in summer, given that with the fall of the leaves and the darkening of the trees the admirable colors are the most beautiful of the entire year.

    Richmond Park, the largest and most extensive green area in the capital, or the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, where the most spectacular flora in the entire City is found, have plants ranging from reddish to coppery and offer an incredible spectacle to tourists and Londoners. . The weather in London during the weeks between September and October remains warm, perfect for discovering these green corners that will conquer all nature lovers.

    The great gardens of the City are undoubtedly one of the reasons to immediately leave for London, but there are many attractions that you should not miss during an autumn stay in the British capital. Among the unmissable reasons there are certainly: london museums, among the most beautiful in all of Europe and many of which have free entry. A cultural fall vacation is suitable for everyone, from adults to families.

    Among the most beautiful and well-known museums in London, it is worth mentioning the British Museum, one of the most important history and archeology museums in the world, and the National Gallery, where incredible works of art are preserved. Those who have planned a family holiday in London and want to know which are the best museums to visit with children can head to Regent Park, located near Westminster and equipped with a large botanical garden, full of plants and animals. Speaking of fauna, you cannot miss visiting the london zoo, one of the largest and oldest animal parks in the world. A large aquarium, a pavilion dedicated to African birds and a large structure that houses tropical species represent the central core of the zoo, visited every year by almost a million people. The little ones will be delighted to see lions, giraffes, crocodiles and many other animals, which will also make mom and dad very happy. Anyone planning a holiday in London in the coming weeks cannot miss a tour of the City's natural parks or botanical gardens, which transform and take on surprising colors with the arrival of the autumn season.

    London's attractions certainly don't stop at the parks and botanical gardens, but also include the city's buildings and monuments. To plan a trip to London in autumn you cannot miss visiting london eye, the large panoramic tower that overlooks the Thames and allows you to see the entire city. Not far from this iconic attraction are the Palace of Westminster, home of the English Parliament, and the Big Ben, probably the most famous tower clock in the world, the chimes of which have become proverbial and famous far beyond the land of Albion. Strolling through the streets of the Thames during the autumn afternoons, admiring the fantastic views at sunset before enjoying a good tea at five are incredible sensations that only a trip to London can guarantee. The gloomy days of October will gain an extra touch of atmosphere if you go to have a coffee in a bar near Piccadilly Circus, perhaps the busiest and most famous square in all of London. Heading into the city in September you'll be able to experience a range of exhibitions and events, perfect for further exploring London's atmosphere.

    In the first weeks of September, Totally Thames takes place on the banks of the Thames, a month-long festival featuring a variety of musical concerts, art exhibitions, permanent exhibitions and much more. Furthermore, in September London becomes one of the capitals of fashion and design for a few weeks, given that the London Design Festival, where seminars, temporary exhibitions, interventions by great artists and many other events are the fulcrum of a very recognized and well-known event on European soil. Finally, the Pearly Kings and Queens Festival is very characteristic, an event held every year in Guildhall Yard. On this occasion, costume parades are held, with traditional dresses equipped with pearl buttons worn by many participants. The festival remembers the ancient tradition of the autumn tale, abundant and prosperous, and is celebrated with a series of shows open to the public. Finally, on the weekend of September 17 and 18, Open House London is worth highlighting, an occasion in which more than 700 London buildings open their doors to the curious. A perfect opportunity to discover the most unique architectural and cultural peculiarities of the homes located in the great City.

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